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Inspector Gadget (without Penny or Brain) battles TMNT's Bebop. The two start 75 feet from one another in a dense forest, and have basic knowledge of each other.

Gadget has all of his gadgets and Bebop has a machine gun.

No morals. KO or death.

Who wins this battle of incompetents?

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No morals Inspector Gadget, never considered that...

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awesome fight lol No morals Inspector Gadget would be quite formidable. He's very smart, a great improvisor and seems to have a gadget for every situation. Beebop is a tank but hes not going to do anything with his prior knowledge of the Inspector, However Gadget will use basic knowledge of Beebop to prep with the gadgets to handle the situation. Gadget wins this 9/10

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Inspector Gadget is a klutz, to put it nicely. Even though Bebop is no Einstein, he's probably more adept with his weapons than Gadget is with his gadgets. I say this is 5/10 for Gadget at best.