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Karn and Elspeth Tirel, two erstwhile allies, step into Memoriam. Fitting, really, that they should have to re-enact the legendary quest of Avatar Pan in order to capture the Heart of Mankind. Just another journey for the two of them.

They are at the edge of an enormous canyon miles long, aided by 12 Wendwolves, 2 Spiliden, and the mighty professional Writer J.K. Rowling.

At the opposite end are the draconic Sarkhan Vol and legendary assassin Vraska the Unseen, aided by two copies each of the Lancelot, Altair, and Arjuna.

The fight begins.

Floopay & Sherlock:(Memorian)



Karn: Your technology cannot be affected, and you gain the ability to access any FRAME regardless of Archon status or not

Lucky Number:

4: At the beginning of the round, you and your opponent may agree to DQ one ally each


  • Fenrir
  • Ribbon
  • Advent Children Uniform
  • Elixer
  • Heal, Fire, Lightning, and Ifrit Materia
  • Fushion Sword:Restore, All -> Heal, Ifrit
  • Wizard Bracelet:Sense, Underwater, Elemental (Level 2) -> Fire, Elemental (Level 2) -> Ice, Elemental (Level 2) -> Lightning

Inuyasha (Inuyasha Manga) -

  • Tessaiga
  • Robe of the Fire-Rate
  • Saya

Pharaun Mizzrym (War of the Spider Queen) - Realized I forgot to list all of his crap (yes, this is all carried on him at all times)

  • Mages Robes
  • Piwafwi of Resistance
  • Vest of Resistance
  • Magical Dagger
  • Magical Crossbow
  • Standard Crossbow Bolts
  • Boots of Striding
  • Heward's Handy Haversack
  • Wands of Lightning
  • Wand of Daylight
  • Wand of Magic Missile
  • Spell Components (please don't make me read through 6 books of material to list 100+ spell components, they're all kept in his mages robes).
  • All 11 Spellbooks

The Creeper (DC) -

  • Standard Mane
  • Creeper Costume

Item Points Spent: 13

(7) Creation Blades - Cloud Strife

(4) 1-Up Mushroom - Cloud Strife

(2) Anti-Metal Claws - Creeper

Perk Points Spent: 4

  • Image of Ikonn - Willing to die for their cause - All of my characters have died for their cause at some point (though I suppose Inuyasha was technically just sealed to a tree for 50 years and never actually "died", just permanently suspended in a state where his heart didn't beat and he didn't breath/dream....).
  • Every Color of the Rainbow - Each character from different media - None of my characters cross any sort of media with one another.
  • One Hand Tied - 4 Person team
  • Full Knowledge
  • The Goddamned Batman



Elspeth: You gain an extra character assist if you have chosen a character assist which gives you more than one character

Lucky Number:

1: All magical items/spells have a 50% chance to not work at all ever (I will flip the coin)

1) Link (Four Sword, Master Sword, Hylian Shield Golden Gauntlets, Pegasus Boots, Double Hook Shot, Fire Shield Earrings, Goddess Bow, Ice Light and Bomb Arrows)

2) AoA Blink (Quiver of Bolts)

3) Robin Teen Titans Cartoon (Bo Staff, Utility Belt, Red X Costume)

4) Itachi Uchiha (Shurikens, Throwing Knives, Paper Bombs, Smoke Pellets)

Item Points Spent: 15

(15) SoK Gun w/one shot - AoA Blink

PP Spent: 4

· One Hand Tied – Choosing only 4 members for your team grants you 1 extra Character Assist per round. (Four Characters Obviously)

· Every Color of the Rainbow – Choosing characters from different branches of fiction (anime, manga, comic books, books, movies, tv shows, cartoons, and poetry/myth/legend are the categories here) grants you Perfect Teamwork and Psychic Communication Links. You team will work as though they have worked together for years, and like a well-oiled machine. (Comic, Anime/Manga, Video Game, TV Series)

· Invisibility Cloak? LOL – Choosing only characters with significant stealth abilities grants your whole team Byakugan from Naruto.(Everyone here has significant stealth abilities)

· Meek Inherit Earth – Choosing only heroes earns you 1 hour in a library with info on the opposing team(essentially, you don’t know all their deepest secrets, but you do know as much about them as you would if you’d just wikipedia’d them). (Most of my team is obviously a good guy. Itachi was never evil and always had Sasukes best interests at heart)

· Martial Law – Choosing only hand to hand fighters earns your team Vibranium armor that does not inhibit combat. (Every Member of my team is a very accomplished H2H fighter and i challenge anyone to take me to task on that one)

Bloodlust - Whoever made morals CLEARLY meant for them to be turned off. No character, nothing.

Cadencev2 & Dccomicsrule2011(Mortallian)



Sarkhan: Gain Blood of the Dragon and flying.

Lucky Number:

7: Your quantifiable positive effects are doubled. Your quantifiable negative effects are doubled.

1) Spawn Second Metamorphis (Laser Cannons, Communication Headset, Wand)

2) Roland of Gilead (Fathers Revolvers, Billy Bumbler, Demon Jawbone, Skolpadda, Hand Radio, NO WAND)

3) Randal Flagg (Poisons, Maerlyn's Grapefruit, Black Thirteen, Cross Bow, 50 Ravens, Hand Radio, Wand)

4) Lucius the Eternal (Laer Blade, Armour of Souls, Whip of Torment, NO WAND)

5) Kharn the Betrayer (Gore Child, Plasma Gun, and Power Armour, NO WAND)

Item Points Spent: 15

(15) SoK's Gun with 1 shot - Roland

Perk Points Spent: 4

Full Knowledge – It’s like Wikipedia, but better!

Perfect Teamwork – No more pesky language barriers because you like both manga and comic books; no more hatred because you’ve got Captain America and Red Skull on the same team.

Syfy is a Stupid Name – Choosing all science fiction characters earns you 2 T-800s.

Morsmorde - Choosing only characters without morals grants your team Dark Marks and single-use Wands charged with Avada Kedavra.



Vraska: All attacks by your allies one-shot other character assists. (extends to your teammate in a 2v2)

Lucky Number:

39: If an ally on either side would be killed, you or your opponent can instead kill a different ally

1) Tsuna Reborn! Varia arc

2) Tsukune Rosario+Vampire

3) Moka Rosario+Vampire

4) Rokudo Mukuro Reborn! Varia arc

Item Points Spent: 17

(14) Power ring (which power ring may I ask?) If I could pick anyone I would take the GL ring - Tsukune

(2) 1 Pokeball (In Pokeballs, based off of in-game stats. 4 moves, you’ll have to do calcs) - Rokudo

(1) Four trained wolves - This is a lot more helpful than you think - Moka

Perk Points Spent - 4

The Goddamned Batman – 1 hour of prep. If your characters are from different universes/otherwise would not work together, prep must be split as per your liking.

Bloodlust - Whoever made morals CLEARLY meant for them to be turned off. No character, nothing.

Japan is Weird – Choosing all anime/manga characters earns you 1 year of training with your items.

· Full Knowledge – It’s like Wikipedia, but better!

Note: Anyone who has chosen 4 trained wolves can choose to sit them out at the beginning of the round. In return, when a Wendwolf is destroyed, you may replace it with 1 of your 4 Trained Wolves.

Alright y'all

This is going to be a Memorian vs Mortallian conflict.

The Memorian team is going to have to kill the Mortallian team.

The Mortallian team is going to have to stall for 6 hours.

Your battlefield?


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This should be good

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@thedarklordpandamonium: Wait, so we don't share perks but his team's lucky number ability still affects mine? That makes no sense. Additionally, all my tech cannot be affected according to Karn's perk, so my materia, and magic items shouldn't be affected at all.

Thanks for reading,


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@dccomicsrule2011: You and Cadence need to iron out all your beginning stuff.Primarily we need to know who Cadence is using his SoK shot on

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@floopay: @sherlock: You do know the person who has the GL ring (Tsukune) was able to make himself more powerful with sheer will power alone right? Forget luck, you guys need the Force on your side.

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@floopay: @sherlock: For this match the SoK shot will kill Cloud.

Who are you killing?

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@cadencev2: @sherlock: @dccomicsrule2011: @thedarklordpandamonium


Sherlock and Myself

We have been debating opening strategies, but I thought I'd lay down some of this for you guys before anything is posted. I'll do feats later, but I'll do basics right now (I'm tired and have a lot of family stuff going on, so I'm not in the mood for scanning/taking pictures of feats).



Loading Video...

Weapon: Fushion Sword

Vehicles: Fenrir

Superhuman Strength - Cloud can leap superhuman distances, shove people through several floors of steel and concrete with a push, can slice through meters of steel/concrete effortlessly, and he wields a weapon so heavy that two athletic human beings can barely hope to budge it with their combined efforts (wields it with one hand).

Superhuman Reflexes - Cloud has dodged lightning after it has been fired, dodged bullets when the gun is pressed against his forehead, deflected, dodged, and blocked gunfire with zero effort, and fought multiple hypersonic foes simultaneously without sustaining injury.

Superhuman Durability - Cloud has continued to fight after being stabbed through the chest multiple times, as well as the arms, legs, and hands. He has tanked shots that shatter stone pillars without any harm to his person, been thrown through steel constructs without sustaining harm, and is all but immune to the effects of heat.

Superhuman Speed - He can move at superhuman speeds, greater than those of the finest athlete.

Memory Mimicry - Cloud, on multiple occasions, has mimiced the memories of others and added them to his own. The first person for him to do this to was Zack Fair, and he was able to copy most, if not all, of Zack's training, and replicate it to a greater degree (elaborate more on that later).

Levitation - Cloud can levitate and fly under his own power, and this may explain his aerial control when leaping.

Limit Breaks - For unexplained reasons, Cloud can access several powers similar to the way Zack Fair accesses his Digital Mind Wave for a variety of effects, including:

  • Braver - Sends out a cone of attacks capable of ripping through steel
  • Cross-Slash - Stuns or paralyzes an opponent momentarily
  • Blade Beam - Sends out a powerful energy beam from his sword, capable of stopping a rolling Earth attack
  • Climmhazard - Amplifies his cutting power to an unknown degree, but allows him to cut through things that his attacks normally would have no effect on.
  • Finishing Touch - A powerful wind attack that can fling a normal sized person over a hundred meters with but a swing of his sword.
  • Omnislash - A fifteen strike combo, used when an opponent opens up a vulnerability in their defense or fighting style, mainly used as a counter-attack
  • Omnislash version 6 - A thirteen strike combo directly through a person's soul.

Talented Engineer -

Cloud customized his own motorcycle to hole all parts of his Fushion Sword, and regularly maintains it.

Master Swordsman -

Cloud is a master swordsman, capable of switching between one handed, two handed, and two weapon style seamlessly.


Fenrir - Has compartments to store the Fushion Sword, has a maximum speed of about 400 km/hr

Fushion Sword - 6 Swords in one

Elixer - Completely heals all wounds and spirit.

Ribbon - Renders wearer immune to all negative status affects (Cloud actually wears one around his arm in Advent Children).


  • Underwater - Allows the user to breath underwater.
  • All - Gives materia the ability to affect groups. Does not inhibit the ability to cast it on a single target.
  • Elemental - When in a weapon, provides element to attack. On armor, provides immunity to that element. Does not inhibit the ability to use that ability.
  • Restore - Allows the caster to give someone regeneration, and heal others wounds. Against undead, it has the opposite effect it has on the living, ripping away their life and causing damage.
  • Seal - Renders target completely silent.
  • Heal - Cures status ailments, and can use Resist to render party members immune to negative status effects.
  • Fire - Allows the user to throw out powerful fire blasts.
  • Lightning - Allows the user to sling out bolts of lightning.
  • Ice - Allows the user to throw out blasts of cold.
  • Haste - Doubles the victim's speed for roughly two minutes.
  • Ifrit - Allows the user to summon the being Ifrit.
  • Bahamut - Allows the user to summon the being Bahamut.


Pharaun Mizzrym (War of the Spider Queen)

Superhuman Reflexes - Pharaun can dodge and react to lightning bolts thrown in his direction.

Superhuman Durability - Pharaun's robes are as durable, if not more durable than a suit of platemail. Over and above this he can further augment his defenses against magic, the elements, telepathy, and etc.

Genius Level Intellect - Pharaun is brilliant, in every sense of the word. He's a brilliant tactician, a master of manipulation, fully knowledgeable on a wide assortment of topics, and etc.

Magic User - Pharaun can manipulate the "Weave" to perform a wide assortment of effects. Everything from summoning/conjuring hordes of monsters, to flash freezing people, to enslaving/charming people.

Innate Drow Abilities

Levitation - Drow can levitate at least once per day, some can levitate more often if they have trained themselves to do so.

Globe of Darkness - Creates a globe of darkness around a certain area, with a maximum radius of about 20 feet. Drow can do this as many as four, and sometimes even more, times per day.

Faerie Fire - Drow can do this as many times per day as they want to really. Creates purple/bluish flames around a target that make it nearly impossible for them to hide, and still outlines them if they go invisible. Skilled drow can use this on as many as seven opponents simultaneously if they want to.


  • Mages Robes - More durable than a full set of armor
  • Silver Ring of Storing - Allows him to identify any spell being cast in the nearby vicinity
  • Piwafwi of Resistance - Grants high resistances to magic
  • Vest of Resistance - Grants additional resistances to magic
  • Magical Dagger - More striking power than a standard dagger
  • Magical Crossbow - More durable than a standard crossbow, fires faster bolts
  • Standard Crossbow Bolts - Tipped with paralyzing bolts
  • Boots of Striding - Increases running and jumping abilities
  • Standard House Insignia - Grants additional levitation
  • Heward's Handy Haversack - Increased storage capacity and extradimensional compartments.
  • Wands of Lightning - Casts lightning
  • Wand of Daylight - Produces light equal to daylight
  • Wand of Magic Missile - Creates 9 bolts of magic missile
  • Spell Components (please don't make me read through 6 books of material to list 100+ spell components, they're all kept in his mages robes). - Used for spells, stored in robes
  • All 11 Spellbooks - Contains his spells for memorizing.



Strength - Inuyasha can lift 10 tons with one hand, and 20 tons with both hands. This is according to official published stats.

Speed/Reflexes - Inuyasha is faster than the fastest fired arrow, can easily dodge cannon balls, bullets, and has blocked lightning strikes.

Special Intelligence - Inuyasha is very....."Special"....when it comes to his intelligence... However, he does take orders surprisingly well.

Durability - Without his robes, Inuyasha can tank explosives with some injury, but he is fully vulnerable to piercing attacks, though slashing isn't quite as effective. With his robes, he's immune to fire, and can tank cannon fire with no risk of injury.

Regeneration - Inuyasha has a healing factor somewhere between Luke Cage and Wolverine. He can recover from fatal injuries in less than a couple days, and this grants him nearly limitless stamina. Inuyasha can hear whispers from dozens of meters away, can smell people miles away, and has several other extra senses.

Pain Tolerance / Willpower - Despite his....special...intelligence, Inuyasha's willpower is through the roof. Additionally, he can tolerate incredible amounts of pain and continue fighting as if uninjured.

Superhuman Senses - Inuyasha's senses are above those of even the best canine. He can pick up trails that are days old and follow them with ease.

Gifted Fighter - Though he is more of a brute, Inuyasha actually does use tactics rather impressively. Combined with he superior stats, and he is a force to be reckoned with.


  • Iron Claws - Increases the range and cutting power of Inuyasha's claws. Allowing them to cut through stone and steel with ease, and allowing him to slash deeper and further than any attack could.
  • Blood Claws - Ranged version of Iron Claws, requires his claws to be soaked in blood.


Saya - Can block energy attacks with ease, and can withstand attacks that would shatter boulders without so much as cracking.

Tessaiga - Made from his father's tooth, can absorb abilities and has a host of abilities of it's own.

  • Kenatsu - Creates wind pressure around his weapon. Even when blocked, his blade will still project a force of wind capable of cutting through stone.
  • Kaze no Kizu - Fires an 80 meter long wind attack that can shred steel, stone, and wood with ease. If used against against anything non-living, will drain his stamina slowly.
  • Bakuryuha - Fires an anti-demon attack at an opponent equal or greater to his demonic power. The more potential power of the demon, the stronger this attack gets.
  • Red Tessaiga - Shatters magical barriers with ease.
  • Diamond Tessaiga - Fires a barrage of diamond spears in one general direction. Also makes the sword as dense as diamond.
  • Dragon Scaled Tessaiga - Absorbs demonic energy from any demonic opponent. Can also cut away demonic energy directly.
  • Black Tessaiga - Can BFR opponents to hell, or can create ranged cutting blades that can cut through substances harder than diamond.


The Creeper

Super Strength - About a 15 tonner, right around Spider-Man level

Superhuman Speed/Reflexes - Again, Spider-Man level.

Superhuman Durability - Spider-Man level, maybe even a little higher. Creeper can be harmed by bullets, but they do little more than flesh wounds. He's extremely resistant to concussive force.

Regeneration - Around Wolverine-Deadpool level. He can recover from deep injuries in moments, and regenerate from complete dismemberment in a day or so.

The Creeper's Laugh - Causes extreme pain in anyone who can hear it.

Acrobatic Fighting Style - The Creeper's fighting style is extremely acrobatic, and he has proven to easily fight Black Lanterns, Killer Croc, the Joker, hordes of demons, Flash rogues, and etc.

Mane - His mane can be moved by will, and can go so far as to smash apart brick walls with zero issue.

Prep Time

Cloud -

Will use Resist on my entire party just before the match. This will make them immune to the Creeper's laugh, and any other negative status effects your team wants to use (disease, poison, mind control, paralyze, etc.).

Cloud will cast haste on Pharaun for prep to make his prep faster.

Just before the match starts, he'll haste my party, and then summon Ifrit to assist my team.

He'll then drink an Elixer as the match starts.

When the match starts, he'll Haste Blink and then rush to battle (Sorry Sherlock, only have time to haste one person).

Pharaun -

Pharaun will use necromancy to control your vampires. This will make them his to command.

He will also set up a summoning/binding ritual to forcibly bind Spawn at the beginning of the match. That'll render Spawn unable to leave the summoning circle. He'll use this the moment the match starts.

He'll place a contingency spell on himself to teleport behind Roland if he is contact by anything that would otherwise kill him. Any kill shots will teleport him right behind Roland. This will only work ONCE.

Finally he casts Audible Glamour to replicate the Creeper's laugh for the first couple minutes of the match. However, the volume will be increased to be as strong as if 24 men were shouting. Over and above this, because of this area it will echo and amplify the sound even further.

Fortunately, my team will be rendered immune to this effect.

Creeper / Inuyasha

Both of these characters will assist Cloud and Pharaun with whatever they need.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay: Mastering the ring with 1 year traning should not be a problem for Tskune, he is a very fast learner (as I will show later in this debate) ;D

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@floopay: No worries Blink will make great use of haste

You do know the person who has the GL ring (Tsukune) was able to make himself more powerful with sheer will power alone right? Forget luck, you guys need the Force on your side.

I have Obi Wan on my team so the force isnt a problem ;-)

.... Edited, It was Cloud I wanted killed. Links a wuss and I always mix them up since the Death Battle.

Im surprised you feel that way after the smack down he laid on Ultimate Wolverine

My team perks:

So my team has TP links as well as perfect teamwork

Vibranium Armor


Info on the opposition

And best of all No Morals

OK so Team Sum ups to get started


Generally Link gets a good bit of his powers from items. As a matter of fact if i were allowed to carry more items than is really possible i would have tricked him out beyond belief.

Item List:

Four Sword) Allows Link to Make 4 exact copies of himself

Master Sword) Links primary weapon, indestructible and works especially well on evil

Hylian Shield) Indestructible

Golden Gauntlets) Give Link super strength enough to lift large blocks of granite and throw them

Pegasus Boots) Greatly increase Links speed

Double Hook Shot) Grappling Gun

FIre Shield Earrings) Grant Link immunity to fire

Goddess Bow) Just a bow

Fire Ice Light and Bomb Arrows) Assortments of specialized arrows

As well as his arsenal of gear Link is a master swordsman and and tactician able to deduce weaknesses in opponents almost instantly.

As shown here Link single handedly takes on an army of bokoblins. Things to note about this encounter

1. Link has no items that grant powers or super human abilities.

2. He has no enhanced durability or healing factor.

3. There are literally hundreds of these guys and may get close to a thousand

Bottom line, if Link gets tagged he dies. No matter how cannon fodder this army is one good sword swing will finish him. Link takes on and defeats all of them without the use of superhuman stats. This is done via pure unadulterated skill.

Next We have,


This Mutant teleported is a gifted h2h combatant being trained by Sabretooth since she was a child.

Add to that her teleportation abilities and you have one heck of a powerhouse

This is what Blink does to people when she's not messing around. Another interesting thing to note is the fact that the attack is pretty much undodgeable. If someone like King Hyperion cant do it i dont think its really possible.


From the teen titans cartoon (Has anyone noticed that the new series is crummy?)

Robin like in any incarnation is an incredibly gifted fighter as well acrobat. He also carries an arsenal on his person in the form of a utility belt. The other gear i decided to add was the Red X suit

This suit comes with a ridiculous amount of weapons including

Exploding projectiles

Wrist blades

And a whole mess of electrical attacks

A few added features are the cloaking device which makes the wearer invisible as well as a teleportation device.

Itachi Uchiha:

This fella has so many abilities im not even going to try to go over all of them though a few should suffice.

Itachi is a highly gifted ninja and was even declared a genius as a child. His martial arts skills are remarkably high. He is also capable of using water and fire element and create illusions though his primary power is the Sharingan.

At about 13:30, i shudder to think of what will happen to anyone on your teams that that happens to. All of it happens in an instant though seems to be weeks. Anyone that Itachi gets with that will be out for the count instantly.

And finally

Obi Wan Kenobi: Yes i know hes not listed though in the deliberation thread asked for him as a fifth member.

Generally hes pretty well known but ill elaborate anyway.

Obi Wan is a lightsaber master as well as being able to harness the force. He can utilize this through telekinesis, heightened stats and minor precognition.

His primary weapon is a lightsaber which can cut through virtually anything

Much fun there.

My team has no real prep to speak of so the only other thing id need to cover is my SoK shot which i will be using on Roland as soon as the match begins. apologies to floopay for that you'll just need to alter your strategy for Pharaun's contingency plan.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: Wow in one fell swoop you got ever single one of clouds best materia

My magic list for Link since a good bit of his stuff is magic based

Four Sword

Master Sword

Fire Arrows

Light Arrows

Ice Arrows

Golden Guantlets

Pegasis Boots

No one else on my team has any magic

@cadencev2: Doesnt Kkarn have some sort of soul sucking ax? You cant tell me thats not magic based

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Four Sword

Master Sword

Fire Arrows

Light Arrows

Ice Arrows

Golden Guantlets

Pegasis Boots

Wait...are these all actually magical?

As in, does Link need to have mana to use them? Are they flatly magic-based?

He only needs actual magic to use the arrows. Everything else is just a magical item though it has no cost when you use it

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