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More powerfull tool to gaining omnipotent power

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Anti-life equation i think is just like the most powerful mind control possible.
but as far as all powerful goes the infinity gauntlet would give more possibilities.
the infinity gauntlet give a WIDE array of powers which might include mind control; but the anti-life equation takes away all free will
making anything outside of the users will pointless.
omnipotent= all powerful; so i would say infinity gauntlet

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Infinity Gauntlet.

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Infinity Gauntlet, although with the anti life equation it may be possible to control the user of the Infinity Gauntlet. Depends on the user. 
Overall the Infinity Gauntlet is more powerful IMO.

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@Decoy Elite: 
I don't know if you can control someone with the power over their own mind (mind gem).
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@SlimJ87D: Good point, then again there's no way to tell if the Anti Life Equation is more powerful than the Mind Gem.
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@Decoy Elite: 
Well lets just say that it is stronger than the Mind gem by itself. But when put into the gauntlet, don't the other Gyms work together to amp each other up? I remember the power gym with it's energy manipulation combined with the mind gem did some pretty crazy psionic stuff. So if all the gems powered the mind gem up, I think it would be able to over power the anti life equation.
Is there any character that was able to resist the anti life equation?