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imaginationland butters


buggs bunny


ok so I've

been reading in a lot of battles that bugs bunny is pretty much unbeatable (which

honestly I think is totally gay) but still I been looking for someone one who

could beat him and i think I've found it.

the battlefield

is at the parking lot of wall mart and both have all their power, take into

consideration that form south parks point of view bugs bunny is an imaginary

character, and when butters went into imagination land he became master of everything

and everyone there, he literally recreated everything and everyone there

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LOL at a concept being homosexual/happy. Anyways, is Butters in full control or is he still struggling to imagine stuff?

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A) Your homophobic vocabulary is unbecoming and boring.

B) Bugs is a timeless exponent of American culture, a trickster god, and an occasional drag queen. If you can't appreciate him, that sucks for you.

C) Butters displayed the power to create, but not destroy. He needed to imagine weapons to do destroying for him, he could not unmake the opposing army. He is also still mortal, and can be presumably killed like any flesh and blood being. He did survive the nuke though, so we have to figure out if we're accounting for this via the bubble he was floating in, his being the chosen one, of PIS.

Bugs still has toon physics on his side, making him very difficult to kill, if not impossible. I can't think of a mode of attack he'd use to kill Butters, it's out of character, but I suppose he'd be willing to KO him, if need be. I'd favor Bugs by sheer virtue of durability. Unless we're defining the limits of Bug's hammerspace, his offensive capabilities are pretty unlimited too.

On a more technical note- you handed this to Bugs, as Walmart is not in Imaginationland, and that is the only place where Butter's powers work.