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Indie Team:

Bloodshot, Jack the Ripper, Archer, Ethan, Ian Nottingham, The Killer II


Marvel/DC Team:

Nightwing, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Captain America, Wolverine (Bone Claw), Black Canary, Deathstroke


  • Morals On
  • No Prep
  • Standard Gear (No blood sword for Ian)
  • Random Encounter
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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Indie team. I'll put in a detailed response later....

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I simply do not know enough feat wise of the Indie Team. It is hard to guage them when people on Comic Sites barely read and post scans on the battle boards on them. It is one of the downfalls of being a indie comic.

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@cadencev2: Who are you unfamiliar with and I can attempt to help!

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@laflux: Well I made one for Ian and I hear you have dibs on Bloodshot! So I guess i'll do Archer or Killer. Jack still has another comic of feats to come so I guess we'll wait for that to come out and then its whoever is fastest!!!!! mwhahahahaha

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@laflux said:

@strider92 said:

@cadencev2: Who are you unfamiliar with and I can attempt to help!

Me and @strider92 need to make some respect threads :P

You both really ****ing need to. I made respect Threads for Spawn, Terminators, Ghost Riders, and the Ultimate Comics cast! So hurry up and make some for these guys.

I know Jack the Ripper and Blood Shot.

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@cadencev2: Here's a respect thread for Ian Nottingham: Ian Respect Thread

Here's some feats for Archer:

Archer has an ability called Perception that allows him to utilize any skill he's learnt to fullest. How it actually works hasn't been fully explained yet. Its kind of a mixture between Taskmasters ability to copy skills and the ability to instantly master them after learning them:

Archer demonstrating Perception:

Perception also allows him to pinpoint nerves and weakspots. For example here he his a guard in the hand causing him to shoot his allies and in the other he focuses his attack into a deathblow:

He has incredibly quick reactions:

Thanks to his training he can actually hang with superhumans. Gilad is Armstrong's brother and has been alive and fighting for almost ten thousand years. Ontop of that he's a 5tonner:

This is what happened both times he went against Archer:

Jack The Ripper:

Jack the Ripper Vs Luther Strode:

This is a how fast Luther is and Jack was dancing round him quite convincingly:

Dodging machinegun fire at nigh point blank range and deflecting bullets with a knife and moving faster than Binder can react:

Has a healing factor strong enough to keep fighting even if his neck is broken:

Killer II:

Shooting wings off of flies:

Killing Superhumans while free-failing from space:

Headshotting superhuman mercenaries:

Massacring another army of supers:

Deflecting a bullet with a knife:


Regenerating from a huge amount of damage:

Speed and strength:

Manhadling a bear after having starved:

Speed (Ethan matched these guys in combat):

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@strider92: After reading some of those I'm starting to lean in the Indie teams favor. People who cause the most trouble from the big 2 are Deathstroke, Cap and Wolverine. Winter Soldier and Hawkeye are outgunned by the likes of Archer and Killer II, and I don't know if the rest can stand up to the Indie team H2H.

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It could go either way.Not really sure how it will actually play out.

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IMO Wolverine, Deathsroke, Cap, and Winter Soldier can take the worst of them. They have the feats (and more of them) to show they can handle Jack, Ian, and Killer who are the worst threats.

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@strider92: I want to debate you @$$. Your Indie Team vs Mmine. Pick guys you have feats for. Keep it Street Level.

You down Snoop to the Dog?