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Imperiex invades the 40k galaxy and starts trying to destroy the Imperium, Chaos, the Orks, the Eldar, the Tyranids, the Necrons, and the Tau. Can he be stopped?

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Chaos Gods solo. /thread.

BTW this thread is against the rules:

No More Universe Vs Universe or Character X vs Universe Threads

These types of threads are be banned. Universe vs Universe threads involve too many people or a person vs a universe could end up becoming a stomp and offer no debates at all. Like Superman Prime vs Marvel Universe. He would end up fighting some being that he wouldn't beat and if you do the universe vs universe threads it just ends up being omnipotent vs omnipotent which is also against the rules and offers no debate. This is an extension of the be careful with team battles but this is gonna be cracked down on more.

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40K owns.

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40k wrecks.

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40k wrecks.

Dude. I saw that you were the last to comment on this thread and I said to myself "He's probably going to say '40K wrecks'"


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@monsterstomp: Well ofc it does in this case we're including omnipotents lol!