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  • Morals on and in character.
  • Hand to hand combat only.
  • Fight to the death.
  • Ip Man is the Donnie Yen version.
  • Bruce Lee is the Enter/Way The Dragon version.

Ip Man and Bruce Lee


Jaka and Rama


Ip Man

Bruce Lee



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If you haven't seen The Raid: Redemption, here's more of Rama:

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@k4tzm4n: Too bad there isn't a lot of videos of Jaka. The only one with lots of feats from him is the one where he is killed. :/

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@Emporioumnors said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Bruce Lee = actor first, martial artist second. He was a fantastic athlete and martial artist but considering he never fought profoessionally and never fought in any tournaments his fighting caliber and how well he would do is nothing but hereasay. He'd go down quickly against either Jaka or Rama

Donnie Yen Ip Man would do better but considering how he barely [and I mean BARELY] beat Twister he wouldn't last long either. It's true he was restricted from kicking but that was toward the end of the fight. The rest of his feats are mostly against fodder like the Black Belts in the video you posted. You can say the same about Jaka and Rama but their styles are far more brutal and would leave Ip Man crippled where they could simple block most of his punches like Twister did.

Incorrect. Bruce Lee as a fighter before he was a movie actor, and this is Bruce Lee in the Enter/Way (of) The Dragon anyways.

Ip Man is probably faster than Jaka and Rama but isn't as strong and his fighting style isn't as deadly. However, you underestimate him a bit, but I can see where you're coming from.

Twister shrugging off Ip Man's attacks was PIS IMO. Even if that isn't the case, Twister was 10x more durable than Ip Man and all his hits on Ip Man were lucky, and Jaka/Rama are not nearly as durable as Twister.

Another video on Ip Man. (sorry about music this was the only I found that worked)

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Well, that's the only standout combat feat he has when it comes to martial arts. Aside from that, he owns a guy that has him pinned down at 0:40.

Needless to say, this is NSFW.

In all fairness, though, he gives Mad Dog one hell of a fight, and Mad Dog is easily the most talented combatant in the movie.

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@kellerfoolformaduates said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: I didn't mean that Bruce was chronologically a martial artist first. I meant that professionally he was an actor before being a martial artist. It's his priorities I was speaking of. That's why he never fought in any tournaments or Kumites. If he lost [and he would of] it would badly damaged his image.

You said you were using Way of the Dragon Lee? even if you wanted to use Lee's fictional character from his films, the choreography in the 70's is so cheesy compared to the special effects of today it still wouldn't be a fair comparison.

Twister shrugging off Ip Man';s attacks aren't PIS, He just doesn't hit very hard which is why it's a quantity over quality thing. It's also why he ended up hitting his ears and eyes and vital spots.. This just one of the rare times he wasn't fighting a fodder opponent and had his work cut out for him.

All of Twister's hits weren't luck either, the very first attack in the fight had Twister knocking Donnie to the ropes. He lands an uppercut 10 seconds later. They get into a grappble, Twister launches Donnie then lands a huge hit and knocks Donnie out cold for a few seconds. He ended up 2 shotting Donnie and knocking him down again after he shrugged off his neck punch.

This was all in a sanctioned fight also, if this was a street fight with no rules Twister could of killed him.

Even if Twister is more durable than Jaka and Rama he isn't by 10x. More importantly their styles are far more brutal, if Donnie started launching a barrage of punches like that they would end up grappling him like Twister did and snapping one of his arms.

And really, he was constantly saved with the One Attack at Time Rule. If those Black Bets got their nut up and attacked at once? They would dog piled Ip Man and beaten him senseless.

1) Ah I see. I still think Bruce Lee was more devoted to Martial Arts than movies. He opened up several Martial Arts schools.

2) I still don't see how Twister hit Ip Man when he dodged General Miura's attacks easily as well as other opponents who were faster then Twister.

3) If this was a street fight Ip Man would have done better with his kicks and would have went all out. (not sure if he was already in the battle but probably not via morals)

4) Maybe not 10x but still a looot more durable then them. If Ip Man barraged them with tons of punches they would have tried snapping his arm and he would counter it. Heck, Ip Man countered General Miura's kick while on two arms.

5) If they all attacked at once then yeah he would probably be defeated but he would put up a fight. However, the black belts Ip Man was fighting were probably more skilled than the rookie minions in The Raid movie. (although some of them were trained)

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Team 1 Ip Man is the shiznit

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IMO no one in either Ip Man movie was on Ip's level, he was just coasting through most of his fights (especially during the fighting ceremony against the other Master's) and didn't really seem to have to exert himself. Twister seemed to have been on some sort of PED, plus the fight from the very beginning was swayed in favor of him. As has been stated, Ip Man's speed should have been way too much for him.

All that being said, Ip Man would not kill so it's more likely that one of them would get lucky and mortally wound him while he's staying on the defensive and just stalling.

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@TheAmazingImmortalMan said:

Team 1 Ip Man is the shiznit

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Team one!!

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I take Team 1 as the victor.

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ip man is the god of martial arts

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I feel the need to show this:

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Ip-Man and Bruce Lee for the win.

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Team two, just because

although team one skirts off being superhuman

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@Rumble Man said:

Team two, just because

although team one skirts off being superhuman


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@k4tzm4n said:

@Rumble Man said:

Team two, just because

although team one skirts off being superhuman


There is a reason why I vouch for the raid team in other battles, the differences in choreography between actors with combat training/experience (stuntmen types) and actors with 'recent' training (shake cam and camera angles to emulate speed). In this case you have new bloods in the biz (cool kids but give them time), and hardened vets (one whom is a legend of our lifetime who made meme norris his b!tch) plus donnie who is a cool dude that made mma look good on the big screen (this nis no small feat, check fight scenes in killzone and flashpoint).

I know who wins, but I just put forward the answer for who I want to win.


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Ip man is borderline superhuman I would give his team the conch.