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I'm lazy to create a story for this. So here's the deal. Imperius travels to Marvel universe, finds Thanos at Earth. He think Thanos is soo ugly that he needs to be destroyed, otherwise the omniverse will blow up with soo much ugliness.

-Imperius at his best.

-Thanos doesn't posses IG and isn't avatar of death.

Who wins?

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Imperius? feats?

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@hunter_zolomon said:

Imperius? feats?

"Imperius, the archangel of Valor, is the greatest warrior in all of creation. Solarion, the Spear of Valor, was the weapon of choice of the archangelImperius. According to the legend, the weapon was forged by Imperius in the heart of a dying star. It has been said to be an extension of his own will, powerful enough to sunder Hell's mightiest ramparts with a single strike. During one of Imperius' invasions of Hell, it is written that Solarion felled so many demons that rivers of blood flowed throughout the realms of the Great Evils.

he himself can summon a sword of fire at will, as he did when Mephisto confronted the Council, and can also thrust back humans with the force of his will, as he did with Mendeln, as well as summon and forcibly render other Angels, such as Inarius, silent with a gesture.

Demons in Diablo are very very strong at their own realms, just like Shuma in Marvel (at least in the books). He was also killing the strongest enemies in the game with no effort at all and terrible wounded.

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Is Imperius a universe threat? If not he's out of his league.

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Know what else was forged in the heart of a star? Mjolnir. Know what i can do to Thanos?


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Imperius is a universal threat if he ever acted against heaven and became a villain. He can destroy earth thousands of times over. He can also create life but he is not allowed to do to his councils laws. So I see him taking this after a very long fight.