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i_like_swords Street Level Tourney - Round 1 - The Battle

The Battle.

Alright, get ready for Round 1. Here we establish what teams are the most able to adapt and overcome.

Please avoid commenting on the battle or either persons team until debating ends, as it may affect the outcome of the battle.



- The fight will take place inside the New York Museum of Natural History

- Teams will both start on the second floor in separate sections of the museum. From there they have access to a stairway down to the first floor. Alternatively they can enter the main hall, which can be looked down upon from the second floor and has a large central staircase leading up to the second floor.

- The battle will take place 20 minutes before sunrise.

-During the first 20 minutes of the battle the fire alarm will be activated, meaning sprinklers will have covered every area of the museum (apart from the main hall) in water and will continue to do so for 20 minutes.

- For 5 minutes at the start the fire alarm itself will be going off, which is moderately loud, making it a bit more difficult to communicate with your team. The alarm won't be nearly as loud in the main hall.

-The lights will be out for the first 20 minutes, so it won't be total darkness, but a normal human won't be able to see clearly.

- After the first 20 minutes are up the sprinklers will stop, and the sun will rise. The lights in the museum will come back on.

- However, in a freak twist of events, a blizzard has invaded New York, and the glass roof above the main hall is smashed in and snow is landing everywhere. Snow will be present in the main wall 4 inches deep, 3 inches deep everywhere on the first floor, and 1 inch deep on the second floor. Aside from that, expect what you would normally get in a museum of history.


joewell - Red X, Robin (Teen Titan Cartoon), Me Mow, Leo


Veitha - Elektra (No psi powers, no chi scream), Gambit, Shanna the She-devil, Nightwing (New 52)

  • No prep will be available for this match
  • Your teams neutrally start in their own sections of the museum
  • They will all be in character
  • This fight is to KO/Death depending on each character
  • You may not leave the museum
  • Characters who know each other have all their knowledge of each other. along with their disposition towards them
  • Characters know the names of who they are fighting when the fight starts. They don't where they are. They just know that they have to defeat those people
  • The winner may claim two items of gear from their opponents characters. No armor.

And with that, you may begin. I'll alert the judges as to when voting starts.

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@i_like_swords: I have a quick Q. What do are teams know about their opponents? And can we destroy the museum?

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@joewell: Unless your characters already know eachother, nothing. If they do know each other they know everything they would know about them. For example, Red X and Robin know eachother. Elektra and Gambit likely know each other/know about each other. Just to clear up any confusion, Nightwing and Robin do not know each other or recognize each other here.

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@joewell: As far as destroying the museum, sure. You have to stay inside the area of the museum, but you can destroy it. The environment I've laid out is yours to play with 100%. Just make sure what you say makes sense and has logic behind it. If you disagree with your opponent remember to question him.

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@i_like_swords: Ok, and do they know their objective is to take out the other team? Will they have any knowledge about each other?

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@joewell: Well yeah. They know they are there to KO/Kill the other team. I told you about the knowledge above. They know as much as they would know, about someone they know. If they don't know them then they know nothing about them. Perhaps someone on your team could inform them, but I'll leave it in your hands.

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My Team:

Red X ( Teen Titans Cartoon ): Red X Suit

Robin ( Teen Titans Cartoon ): Bo Staff, Gadgets, Apprentice Suit

Me Mow ( Adventure Time ): Poison, Dagger ( Full episode here https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=223536757717661 )

Leo ( Hero's of Olympus ): Magic Tool Belt, 3 squares of Ambrosia


On teamwork, Robin and Red X have shown to work together great if they have to ( Episode, "X" http://teentitans.wikia.com/wiki/X , and " Revved Up"http://teentitans.wikia.com/wiki/Revved_Up ). Leo is much like Beastboy ( Cartoon version anyways ) personality wise ( Light hearted, Comedic, and Upbeat ) . So he should be able to mix fine within the group without starting anything. Me Mow is the only one that might have a bit of a problem working with the group, but she is a highly trained assassin who should work with them ok if she knows it will get the job done.

Plan So Far:

So, when my team enters the arena Robin and Red X will instantly recognize each other, With the goal in mind, they shouldn't fight. They will talk to Me Mow and Leo and agree they're on teams.

Leo being a son of Hephaestus is really good with tech. He has been able to build a working mini helicopter out of pipe cleaners, and a device that can control machines from far away in only minutes. He will disable the fire alarm and sprinklers as soon as they start, then light a small fire in his hands so everyone can see each other. Then the team will explore the museum until they find your team.

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ohhh a fight with Leo, interested to see what he does with that later on.

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@i_like_swords: just to ask, I read somewhere that pets are allowed, can Shanna bring her tiger?

@joewell: ok here I am

Since your team has disabled the fire alarm and sprinklers it's going to be a lot easier for my team to fight against yours.

As for teamwork, my team won't have problem. The Marvel characters know each other, and Nightwing is a good guy as the other members of my team, so he won't start fighting against his friends.

My main tactic is to hunt your team and make sure that my team won't be discovered before they attack you.

Elektra is a master of stealth tactics. She can make herself completely undetectable if she wants. She was able to move in a camp full of trained men without them noticing her, and she is skilled enough to make sure that some Skrulls(one of them got Wolverine's enhanced senses, the other one had all of her powers, and another one got DD's senses, too) didn't detect her. She can essentially become invisible.

As for Shanna, Wolverine said that she is as silent as a ninja and that without his enhanced senses he wouldn't have been able to detect her(and since in your team no one has got enhanced sense as good as Logan's they won't be able to find her).

Nightwing is also a good stealth character. For example, he was completely invisible in the dark and the criminals he was fighting weren't able to know where he was. His mask has got termal sensors and a lot of other tricks that will allow him - and the rest of my team - to find your team very quickly while they keep invisible.

Gambit is going to attack your team directly instead as soon as Nightwing tells him their position.

He has got the ability to charge object with explosive kinetic energy and he usually charges his cards.

He will divide your team and separate his members using his cards to create an huge explosion. His explosions are strong enough to defeat Sentinels and to make trucks explode.

He is very precise with his powers so, after the first explosion that will confuse your team, he will be able to throw cards with great precision to all the members of your team. Since this explosions are very strong (he could defeat the Juggernaut with them), he should be able to one-shot most of your team. He could also disarm all of them without much effort(he is skilled enough to disarm a bomb with a card). He could just headshot most of your team.

Meanwhile Dick will come into the battlefield after the first explosion. Your team is still very confused so Nightwing won't have much difficult against them. He needs just one hit to KO them because of his electric suit and electric staffs.

Then Shanna and Elektra will come into the game. I think that most of your team has been beaten of hardly damaged by Gambit and then Nightwing, so Elektra and Shanna won't find very difficult to fight against them.

Shanna is very accurate with her attacks. This is what she is going to do with your team while Gambit uses his cards to distract your team and Nightwing goes H2H against them:

Elektra is also very accurate with her says. She could just head-shot most of your team (who is still unfocused because of Gambit and Dick... imagine continuos explosions that make the building crack and that, hitting any member of your team, could essentially KO them with ease). Elektra can headshot them or use pressure points to KO most of them.

(notice that she is fighting DD and a ninja of the Hand, both of them have got great agility and can dodge bullets).

To sum up, Elektra, Shanna, Gambit and Nightwing will hide inside the museum and Nightwing will use his mask to find your team. After finding your team Gambit will attack them very hard, followed by Nightwing. The two of them should be able to KO most of your team or to at least damage them all. Then Shanna end Elektra, still in stealth mode and undetectable, will attack your team, killing them with their high precision attacks.

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@veitha: I allowed a small pet but I think a tiger is too much.

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@veitha: Really Good counter!

When any of my team sees yours, Leo will shut off the light and leave Gambit in the dark, So he won't be able to throw any cards. Then Me Mow will lunged at the blind Gambit and inject him with half of her Poison. Once Gambit is poisoned Robin will quickly KO him with a punch or kick

Start at 11:00, you can see he punches through rock, and he can fight in the dark he shouldn't have a problem taking down a blind and poisoned Gambit. He could also sense things he can't see or hear. He should be able to stop any sneak attacks.

Then Leo will light the fire back up. When Nightwing comes in for the sneak attack he will be met by Red X. Who has solo'd the Teen Titans multiple times

At 10:00, he fight and defects the Titans again, even easier this time. 13:25, he fight Robin and I'd say he wins. At 20:00 you can see there teamwork.

So Red X alone should be able to beat or at least hold off Nightwing. If he has to much trouble with him Me Mow can climb on his leg and give him a quick dose of poison to finish it.

When Shanna and Electra come in, Red X should be almost done with Nightwing. Leo will blast a huge blast of fire at the girls, they'll most likely be able to dodge. But then Robin, Red X, and Me Mow will join the fight. Robin should be able to attack Shanna and win. Robin has been able to fight against Slade, who have much more experience than him

( The last fight was just his imagination, he literally had no one to fight )

But as you can see in the other fights, he fares well against Slade, loses, but still holds his own for a bit.

He can also fight the whole Titans and come out victorious ( granted, they were holding back, but still )

He also has his " Thermal Blaster " here, something that could KO Starfire with one blast. So really this fight shouldn't last too long

While this is happening Red X, Me Mow, and Leo will all attack Electra. Electra will have to dodge Leo's fire blast ( which can melt metal and stand up to the Goddess of Snow/Ice's attacks ), Me Mow jumping at her with the poison and stabbing her, and Red X shooting all kinds of crazy stuff that could take down Electra. If she can somehow hold of all of this then soon Robin will join, facing her in H2H. She'll eventually be overwhelmed and defeated.

Also, i'm questioning if Shanna, Gambit, and Electra will willingly murder a group of teens. Wouldn't they at least try to KO them first?

So to sum up:

Gambit will be taking out as soon as they meet, he won't be able to see anything and once Me Mow gets on him, he'll be full of poison, and KOed by Robin.

Nightwing will come in and be attacked by X and Me Mow. X should be able to take him down after a semi-long fight, especially since Me Mow will be running around jumping on him and injecting him with poison

Then Shanna will be met by Robin, who should win after a bit considering his experience with other Martial Artist and Super Humans. Not to mention the Thermal Blaster that can KO super humans with one hit.

Then Electra will be attacked by the rest of my team. Fire, Lasers, Blades, and Sticky goo that can trap Beast Boy and Raven for a while will all be flying at her. While a tiny cat ,smaller than her hand, will be at her feet and climbing up her. Stabbing her and injecting her with poison

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@joewell: Gambit has been blind for part of his life and he was still able to use his powers, his energy powers allow him to produce a great amount of light and he will work with Nightwing, whose mask has got termal and x-ray vision, so Dick will tell him where to go and who is near them, and he could always use the cards to produce light.

Nightwing's mask will allow him to see the poisonuos cat very soon, and he will just have to fire at him with a long-distance attack to kill him or KO him at the start of the battle.

Some of the Mask's feats... he will find your team and the cat soon and then...
.... Batarang!

So Gambit will keep using his cards against your team. Every card produces a great amount of damage. He can easily blow up a trunk and he could also beat Gladiator using them. With some cards he should also be able to remove the weapons of your team, and also to damage your equipment(I've already shown you a scan of him disarming a bomb with a card, so he's pretty accurate).

The explosions will make the building crash and will make difficult to focus for your team. No one in your team has got superhuman resistance so this explosions will damage them a lot, if not kill them. Using a card he could always headshot your team, and even if the members of your team were able to dodge them, the energy wave produced by the cards should be enough to hit them or to make difficult for them to focus.

A single card will defeat any member of your team

Both Nightwing and Gambit have got good agility, they could easily dodge most of the attacks of your team, including the fire attacks since they're both able to avoid lasers and other energy attacks.

Another advantage for my team is that if they start fighting H2H they can KO the members of your team with only one hit. Gambit is in fact able to charge the clothes or the armor of your enemies, he could easily make their clothes explode with one touch, essentially detonating them and killing them.

Nigthiwing can do the same using his electric suit, he just needs to touch your team members to KO them very quickly. He has also got explosive disks in his suit. He will launch them against your team or use them to make the building crash(the explosions can be controlled in a very specific and precise way).

So, Nightwing and Gambit will be still creating a lot of chaos, making even easier for Shanna and for Elektra to stay invisible. I've already shown feats for them: to perceive Shanna you need superhuman sense, otherwise she is too silence to be perceived. Elektra can essentially disappear from the environment, even people with enhanced senses can't detect her(DD's radar, Wolverine's smell), and the best thing about her is that she can become undetectable also during an H2H fight, as I've already shown you. So you won't know where the two girl are. They, alongside Gambit, aren't aware of killing. Elektra is an assassin who doesn't care to kill, she's killed hundreds of people during her life. The same Shanna has killed many people and doesn't care killing is she has too(she's shown this a lot of times during Savage Wolverine). Gambit is an ex criminal who has killed before, too.

The cat is already dead now, killed by Nightwing who will find him using the mask and will use his weapons to kill him. So Shanna will just have to throw her lance to X or Robin and kill them while they're distracted by Nightwing and Gambit. If someone discovers Shanna, she can always use her H2H skills to fight. She's the strongest character here, she is strong enough to fight hand to hand against dinousaurs and she's strong enough to keep a T-Rex's mouth opened, so a single punch from her should be enough to KO your team. But she could just stay cloacked and throw her lance like she did to Logan(he knew that she was behind him, but he still wasn't able to avoid her attack, and we know that Logan has got a great speed and agility).

Strenght examples

And she could always do this to any member of your team while she is cloacked

Elektra will take care of everyone else staying cloacked. She can use her says and even a tooth to kill your team, she's just too deadly for them. She will stay in the shadows and throw her says. One question for @i_like_swords : since Robin's got his termal blaster, can Elektra use some shurikens? If so with some of them she will just need some seconds to kill your team. And sonic attacks aren't allowed, right?

If someone discovers her (and this won't happen lol, even if they were able to find her she could always disappear again) she will avoid whatever they throw at her. Damn, she was so fast that she could stop a projectile with her hands! And Nightwing, Shanna and Gambit will backup her

Okay, I'm done now :)

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@i_like_swords: okay, thanks. No sonic attacks, right?

She was able to attack Bullseye using a tooth, imagine what she would do with some shurikens while your team doesn't see her, she may be able to defeat them all until she stays cloacked.

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But by the time he lights a card Me Mow will be on him She's pretty fast See 9:00 to 10:00


And she can jump really far, she'll clear the distance before Nightwing or Gambit will see her. And why would they be looking on the ground for a tiny cat anyways when theres a whole team in front of them? Gambit won't be able to fight once he is injected with the the poison, so Robin will make quick work of him

Also, Nightwing will be dealing with Red X.

But if Gambit does somehow get to throw , Robin can counter with his discus.

See 14:20 and through. He can knock Speedy's ( expert marksman ) arrows out the air with them. So none of the Cards will even make it to the team. Robin will be able to engage Gambit in combat after he's poisoned and he should win.

Red X ( who also has that electric touch ) will attack Nightwing. So no explosions from him should go out either. Red X could take out Nightwing with a sticky X ( that could hold down Starfire, Beastboy, and Raven ) at close range, so he can't dodge it. And don't forget that he can make huge fissures in the ground.

No superhuman resistance? Red X tanks Starfires Optic Blast to the face and gets back up with ease. Robin take Cyborg's blast ( Winner takes all 19:25 ) and his cape is almost invincible ( Winner Take all 19:30 ).

Ok, I've shown Robin can sense Shanna. Electra may be a problem through. But most of my members can dodge any long range attacks she may have.

Attacking Me Mow before she go's to kill Gambit would give Nightwing away, and if he wait till she's off to kill Gambit ( with one lunge ) then it will be too late. Gambit will already be dead do to the poison. And Nightwing will have some in him too, so the fight with Red X shouldn't last long. Robin has taken hits from Cinderblock and gotten up, he should be able to take a couple hits from Shanna. But Robin is much more skilled, he shouldn't even get hit. If she tries a lance, Robin and Red X should be able to dodge. The have both dodged lazers, arrows, and a bunch of other stuff that moves a lot faster than a lance.

Electra will be the hardest to take down. But from long range all her attacks can be blocked. Red X and Robin will go back to back, while Leo sets the Museum ablaze, keeping only their small circle not covered in flames. That should take care of her and anyone else still able to hide. Leo's flames can melt steel and combat the snow goddesses , i doubt anyone left on your team can survive that.


Due to her speed, the darkness, and the fact that Nightwing will be too busy with Red X, Me Mow will get to and kill Gambit. Unless Nightwing tries to attack her before she attacks Gambit, in which case he'll give away his location and be killed by Leo. Who will shoot a column of fire at Nightwing.

Red X and Me Mow will attack Nightwing. Red X will keep him occupied in Close Combat while Me Mow stabs him from behind with the Poison.

Leo will then set the whole place on fire ( other than his circle ) burning any hiders. ( unless Nightwing attacked them before Me Mow attacked Gambit, then this will happen instead of Red X attacking Nightwing )

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@veitha: @joewell: Just to say, I've added a new rule I should of put up at the start. Here it is.

Characters know the names of who they are fighting when the fight starts. They don't where they are. They just know that they have to defeat those people.

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@joewell I'll reply tomorrow or later today, okay? :)

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But by the time he lights a card Me Mow will be on him She's pretty fast See 9:00 to 10:00


And she can jump really far, she'll clear the distance before Nightwing or Gambit will see her. And why would they be looking on the ground for a tiny cat anyways when theres a whole team in front of them? Gambit won't be able to fight once he is injected with the the poison, so Robin will make quick work of him

The fact is, my team is going to hunt your team in stealth mode, they're not just going to approach them. And since no one in your team has got enhanced senses, it will be very hard for them to find mine before my team find yours, because of Nightwing's mask and Elektra and Shanna skills(Elektra is used to fighting in dark environments, the same for Shanna, who has lived in the Savage Land for most of her life and who is comparable to a ninja of the Hand). So my team will find yours before your team will find mine, speed doesn't matter.

Nightwing's mask is able to find everything, including the minum clues. If it's able to find traces of blood in the environment it will be definitely able to find where the cat is, and then with a Batarang or an explosive disc he'll be able to kill the cat very soon.

So my tactic still works, Gambit will still be throwing cards making difficult for your team to focus. Red X powers depend on his equipment, so Gambit will be able to destroy it using a card or with a single touch he can destroy it.

Even if your team can dodge the cards, the explosion will still damage them, since they're going to be hit by the energy wave. Using all of his cards he could beat Gladiator, it's likely that the explosions will destroy your team.

As for the new rule, Nightwing will know that they will have to fight Robin. Dick can counter any of his attacks, and it's more likely that Robin will go H2H against him. And when he does so, Nightiwing will just use his electricity attack to KO him, and he can't avoid an attack like this.

Gambit and Nightiwing can also dodge most of your attacks, including Leo's flames, since I've already shown them dodging guns and lasers.

Examples of agility. He is the most agile character here

Even if Robin can detect Shanna - I doubt it since Shanna was able to attack Logan, who says that he knew where she was only thanks to his enhanced senses, which Robin doesn't have - she will still be able to attack Leo or the others with her lance, throwing it before he can even move or react. She is so skilled that she can cut through Wolverine's chest, avoiding his adamantium skeleton. And she did it twice, so it's not only fortune lol

Elektra won't go and attack your team. As I said, she will just stay stealth and kill them all before they can even understand that she is near them. She's done this so many times. She can kill everyone in a room without them realising where she is, she can kill every member of your team and disarm them before they can understand what's going on, even more when all of her teammates are fighting against your team throwing explosive cards that won't allow them to hear anything and also to see, explosive disks that can make the building crash and lances and other sharp object with enough precision to cut through Wolverine.

Many examples of Elektra killing many people without them realising she's killing them

Elektra is also the fastest character here. She was able to disarm the Punisher - who is also very, very skilled, being able to go toe to toe with a lot of powerful Marvel Characters - without him noticing her. She could also essentially blitz the X-Men.

Elektra has also got shurikens here. Imagine what she can do with them, if she was able to KO Bullseye with one of her own teeth. She will throw them at your team and headshot them all while they're fighting against the other members of my team.

I'm done... we're running circles, right? I think that we could start voting, couldn't we?

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@veitha: If you both agree to leave it to voting early I can open voting.

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My vote goes to @veitha. In my opinion she made a more convincing strategy for how her team would handle joewell's, including how Gambit could, separate your team or take out Red X's tech. Although I would have like to have seen a counter for Leo producing fire, in the case that Shanna couldn't defeat him before he does so. I have to say Jowell's argument has convinced me to watch the Teen Titans cartoon.

Also Veitha, in what comic did the Shanna strength feats comic from? I'd like to check it out.

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ALRIGHTY. Let's run thru this:

  • It is HIGHLY unlikely that little Me Mow the cat can speed-blitz GAMBIT
  • Veitha made the argument that Nightwing outclasses Robin in H2H, which I agree with.
  • @dondave: Veitha actually did counter Leo's fire; She showed evidence of Gambit/Nightwing dodging gunfire and lasers.
  • I'm convinced that Electra and Shanna's expert stealth easily overpowers Red X, Robin, and Leo.
  • Veitha's overall team and strategy wins over Joewell's.

Vote goes to @veitha.


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@dondave: @jokergeist: I'm glad you guys have come to a decision because I'm still completely torn. I've written down all the main points and it's still hard to pick who's made a better job.

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@i_like_swords: You're torn? That's unfortunate :(

Luckily I have a sewing machine that'll fix ya up in a jifty ^.^

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Right, let's see. You both presented workable strategies but there wasn't a massive ton of point for point countering, which makes this a case of whose strategy was presented better.

My vote goes to:@veitha. Here's why. The way the battle was panning out was showing Nightwing revealing enemy positions to allow gambit to make the first move. Gambit was to lead a strong early assault while collapsing the museum around his enemy. Robin was to engage Gambit alongside Me Mow while Red X took on Nightwing. Now, I actually think Joe raised some good points in terms of Robins projectiles countering Gambits cards, however, I don't think Me Mow will be able to fulfill her duty of poisoning Gambit as well as Joe hoped. Gambit will be able to get off a few cards first because as Veitha said, her team has the stealth advantage and will have the jump on Joes team. Gambit is going to be able collapse the area around Me Mow and I honestly don't see her causing too many issues here. However, I do think Robin based on the argument will be stalemating Gambit for the first few moments. Unfortunately, Joe had no counter for Veithas argument of Nightwing using his cloaking device/going invisible, so Red X would only pose half as much of a threat as he should have. Red X would be out the picture after his fight because Nightwing would have the jump on him, which leaves Nightwing to jump in for Gambit, and it's safe to say he can take Robin h2h. Meanwhile, there has been absolutely no threat posed to Elektra and Shanna, so they at whatever point they chose would of entered the battle with their projectiles sealing the win for their team. Rightly said, Leo will cause some havok with his fire, but he isn't enough alone to make up for his team. He'd be taken out by either Elektra or Shanna as soon as he lights some fire. Gambit and Nightwing on top of those two are more than enough to get past the flames of Leo. What really wins it for Veitha here is her stealth. Having the drop on her enemy ultimately won her the day.

All in all it was a close match and I credit both sides for causing me to have to think especially hard about who to vote for. Veitha, since 3 out of 5 votes have gone to you, you make it to Round 2! You can now choose two items of gear from @joewell's team. No armor.

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Here's how the encounter breaks down:

-Veitha's team find's joewell's team as per Veitha explaining that strategy

-Nightwing kills the cat as per Veitha's scan of him finding blood traces

-Gambit launches his cards, Robin hits them out of the air, residual explosions kill off Me Mow or Leo if they're not already down (videos of Red X resisting Starfire's blasts and Robin resisting Cyborg's beam means they won't go down)

-Red X resists Nightwing's electric shocks, but Robin does not. Elektra and Shanna attack, as does Gambit.

-Robin gets electrocuted

-Red X goes downtown

Vote goes to @veitha.


@joewell: You have a tech boss, and you're in the Museum of Natural History, full of materials -Leo has tons of invention feats you could use. I would have personally brought the snow inside and melted it to form a pool, behind which your team would wait. Me Mow would give Leo a small dose, so that he looked incredibly sick. Me Mow concealed inside a dinosaur with a circuit switch in her tiny paws. Veitha's team would attack instead of doing sneaky stuff, convinced your team isn't ready -when in fact Leo can just take the antidote and some ambrosia, which he will do as soon as Gambit attacks, launching the cards, and Red X stickies the cards back on veitha's team. Robin, Leo and Red X launch a ranged assault, and Me Mow switches the circuits, electrocuting Elektra, Shanna, and Gambit. In the confusion, Leo turns on the alarm. Me Mow attacks, poisoning the team (she has enough for two or three doses, and you should have had her bring two syringes in equipment, and the antidote for Leo). Under this withering assault, Veitha's team falls.

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@thedarklordpandamonium: I really wish i was smart enough to come up with that

@veitha: You done great and definitely deserve the win here, Good Luck in future rounds!

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@dondave: @jokergeist: @thedarklordpandamonium: @i_like_swords: thanks for the votes guys and for the explanations.

About Leo burning the entire building, joewell wanted to use that tactic only to kill Elektra when all the other characters of my team were defeated, because the flames could have damaged his team too, but is isn't likely that my whole team will go down.

@joewell: thanks for the debate, I had a lot of fun debating with you :)

I'll tell you about the gear I want in a while, I'll look some information about the gear of joewell.

Oh, and even if I have an Emma Frost avatar I'm a man :P

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@veitha: The gear is whatever he brought to the fight. @joewell can you specify what your characters had on them?

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