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...a Super-Skrull who was bred to destroy Odinpowered Thor and wields not only the combined might of Thundra, Titania, Volcana and Battleaxe but also two axes forged from Beta Ray Bill's Stormbreaker hammer.
One Demon Half-Breed, a Time Traveling Schoolgirl, a Pervert and a girl with a huge Boomarang vs...
Who will Rule this fight? Can the Half-Demon and his band of Mortal Misfits hope to stand against the might of a Super-Skrull who was bred to kill the Odinpowered incarnation of The Mighty Thor and banish her from Feudal Japan once and for all or will they all be turned into The Godkiller's next meal...? U-DECIDE!

Personally...I am going with The Godkiller on this one. But I would like to hear how you all think a conflict like this would turn out.