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No Prep
Random Encounter
2 Probes With all thier abilites
Team 2  ironman/ warmachine gets a second armor of thier choice if the first one is destroyed.
WEll its Imperiex Probes we dont need a reason :)
Earth is the battle ground.

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imperiex probes stomp. it took out doomsday and traded blows with sun dipped sup.

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@mrtrickster: That was Imperiex Prime. 
The Probe still stomps though. The first one encountered nearly took both Supes and Mongul together. Plus, even if by some miracle IM and WM somehow hurt the thing, it will then explode like a nuke.
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Imperiex Probes. There's no way for IM and WM to win.  
The probes took on Supes and anyone else but IM got his armor destroyed by Thor in one strike.

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Superman had difficulty with one of these. Unless Stark has some suited tech based attack for it, they go down fast.