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i_like_swords Street Level Tourney - Round 1 - The Battle

The Battle.

Alright, get ready for Round 1. Here we establish what teams are the most able to adapt and overcome.

Please avoid commenting on the battle or either persons team until debating ends, as it may affect the outcome of the battle.



- The fight will take place inside the New York Museum of Natural History

- Teams will both start on the second floor in separate sections of the museum. From there they have access to a stairway down to the first floor. Alternatively they can enter the main hall, which can be looked down upon from the second floor and has a large central staircase leading up to the second floor.

- The battle will take place 20 minutes before sunrise.

-During the first 20 minutes of the battle the fire alarm will be activated, meaning sprinklers will have covered every area of the museum (apart from the main hall) in water and will continue to do so for 20 minutes.

- For 5 minutes at the start the fire alarm itself will be going off, which is moderately loud, making it a bit more difficult to communicate with your team. The alarm won't be nearly as loud in the main hall.

-The lights will be out for the first 20 minutes, so it won't be total darkness, but a normal human won't be able to see clearly.

- After the first 20 minutes are up the sprinklers will stop, and the sun will rise. The lights in the museum will come back on.

- However, in a freak twist of events, a blizzard has invaded New York, and the glass roof above the main hall is smashed in and snow is landing everywhere. Snow will be present in the main wall 4 inches deep, 3 inches deep everywhere on the first floor, and 1 inch deep on the second floor. Aside from that, expect what you would normally get in a museum of history.


Floopay - Drizzt Do'Urden, Jarlaxle D'aerthe, Zaknafein Do'Urden, Artemis Entreri


Juiceboks - Mister X, Moon Knight, Crow, Boba Fett

  • No prep will be available for this match
  • Your teams neutrally start in their own sections of the museum
  • They will all be in character
  • This fight is to KO/Death depending on each character
  • You may not leave the museum
  • Characters who know each other have their full knowledge of each other, along with their disposition towards them
  • The winner may claim two items of gear from their opponents characters. No armor.

And with that, you may begin. I'll alert the judges as to when voting starts.

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@floopay Damn you and your magicians..I honestly have no idea who any of them are so can you give a brief overview?

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I read through a little bit of your team on a wiki page(not sure how reliable that is) and it seems that they're not packing any heavy firepower. That's gonna be a big problem since Mandalorian armor is one of the toughest in the Star Wars Universe.

As you can see, your team would be hard pressed to get through his defenses. If you would notice that it also sports motion sensors and a 360 degree tracking system. That makes any stealth attempts by your characters rather futile. Over and above that, Boba's hearing is second to none.

I noticed your team can create a globe of darkness to cover the area(I dont know all the details on that) but can they do it before getting blitzed by Moon Knight and Crow or blasted through?

Notice how Crow even manages to cleanly slice up the stone columns in the background. He can slash and cause his blades to grow much faster than the human eye can follow. He should be able to gash your team before they have a chance to do too much. I also have Mister X who can tell what you're team is going to do before they do it with his telepathy

And he uses this ability to the utmost efficiency level as evidenced with his bouts. To the point where even Wolverine can't beat him.

He even manages to effortlessly stay one step ahead of Taskmaster.

Notice how even he is astounded by his amount of speed and skill. My team should have no problem getting to yours. But don't think I haven't forgotten about good ole Marc. His anti metal weapons should make quick work of any swords your team tries to whip out.

Unless they can completely dull their senses, they won't even be able to hold their weapons. And just in case they can his crescent darts and truncheon are made out of adamantium and he should have no problem in breaking them through.

My strategy is to simply use Boba's sensors to immediately locate your team, and upon finding them use my speed and maneuverability to take down your team in record time. Opening with rockets and explosive darts from Boba and Moon Knight respectively and having Crow and Mister X close the distance to blitz them fast and hard. Nothing fancy as I still don't know much at all about your team's capabilities so until I get a better understanding this is my opening.

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This is looking good

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@floopay Damn you and your magicians..I honestly have no idea who any of them are so can you give a brief overview?

I actually have zero magicians on my team.... Trust me, if I had ONE D&D Wizard, your team wouldn't stand a chance. :)

Oh and by the way...if you beat my team you will have about 50-60 different items to choose from for next round...and that is no exaggeration.


Drow are a nearly immortal race of elves who live beneath Faerun (the Forgotten Realms planet). They live for half a century or more, and spend most of their lives honing their craft and increasing their social status. They are faster than humans, resistant to magic, generally smarter, more agile, have better hand-eye coordination, have greater resistance to telepathic assault, and have a few innate magical abilities, which include the following:

Levitation - Drow can levitate at least once per day, some can levitate more often if they have trained themselves to do so.

Globe of Darkness - Creates a globe of darkness around a certain area, with a maximum radius of about 20 feet. Drow can do this as many as four, and sometimes even more, times per day.

Faerie Fire - Drow can do this as many times per day as they want to really. Creates purple/bluish flames around a target that make it nearly impossible for them to hide, and still outlines them if they go invisible. Skilled drow can use this on as many as seven opponents simultaneously if they want to.

Training and Ability

It is stated multiple times throughout the novels that the lowliest of drow is still a greater fighter than an exceptionally well trained human. However, this is more than just a statement, this is a fact. A small squadron of drow warriors was all that was needed to dispatch an entire palace of elite human guards, and there were zero casualties on the drow end, and they had made a point to make sure there were zero casualties on the human end. The humans, however, were fighting to kill, and to the best of their ability. ]

Between the ages of 16 and 20, all drow enter training in their respective fields. Warriors enter the Melee Magthere, where they spend a full decade learning to fight in all scenarios, with all weapons, against all odds, and against hundreds of different opponents. They spend every waking minute training, honing their craft, and bringing their bodies to physical perfection.

Why do they do this? Drow society is cutthroat. You gain power by eliminating those above you, through cunning, assassination, and whatever method seems best. If you are weak, you are cut out. Any child born with any sort of deformity or flaw, is sacrificed to the Spider Queen Lolth. The drow are considered, with good reason, to be the best for a reason.

Zaknafein Do'Urden and Drizzt Do'Urden

Both are outfitted in a set of magically enhanced equipment. I'll detail more in later posts, but their enhanced cutting power allows them to slice through enhanced metals like adamantium (not Marvel Adamantium, just a metal in Forgotten Realms that's several times stronger than steel), even when it's magically enchanted. It also allows them to tank things like normal arrows without so much as scratching their armor.

Both of these characters are masters at their chosen craft. Who is better? Well, officially Zaknafein is considered better, however, by feats they are roughly equals.

Zaknafein vs. Matron Ginafay

Zaknafein is the greatest drow warrior in over a thousand years. In his first appearance, he rushes in to fight several drow priestesses (don't let the title fool you, they have hundreds of years of experience and training in melee combat, as well as a huge assortment of spells in the repertoire), and in the process he dispatches a light pellet to blind them, and then cuts them down before they can recover. At one point, one of them begins to cast and he is able to send his whip flying across the room (while blinded mind you) and rip her tongue out of her mouth with deadly precision.

And here it is in the novels (both are canon and from the same universe btw, just a retelling of events in graphic novel form)

The Coin Toss

This is before Drizzt has any formal training at all. He has spent the first six years of his life learning that males are inferior to females in every capacity, as all Drow do. However, with no training whatsoever, Drizzt is capable of flipping one coin in each hand and catching them in the same hand. He is able to replicate this feat with two coins in each hand, then three, then four, and finally...he is able to flip ten coins in the air, five in each hand, and catch all ten of them, five in each hand, before they hit the ground.

So yeah...he's fast, and he's good.

Again, the graphic novel and novel versions provided.

The Parry is Wrong!

This is Drizzt and Zaknafein training. These two have pretty much spent most of the their waking life practicing and training with each other. Yet Drizzt, despite his immense natural speed, and natural talent, he can't even hope to defeat Zaknafein.

Here it is in the novel

He's Ready

Here is Zaknafein vs. Drizzt in their next encounter. Zak is clearly going easy on Drizzt, but even still, Drizzt can't even begin to track his movements. And right as he starts to get his bearings, Zak drops a globe of darkness in the center of them, and simultaneously they both light each other up with faerie fire. They can do this with a thought, and don't need to concentrate, and it doesn't slow them down in the least, they can do reflexively.

Remember, Drizzt at the age of 16 with zero training and knowledge of how to fight was able to flip five coins in each hand, whirl around in a blinding motion and snatch all ten coins out of the air, all five in the correct hands. Yet, three years of constant training and hardening later, Zak is able to EASILY land blow after blow on Drizzt.

Here's the novel

Our Way

Zaknafein teaches Drizzt the true drow way. Treachery, dirty tricks, whatever you call it, the drow are all trained to do one thing, and that is win. Whether you have to stab someone in the back, whether you have to blind them with a pellet, set up traps, bring allies to a one on one battle, whatever. The winner is the one who survives.

It's a harsh lesson to learn, and here Zak even lets Drizzt get the advantage on him just so he can teach him this harsh lesson. Again, Zak clearly outmatches Drizzt here (Drizzt is 19 at this point), despite all their training.

Here it is in writing

Jarlaxle D'aerthe

Jarlaxle is said to be decked from head to toe in magical equipment. Additionally, he carries several extradimensional storage devices across his body, allowing him to call to his hands any one of a number of magical devices.


Jarlaxle is an oddity among drow. Where most drow dress in dark colors to blend in to their surroundings, and give them an advantage in stealth, Jarlaxle dresses brightly, and flaunts jewelry, bright colors, and so much more....well....you can read for yourself if you'd like.

Jarlaxle's Eyepatch

Jarlaxle's mind is immune to all forms of intrusion. Psionic, divine magic, natural ability, arcane magic, etc. etc.

It also enhances his vision, lets him see through illusions, and allows him to see through solid objects.

Jarlaxle's Stealth

Jarlaxle's cloak helps him blend in with his surroundings. However, Artemis Entreri, who is a master thief, assassin, burglar, and pretty much master of all things stealth, can't even keep track of Jarlaxle. It states that he has to blink to make sure his eyes didn't deceive him as Jarlaxle blended into the shadows, and how he didn't think it possible that anything short of an invisibility spell could hide that great plumed hat of Jarlaxle's.

Jarlaxle vs. Entreri

Jarlaxle doesn't ever have to draw his weapons. With a though he can conjure daggers into his hand, which he throws with deadly speed and precision. He is training with Artemis Entreri (in the last scan the two are actually fighting, but Jarlaxle has been pretty mentally exhausted due to an evil artifact).

He throws these daggers at incredible speeds, and Artemis Entreri is capable of blocking and deflecting them, though he has a hard time keeping it. Jarlaxle can also turn any of these daggers into a gleaming longsword at will, allowing him to fight in melee combat, and he is more than adept at keeping up with Entreri (I'll note more on him later).

It should also be noted at one point Entreri dives at Jarlaxle, and misses him completely. This is because of Jarlaxle's cloak. It displaces the light around him, and makes him appear as if he's a few feet away from where he really is. This does fool infravision, ultravision, and etc. So it'll take more than basic nightvision or etc. to decipher his real location.

Additionally, when Entreri dives after Jarlaxle, he pulls a tiny scultpure of a hammer out of the brim of his hat, speaks a command word, and smacks Entreri while he's still diving, and Entreri states that it feels like he'd been hit by a maul. However, it was merely a warhammer being used in Jarlaxle's hands.

Artemis Entreri


His speed is remarkable! In this scan he is able to go from a comfortable seated position, and he stands up, draws his dagger, leaps across the room, past a few guards, and is right on top of someone with a dagger at their throat before the guards have even registered that he's moved. And these guards are no joke, they are part of the most secure fortress in Calimport (the Copper Ante tavern), which is one of the most crime filled cities on the surface world.

Speed / Stealth

Okay, this is Morik the Rogue. He's notorious for how paranoid he is. If you read the scans, he spends 10 minutes disarming all the traps he has placed on this door, and unlocking it. He knows where these traps are and exactly how to disarm them. He also has the keys to this door and has to unlock 3 sets of locks. He then scans his room, where he notices there is nothing around. He then feels something amiss, and does a thorough scan of the room and finds nothing.

Entreri is then at his back with a dagger, as he had been hiding the entire time, so well, that Morik wasn't able to detect him. The two have a conversation, Entreri takes the orb and asks about some jewels, and then leaves.

Now, what took Morik 10 minutes to disarm and open (the guy who has the keys and knows where the traps are, I can't stress that enought), takes Entreri less than the span of 2 minutes to unlock (stated, within the span of two minutes on paper) to pick the locks and disarm every trap, and walk out. The guy's hands are like blurs, he's fast...he's VERY fast.

Charon's Claw Sword

This thing emits a glow that makes infrared detection impossible.

When swung, if Entreri desires, it creates a wall of ash that hovers in the air. He uses this often to section off his opponents from one another. They are as durable as a wall of ash would be, so smacking them will easily dismiss the wall. However, it easily obscures visions, and etc.

Also him dominating some wererats, who are also very skilled and very formidable.

vs. Jarlaxle

Entreri takes on Jarlaxle for the second time.

Notice Charon's Claw absorbs the magic energy directed at him? He then is able to blow apart a large Crystal wall with it. The blast he projects is only as powerful as the ones he absorbs, and it can't absorb an unlimited amount of energy. however, the Crystal Shard is well above the limits of anything in this tournament so I'm very confident it'll do well against any soul, psionic, and magic attacks your team puts against it.

He is able to, at one point, see through Jarlaxle's illusion (after learning it's there), dive at Jarlaxle, and while lunging at him he slits Jarlaxle's belt pouch off his belt, sheaths his dagger, grabs a new pouch, drop the pouch at Jarlaxle's side, and then hide Jarlaxle's belt pouch beneath him, all while taking a few hits from Jarlaxle's warhammer.

He is then confronted by a small number of drow, and uses the glove to draw energy from the shard, causing the tower to shake, and takes advantage of his opponents disorientation, grabs Jarlaxle, and the two lunge through the dimensional portal.

Note: He doesn't have the Shard anymore, don't worry about that.


Globe of Darkness

This is a huge advantage for my team. All of my team is trained to fight in the dark, where even they cannot see. With a thought your team will be in complete darkness, and each of them covered in faerie fire.

Detecting my team

Won't be possible through infrared, or telepathic means. At least not against Jarlaxle and Entreri. Both have equipment that renders them immune to that sort of thing.


Oh, I have firepower, and my characters can all cut through adamantium with only some effort. Zaknafein actually requires little to none, thanks to his heavily enchanted weapons.


There is something similar to this in D&D, it's known as a Rust Monster. However, magical equipment is extremely resistant, and most of it is even immune to the effects of Rust Monster Ichor. So good luck with that.

Mister X

His ability is useless against Jarlaxle and Artemis. Both of which will know that he's doing it too, which will make him a number one priority.


My team is capable of dodging lightning, and has a level of enhanced perception beyond those of any human. So I don't believe your team will be blitzing anyone.

My Tactic

Will start off with a tactical stealth. Each keeping each other within sight, and going off of queues. They will speak in drow, which your team won't be able to understand. Your team will also be lit up with faerie fire the moment they are spotted, this shouldn't take long as my entire team is trained in stealth, and 3 of my team members can see through the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum if need be.

Once engaged they will simply use their globes of invulnerability, and their equipment to take your team off guard. With their ridiculous speed, I think they should be able to take this.


Drizzt is about 30 years old by the end of the first book. However, these days he's about 80 years old or so, and has spent his entire life honing his craft. I'll keep posting more current feats as I go, but that's something to keep in mind.

Zaknafein is approximately 400-500 years old, minimum of four hundred, but less than five hundred for certain. He has spent his entire life perfecting his craft.

Jarlaxle is about 500-700 years old. And has spent his entire life as a mercenary. He's also a creature of chaos, something that Taskmaster has a hard time predicting and keeping up against.

Artemis Entreri is about forty years old, and has proven to be right around Drizzt's skill level, which is unheard of when comparing any human to any drow realistically.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay I have to say that's quite a track record they have. A few things though

1. Boba can't use infrared? Okay so he sticks to his 360 degree motion sensor instead.

2. Moon Knight's anti metal truncheon emits a frequency that's a little different from rust monster. He basically copied it from Silverbird

3. Wait..you said your whole team can dodge lightning? That's something Spider Man can't do. Atleast not without his spider sense. And even then our characters are supposed to be slower than him. Crow himself had to be nerfed to be allowed so I'm a little concerned about their speed now.

@i_like_swords Can you check this out?

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@juiceboks: That is concerning. The typical lightning bolt moves at 224,000 miles per hour. I mean Spider-man is a bullet dodger but bullets travel from a range of 700 mph to 1200 mph... What's your response @floopay? You told me your team were within the limits but if they can dodge lightning at that speed then they're over the limit.

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@juiceboks: @i_like_swords: Dodging is about staying ahead of your targets aim. I'll provide the scan in a bit, but the point of specifically using lightning as an example is when I debate with fantasy characters, people often state that none of them have bullet timer reflexes, because they only dodge crossbow bolts and arrows. However, the point of bringing up lightning is to prove that they, just like all bullet timers, are more than capable of dodging a projectile, regardless of speed, by staying ahead of the target's aim.

And most bullets actually travel around 1400-2100 miles per hour, just an fyi (usually between Mach 1.8 and Mach 3, but some can actually go as high as Mach 3.5, which is about 2450 mph).

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay: Fair enough. It's just the fact you put it underneath "speed" suggested they were fast enough to dodge lightning, opposed to being able to anticipate where an enemy places their attack. Your description sounds fine though.

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This is looking good

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Boba Fetts vision will be completely obscured this match. As the only flyer on your team, it is extremely beneficial to have him as hindered as possible. Because he's wearing a helmet, my team can actually put a globe of darkness completely over his helmet. This would make him blind in all directions, and he cannot see with normal vision, infravision, or ultravision.

Moon Knight

Generally magic weapons are only really harmed via magical attacks. This is true in the novels over and over again. In fact, it is stated with Ryld vs. Jeggred in the War of the Spider Queen novels that Ryld has no fear of his weapon going against a few others because his is magic and they are not. However, when his weapon is broken, he states that the axe used must have been magical, indicating that it requires a magic weapon to defeat a magic weapon:

States it on the bottom of the second page.

All of my characters wear magic armor, but defensive enchantments don't seem to have the same effect as offensive enchantments (never explains why, but the scans speak for themselves). Reading through my scans should confirm that, as all of them have been injured within the scans I've provided, and all of them wear magic armor with random properties.

Additionally, neither Jarlaxle or Artemis use metal armor. Jarlaxle wears magical cloth armor, which has deflected thrown spears and rocks without causing harm, and Artemis wears leather armor, which is about as protective as you'd expect leather armor to be.

Drizzt Do'Urden

Lightning Dodging:

As you can see, Drizzt is more than adept at predicting and dodging any projectile, regardless of it's speed. Even stated in the second scan (the first of the novel scans), he dodges it before it even appears, meaning he anticipated the shot a split second before it even appeared, and dodged.

Jarlaxle D'aerthe

Dodging Ray Attacks, Daggers, Globe of Darkness

Supposed to be instant, however, he is able to stay ahead of this liches aim.

As for his throwing speed. Jarlaxle has four daggers in the air (this is a small room at the top of a tower, so he is no more than 5 meters away from his target) before the first dagger hits his target.

Armor Durability, Wand of Illusionary Fireball, more Daggers

This is a good scan to note. Jarlaxle's armor harmless deflects dozens of spears and stones thrown at him via goblins. These are crude weapons, and thrown by goblins.

Next he pulls out a wand and fires it directly at his own feat. So real is the illusionary fireball, that several of the goblins are actually killed, as the illusion was so potent that they believed it to be true, and they had actually been killed. Several others believe themselves to be on fire, and as for the rest, Jarlaxle has already pumped six daggers into them, and three more daggers into some of the dead ones, just for good measure.

More Daggers, Cloak of Many Hues, Precision, etc.

Artemis Entreri remarks "He had a direction sorted for his run, for he heard the unmistakable laughter of a drow who seemed to behaving too much fun."

He encounters Jarlaxle standing on top of a boulder a midst fifty or more orcs (stated earlier in the book). He has, somehow, convinced half the orc party to turn on the other, and is spurring on one side to defeat the other, while letting lose an endless stream of daggers. Soon after, he gives bits of encouragement to the other side of the orcs, and turns around to throw daggers into the other group.

Several spears rain at him, but all of them miss, for his cloak has placed him in a place where he actually is not. When the orcs turn on him, he easily spins around, landing a dagger upon the nearest orc to him with deadly precision, easily putting down every orc that dares to confront him.

Where the heck does he get all the daggers?

Jarlaxle's bracers allow him to conjure a near limitless supply of daggers to his grasp. However, the enchantments can't quite keep up with speed in which he throws them. So, one out of every five daggers is actually an illusion. That being said, that illusionary dagger has weight, makes noise, and looks like a real dagger, and if the target believes it to be real, their mind will fall victim to the deadly illusion, and it can very much kill the target. This was stated in the Artemis vs. Jarlaxle scan I provided in my previous post.

The Portable Hole, and the Bat

Oh.....this thing is great. Jarlaxle has a bit of black cloth hidden in the brim of his hat. When he removes it and throws it on a solid surface (doesn't work on organic beings, it only works on floors, walls, and etc.), it creates a hole that is 10 feet in diameter, and 10 feet deep, it also has perfectly smooth edges, and is impossible to climb. He can use this to allow himself to run through walls, pillars, doors, etc. However, if put on the floor and an enemy falls into it, they will be stuck in a 10 foot deep hole, and their only method of escape would be jumping out.

Additionally, if he removes his belt it can become a giant snake. The snake has no offensive capabilities, but will contort and shape itself to his will, and one can climb up it if needed.

If he removes the hole before they get out, they will be trapped until the hole is open again. The amount of air left in the space is about what you'd expect from a space that is 10 feet deep and 10 feet wide....

The bat is a cool trinket. He has another small black square he can pull form his pockets. It transforms into a scouting bat familiar for him to rely on. It'll scout for your team for him.


Jarlaxle, Zaknafein, and Drizzt all have enhanced vision, and hearing. Far above those of even the finest human (I'll prove this later, don't have time to take too many more pictures today, but I'll be back on Sunday). Jarlaxle's senses are enhanced even further because of all of his magical items.

As for strength, well, nobody in my team is at the limit, but all are at peak alhletic human, except for Jarlaxle who is well above peak human. He can lift support 200 pounds with one hand without any sign of strain.

Drow are naturally faster than humans. Over and above this my team has much more training and experience than yours as a whole. Artemis is the excpetion, only being forty years old, but he is about the same as your team. However, Jarlaxle, and Zaknafein have seen the rise and fall of several centuries. They have fought demons, elementals, dragons, fighters of all races, wizards, clerics, rangers, orcs, gnolls, giants, faeries, sprites, spirits, shades, undead, psionicists, and beasts of all shapes and sizes. Drizzt has also faced most of the previous list, however, he is only about 80-100 years old. That being said, he was still more than capable of keeping up with Zaknafein.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay Okay so they can predict where something is shot from that's great. It still sounds and looks like superhuman speed. Maybe It's due to my lack of DnD and Forgotten Realms knowledge but if they're supposed to be faster than any human, wouldn't that make them already superhuman? Wouldn't that apply to all Drow? And these guys seem to be quite a cut above average. I don't see how they can still be slower than Spider Man or Green Goblin with these credentials.

But about the anti metal thing, I'm not breaking your weapons. I don't even have to touch them to melt them down as it's just a frequency emitted. I know you can't directly prove that wouldn't work due to the tech gap but if they can't be melted down or something similar then I will concede to that point.

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@juiceboks: I doubt they're as fast as Spider-Man unless they can run over 120 mph

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@i_like_swords How fast are they then? From the looks of the description I'd say they can outrun pretty much everyone else in this tournament.

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@juiceboks: I haven't read anything concerning so and I know at least one character in the tourney faster than this team. How fast they are I don't know but they're within the limits.

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@juiceboks: There just aim dodging he isn't actually moving out of the way of a lightning bolt. The same as every street leveler that's ever been shot at and moved out of the way before the bullet is in motion.

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@dextersinister Yea I get that, that's how "bullet dodging" works. I'm just curious about their speed in general. One of my guys speed had to be nerfed for him to be allowed so it wouldnt make sense for them to be faster than the bare maxiimum allowed.

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@floopay Okay so they can predict where something is shot from that's great. It still sounds and looks like superhuman speed. Maybe It's due to my lack of DnD and Forgotten Realms knowledge but if they're supposed to be faster than any human, wouldn't that make them already superhuman? Wouldn't that apply to all Drow? And these guys seem to be quite a cut above average. I don't see how they can still be slower than Spider Man or Green Goblin with these credentials.

But about the anti metal thing, I'm not breaking your weapons. I don't even have to touch them to melt them down as it's just a frequency emitted. I know you can't directly prove that wouldn't work due to the tech gap but if they can't be melted down or something similar then I will concede to that point.

There is a HUGE difference between superhuman in speed, and Spider Man level. My team is probably around Wolverine level in terms of speed, which is still way below Spider Man. Spider Man can run at upwards of 60 mph, while my fastest character can run at about 30 mph, at best.

As for Anti-Metal, wouldn't that destroy all your metal equipment as well? And how is he going to be able to aim that thing? He'll have a globe of darkness dropped right on top of his body armor the second my team sees him. Followed closely by a wave of magical throwing daggers guided by Jarlaxle's extreme sense of hearing.

Thanks for reading,


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@i_like_swords: @juiceboks:

Last comments before voting I guess.


I would assume that both teams are to be assumed to work well together. But my team has actually been trained together. Jarlaxle, and Zaknafein have worked together in the past, and quite a bit. Jarlaxle and Entreri have also worked extensive periods of time with one another. Then Drizzt has dealt with Jarlaxle, and was trained with Zaknafein.

Finally, all four of my team members are trained in the similar fighting styles from the same city. All having similar backgrounds, most having a history with one another, and all being trained in the same arts of stealth and combat.


A nice bonus for him is he has 3 wands in which to affect enemy teams with. One wand produces bolts of lightning, which he has used to harm a 350 foot long dragon. Granted, "harm" may be being used liberally, as that wand was able to agitate him.

The second produces a wand of sticky goo. The goo is strong enough to pin a venerable red dragon's tail to the floor, and stick it's mouth together. Granted, it's not the fastest of projectiles, but once stuck, it's very difficult to get unstuck.

Finally, he has one that produces a fireball. His ring of spells can give him a globe of invulnerability, making him immune to the blast. However, this only works against other magic and certain elemental attacks.

Entreri vs. Crow

Entreri wields an item called "Charon's Claw".

The glove in this weapon/glove combo allows him to absorb spiritual, telepathic, and magical attacks directed at him, and he can project them back at the user. He can only absorb them if they are directed his way, but if Crow's ability is a chakra, spiritual, magical, or psionic attack, it would be subject to being absorbed by Charon's Claw. But only if brought up against Entreri.

Zaknafein Do'Urden

Sticking with what I already posted. Light capsules, whip/sword style, two sword style, and natural drow abilities combined with four centuries of abilities.

Drizzt Do'Urden

Again, lots of natural talent, incredibly fast, and natural drow abilities. Amazing asset to my team.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay said:

@juiceboks said:

@floopay Okay so they can predict where something is shot from that's great. It still sounds and looks like superhuman speed. Maybe It's due to my lack of DnD and Forgotten Realms knowledge but if they're supposed to be faster than any human, wouldn't that make them already superhuman? Wouldn't that apply to all Drow? And these guys seem to be quite a cut above average. I don't see how they can still be slower than Spider Man or Green Goblin with these credentials.

But about the anti metal thing, I'm not breaking your weapons. I don't even have to touch them to melt them down as it's just a frequency emitted. I know you can't directly prove that wouldn't work due to the tech gap but if they can't be melted down or something similar then I will concede to that point.

There is a HUGE difference between superhuman in speed, and Spider Man level. My team is probably around Wolverine level in terms of speed, which is still way below Spider Man. Spider Man can run at upwards of 60 mph, while my fastest character can run at about 30 mph, at best.

As for Anti-Metal, wouldn't that destroy all your metal equipment as well? And how is he going to be able to aim that thing? He'll have a globe of darkness dropped right on top of his body armor the second my team sees him. Followed closely by a wave of magical throwing daggers guided by Jarlaxle's extreme sense of hearing.

Thanks for reading,


Not that big a difference to be honest. Though you've gone over your characters physical abilities well enough to make your point. Though if your team's speed is at Wolverine's level then at least Crow should have the speed advantage.

By the way Crow's Branch of Sin abilities are none of those. They're more like a virus carried by these worms that infect certain individuals so Charon's Claw should have no affect on him.

Boba's gonna be in the back lines shooting so he shouldnt be near Marc for his truncheon to take affect. It's a wave, he doesn't actually have to aim it. I'm still a bit unclear on the globe of darkness. Does it stay on my team no matter where they go? From what I looked up it seems to be a stationary spell. If so then they can simply jump out of it. For the record though, Marc isn't completely helpless in darkness. He has plenty of experience fighting in conditions where sight is limited. I actually doubt the globe would stop his Infrared motion sensor from working since it detects heat and motion while the globe just obstructs his natural vision not one derived from technology. I don't think there's a definite way to prove it can due to the tech gap between our characters but I dont believe it should still apply to his sensor. Here's a more detailed description on how it works.

Boba's other senses are also enhanced to make up for any sight impediment your characters may attempt to utilize. His hearing is impeccable as shown in my very first post and his helmet also has an olfactory sensor he can use. I don't know if your characters smoke or wear cologne or if Drow smell different then humans but even if none of this applies he should still be able to locate them.

While the movies did do him some justice, it didn't accurately show how quick Boba can be. So here's an illustration to do so.

For the record, 4-Lom is a master thief and bounty hunter who is regarded as one of the most skilled in the galaxy. For Boba to dodge blaster fire from him is quite a feat. I don't think daggers(even magical ones) can move faster than blaster fire.

Overall I believe my team has the speed and skill to either leave the darkness globe or find some way to work around it.

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@juiceboks: I think officially this is closed, but to clarify:

Globe of Darkness can target a person, a location, or an object, and it centralizes around that target in an area up to 20 feet. It's been used in the past to only cover a person's face, and it has been used on pebbles in the past, so that a person may carry a 20 foot globe of darkness, as well as throw one if needed. It has also been centered around certain areas to force enemies to either turn back, or run through the globe of darkness, unaware of what could be on the other side.

Been fun, looking forward to seeing the votes for this one.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay If it was then my mistake.

Ah okay, I think I understand it now. That's a pretty damn useful ability against most of the people in this tournament so I see why you choose Drow of all people.

I agree, I learned quite a bit about D&D and now I'm actually considering getting into it.

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@floopay: @juiceboks: I'm giving you guys one final post before I open voting. Use it to summarize your arguments and counter any posts you need to.

@jokergeist@dondave@thedarklordpandamonium@diredrill you guys know the drill.. voting starts when they give their final posts.

@floopay If it was then my mistake.

Ah okay, I think I understand it now. That's a pretty damn useful ability against most of the people in this tournament so I see why you choose Drow of all people.

I agree, I learned quite a bit about D&D and now I'm actually considering getting into it.

I'm making my final post now.

It's an awesome ability. And as for DnD, I have been playing since I was 9 years old, back in the AD&D era. And if the game isn't to your liking, the novels are pretty amazing, if you are into Fantasy Style novels.

War of the Spider Queen is my absolute favorite series.

The Drizzt Series is pretty good, but it's about 21 books long.

The Sellsword Trilogy is 3 books long, and that follows Entreri and Jarlaxle, and that's a pretty amazing series. Though the first half of the first book is kind of a grind to get through.

The Elminister series is awesome, I'm ordering that one to re-read soon.

There are a lot more books, but those are my favorite Forgotten Realms books.

Thanks for reading,


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@i_like_swords: @juiceboks:

Final Post

Sorry this one is gonna have quite a bit of info it. Drizzt has 21 books worth of feats for me to pull from, Zaknafein has 2 books, and Jarlaxle has 6 books. So I've been trying to only use my posts in response to what's been presented, but haven't had too much presented to argue.

I hope you don't mind. However, most people are completely unaware of who my characters even are. Whereas your team most people have a general idea of what they can and can't do, as they are pretty popular on the forums, my characters are a bit more obscure. I feel like if I don't post most on what they can do, people will plain and simply have no way of knowing how to judge my team.

I also hope you appreciate that it took me the better part of 2 hours to photograph, label, and place these in the appropriate folders and organize them into this format! :P

Note: I'm currently rebuilding my book collection, and right now my Icewindale Trilogy is still in transit (supposed to arrive last Thursday), so you'll have to settle for the graphic novel feats.

Transmuting my Equipment

It will be up to the voters to decide, but again, in DnD magical equipment is extremely resistant to being transmuted in any way shape or form, and artifacts are downright immune. Jarlaxle's equipment is top tier magic items, not quite as powerful as an artifact, but pretty dang powerful. Icingdeath (Drizzt's scimitar) is an artifact, and I believe both the vampiric dagger Entreri carries, as well as Charon's Claw (which is guarteneed to be one) are artifacts.


Here's a host of spells that target metal specifically, and as you can see, it states magical metal is either extremely resistant, or downright immune.




Even against Rust Monsters (most powerful anti-metal attacks in DnD) cannot easily destroy magical weapons and armor.


Note: I can find a half dozen or more examples if needed, but this should suffice.

Drizzt and Zaknafein

Drizzt's Training

I explained a little about this earlier, but I think it deserves expansion.

Drizzt is in a class of 15 or more highly trained fighters from across Menzoberranzan (his home city). Every year the students battle their class and determine where they fall in rank. There is one rule, the last one standing wins. Whether won through stealth, cunning, or being the best in terms of ability, it does not matter, being the one who survives is the most important thing.

The first year, Drizzt teams up with someone, and even though he easily dispatches the best fighters of the tournament with ease, he is backstabbed by his ally, and winds up eighth in the class. However, for the nine remaining years he is there, he comes out as the number one fighter. They even pit him against the class three years above him, and he still wins.

Soon after, he goes out on patrol and takes out two hook horrors on his own. What's a hook horror? They are between 8 and 10 feet tall and weight from 400 to 600 pounds. They have strength sufficient enough to smash through stone with ease, and durability to match.

Drizzt vs Zaknafein

These two finally go against each other in full on combat.

They perfectly parry each others attacks, and over and above this, they are nicking and stabbing each other and leaving droplets of blood all over the place. However, despite Drizzt's perfection of Zaknafein's double cross parry, Zaknafein still defeats him. That's how good Zak is.

Here's the novel portion:

Drizzt vs Briza

Briza is Drizzt sister, and she's got a hundred years or so on him in age. She wields a viper whip, which is kind of a misleading name. Her whip has six snake heads, each one can extend up to 20 feet long, and can bite through steel with ease, they release extreme poisons that could paralyze a buffalo with a single injection.

These things are mentally commanded by her, will twist and turn in mid air instead of strike like a normal whip. However, when fighting Drizzt, she views his movements as a blur, and her first couple assaults on his person fail, as he bats away, and dodges her attacks. However, she does manage to land a hit, and inject him with the poison.

Even with the poison affecting him though, he is able to fight her off, and manages to cut off all six heads off her whip, and when she goes in for melee combat, he knocks her down like she's nothing.

The novel:

Drizzt vs Earth Elemental

This is Drizzt fighting off an Earth Elemental. This thing can meld into stone, and with one swing crushes rock into dust. It's a good 12-15 feet in height, and it's durability is not to be laughed at.

Drizzt is still able to slice into it and defeat it.

Zin Carla

What the hizzell is a Zin Carla? Zin Carla is pretty much a warrior resurrected from the dead and forced into servitude. They retain all their skills and abilities, but they are essentially mindless and under the control of a powerful priestess. However, the Zin Carla's mind has to be allowed into it's corpse to some degree for it to function, and the more of it's mind that is allowed to roam free, the more it's willpower can fight it's controller.

Most of these feats are when Zaknafein's dead body is being controlled by a priestess (Matron Malice Do'Urden), however, even with his mind being suppressed, and but a portion of his skill, he is able to do quite a bit (gonna expand below).

So in essence, Zin Carla is a Zaknafein while his abilities are being inhibited...and he's undead. I'm using a live version of Zaknafein, but Zin Carla don't learn or expand in knowledge, so it's abilities are exactly the same as Zak's when he was alive.

Zin Carla vs. Goblins

At this point, he can't speak or even think, and is being almost completely suppressed.

Despite this, he is able to slaughter 20 goblins before they are even able to contemplate defending themselves and running away. He obviously caught them by surprise.

Next, he slaughters 15 goblins. They actually see him and arm themselves before the fight (there are 30 of them). However, he quickly dispatches most of them, and the rest retreat down several alleyways and away from him.

Zin Carla vs. Illithid and Slaves

Illithid, otherwise known as mind flayers are powerful telepaths. Their abilities are useless against the Zin Carla, as an undead he's immune to any telepathic intrusion. However, they can't even hope to run away from him. In an instant they are all dispatched, in fact, he kills 11 mind flayers throughout these scans. All of which tried to run away before he was upon them, and they couldn't even levitate away in time. At one point he uses his innate levitation ability to kill one, leap off it's corpse, kill another, and throw his sword through a third, while grabbing the forth with his hand. So yeah, he's got skills.

They even try sending waves of goblins, orcs, grey dwarves, and ogres after him, some of which are even armed, but he easily dispatches them and moves in and kills their master. Unlike Zin Carla, these slaves are FORCED to fight to the best of their ability.

Zin Carla vs. Drizzt, Round 1

After dispatching a few more Illithid with zero effort, he continues to fight Drizzt.

Even with his abilities nerfed, and with Drizzt not holding back, he's stilling giving Drizzt a heck of a time, though he takes a shot to the chest at one point. These two fight as equals while he is in this formidable state (remember the feats I've already given, and he's got more), and it describes the precision of their movements and footsteps the entire battle.

Novel version:

Zin Carla vs. Drizzt, Round 2

This is where it gets interesting. Drizzt ally refuses to join the battle, viewing the movements and strikes of these two swordsman as nothing more than a blur of movement. And Drizzt's ally, Belwar, is no novice to battle. Having fought drow, goblins, ogres, birdmen, hook horrors, and so much more with zero issue, he's accustomed to high levels of skill, numbers, and speed, and for him to describe these two as a blur is saying a lot.

As the battle continues, the priestess slowly allows more and more of Zaknafein into the Zin Carla, as an effort to stop Drizzt from destroying the thing. And as the battle continues Drizzt finds himself having a harder and harder time keeping up with this thing. Why? Well, despite Drizzt being extremely skilled, and extremely fast, Zaknafein is still the superior fighter.

The battle ends with Zaknafein jumping into a pool of acid, but one can't help but admire this guy for all his brilliance and ability.

Novel version

Drizzt vs Errtu

Errtu is a balor demon, which is right around number 2 or 3 on the demon food chain. He's a top level greater planar being, and not to be underestimated.

The reason I bring these scans up is to show off Icingdeath. Icingdeath is one of Drizzt's scimitars. It has the ability to remove heat, and renders him immune to magical and non-magical fires and ice attacks.

The main (and only) reason Drizzt defeats Errtu, a being who can create immense flames, is because of his sword. It creates ice in it's wake, and can freeze an opponent with a strike.

Jarlaxle and Entreri

Citadel of Assassins

The book series spends 3 books building these guys up. They are the best assassins of a government ruled by a paladin. They hide in every shadow, and in every corner, they are lead by a powerful archmage, and their stronghold was said to be inbreachable.

There is a link here containing more, and listing all their members: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Assassins_Guild_of_the_Galenas

These guys are very formidable.

Artemis and Jarlaxle vs. Citadel of Assassins' Assassins

Eight or so assassins are sent after these two.

Dragonette Statuette

A deadly item. It was in Artemis's possession for this fight, but it actually remains in Jarlaxle's possession currently (I'll prove this later). It can't be used as a weapon, it can only be used as a trap. However, once placed over an area (has to be pinned above an area somehow, and can't be held, it has to be put in place) the user may enact the color of any prismatic dragon upon it (Black, White, Red, Blue, etc.). When someone runs beneath it, they are met with a breath weapon equal to that of a veteran dragon of the chosen color. It can expend this breath multiple times in one encounter, and has no known limitations.


Artemis runs at blinding speeds to get out of his apartment and onto the streets, taking the Dragonette Statue and his standard equipment with him.

When he sees his pursuers, he puts the chain of the statuette on the end of a dagger, speaks "White" and pins it to a statue with a well aimed throw. When his pursuers run beneath it, it breathes frost all over the place, freezing a couple of them in place as ice statues, causing a couple of people to fall to the ground and slowly die because their lungs can no longer take in air, and even goes so far as to numb his own leg from about 10-15 feet away.

However, despite being handicap one leg, he still fights off a couple of assassins through superior skill, and then continues down the alley. He is then confronted by two more, and is easily able to defeat the both of them as the blood returns to his leg. It really emphasizes on his speed here.

Artemis is seen, despite the numb leg, effortlessly deflecting attacks, and thrown daggers with only a single weapon (he threw his signature dagger aside awhile ago).


Jarlaxle at one point sees two people run into a shop he owns (he knows Artemis is in danger and being pursued by the way). He then asks for a pie from the baker at his shop, and throws it in one of the guys face, with a concealed dart within it. He then realizes that neither of these two people were actually assassin or after him, just citizens coming in to purchase baked goods...

Soon after he takes to the rooftops, and with great speeds takes leaps and bounds from one obstacle to another. It describes him, despite the speed and concentration a normal person would need to perform such a task, as not only doing it with absolute ease, but able to keep in mind his surroundings perfectly as he goes.

He then shoots someone with a crossbow he keeps handy at all times, and within moments they become dreary and fall over from the poison found on all his crossbow bolts.

Artemis and Jarlaxle vs. Bandits

Not much here that hasn't been said already.

However, it should be noticed that Jarlaxle is able to pluck that giant feather from his cap and summon a 12 foot prehistoric bird to fight by his side, and it follows his commands and thoughts! Talk about a bonus.

It should also be noted that he can create magical protections for my characters that can turn aside arrows. At one point they just stop and fall to the ground an inch from his face. Now this might not stop the more powerful projectiles your team has, but it sure as heck will slow them down.

Jarlaxle also fights a guy who deflects a half dozen or more of Jarlaxle's projectiles, and tanks a few more. So the guy has some skills. However, in a sword fight, Jarlaxle is able to disarm the man with his swords, spin the sword around on his own sword, throw it in the air, and offer it back to the guy before the guy knows what to do.

Artemis and Jarlaxle vs Church

Okay, these guys are no jokes. They are Templars, Paladins, and Clerics. Armed with magic equipment, holy half-plate armor (plate mail and chain mail), and have a level of training meant to hold back armies if need be.

Artemis Entreri

Unarmed and Unarmored, the only thing in his possession is a sack of gold coins. However, he smacks a guard with the sack of coins, bats away his weapon, turns it aside, and knocks the guy out cold easily. Before the other guards can even discern what has happened, he's taken a leap and grabbed hold of their head cleric and slip a concealed wire from his hat to around the guy's throat.

At this point he's choking the life out of that guy and defending against several other templars, paladins, and clerics. At this point Jarlaxle slips in, and soon after his twelve foot prehistoric bird charges in as well (I'll expand on Jarlaxle's involvement later).

The cleric gets away, and Entreri fights guard after guard, and eventually finds his way into a tucked corner where Jarlaxle put his equipment. He grabs his weapons, leaps out, and SLAUGHTERS these guys. Because Entreri is a badass. Then he throws his sword across the room, and barely misses a priest (the swords true target was the door), and in a few strides closes the distance to the door, kills a couple priests, and when the remaining cleric grabs the sword he's instantly incinerate (side effect of trying to wield the sword if you don't have the willpower to resist it).


Jarlaxle comes in, throws out his feather to create the bird (a favorite tactic of his), and sends a wave of daggers at these guys. Their holy and enchanted armor is able to keep the daggers at bay though (these things have pierced dragon hide, so this is some sturdy armor).

However, Jarlaxle turns his daggers into longswords and fights off five of these guys at a time, keeping on the defensive for the right moment.

What was the right moment? Jarlaxle set up the Dragon Statuette along one of the hallways. As soon as backup tries to arrive, it lets loose a ton of fire incinerating, melting, and killing a dozen or more soldiers, and in that instant, Jarlaxle gains the upperhand and slaughters these guards.

The breath goes off 2 more times throughout this encounter, might I add.

Entreri vs Olwen Tree-Friend

Olwen Tree-Friend, gotta be a harmless hippy right? Right? WRONG!

Olwen Tree-Friend is an extremely powerful ranger, who wields his trusty axe Treefeller (gee, sounds harmless right?). He is able to track Entreri and comes into combat with him.

This guy is throwing axes, fighting at blinding speeds, and meeting every attack put his way. He's a tough SoB, having taken on a lich in the past, and him and his band crushed armies of monsters in their wake. He's extremely skilled, and he shouldn't be underestimated here.

Entreri actually has a hard time keeping up with this guy. He deflects throwing axes with his dagger, tipping them to alter their trajectory while dodging them in their newly altered path, while simultaneously parrying and dodging axe swings. This is a complex battle.

However, Entreri slips away, and creates a wall of ash before his opponent, and when his opponent charges past it, he doesn't suspect that Entreri was there, in the shadows waiting for him.

Now he gets the jump on this guy and he still resists, and this brings me to a point I've been wanting to make.

The Vampiric Dagger, Entreri's jeweled and most trusted weapon. Olwen is a tough man, lives in the wild, has taken blows from monsters who could crush stone, and he's stood up against liches and things that would make even the most battle-hardened mercenary pi$$ himself. However, one small nick against his neck with this dagger, and just a moment of it's power being enacted is enough to make this guys eyes widen in fear, and drop his axe in sheer terror.

This weapon doesn't just kill, it destroys a person's very essence, and robs them of their soul. It kills on multiple levels, and with each strike it takes that life essence, and pumps it right back into Entreri, healing his wounds with every swing.

Entreri vs Dwarves

Okay, these two dwarves are no jokes. One is the second greatest fighter of his clan, and the other has a few centuries of experience beneath his belt. They have taken on barbarian hordes, killed yetis, trolls, waves of orcs, goblins, ogres, giants, and so much more. So they know how to fight.

However, Entreri doesn't just beat these guys. He plays with them. Slapping their faces with the sides of his blade, or leading them on to attacks and dodging them last second. Catti-Brie observes him and his movements as a blur. Each one in one fluid motion, and each limb works both independent of one another, and in one grand motion, each step taken with absolute precision and finesse.

The person she compares him to most, is Drizzt Do'Urden. It has been stated multiple times that Entreri is roughly Drizzt's equal in combat prowess, and Drizzt even believes Entreri to be the darker aspect of his personality made incarnate.

Jarlaxle Baenre vs. the Citadel of Assassins

Jarlaxle and his band own band of mercenaries decide to take on the Citadel of Assassins. And they don't just take it, they dominate it. With Jarlaxle's leadership, they create a hole all the way up to the CoA complex from underground, and then walk right up to their head mages chambers and take him.

At this point Jarlaxle uses his goo wand to stick someone to a wall, and then begins negotiation with the archmage.

However, they get rushed by a wizard, a cleric, a rogue, and a few fights. Jarlaxle's men pull their swords ready, and stand at the hallway ready to intercept. However, they are frozen stiff as Jarlaxle, one hand over the other, in absolute precision and with undeniable accuracy moves hand over hand and pins dagger after dagger into those charging in. His own men fear movement, for they know that Jarlaxle is aiming perfectly over their shoulders, between their bodies, and wherever need be, and moving could result in injury to themselves.

He sticks a guard three times in the chest, and three more times in the back as the man is falling to the ground, all six fatal strikes in the span of a few seconds, while simultaneously sticking a dagger in the throat of another fighter, into the mouth of their wizard, and a couple more into the chest of their cleric. All of these men downed in moments.

Then, whilst resuming talking to the wizard, Jarlaxle, without turning around, looking, or even taking heed of his surroundings, throws a dagger directly into the eye of the halfling rogue, whom everyone else seemed to have forgotten was even there. Not even looking, and hits a target half the size of a human in a spot the size of a large pebble at best, now that's accuracy.

Overall Strategy

Travel - My team will be traveling as a team, and try to keep as much within each other's sight as possible. They will follow Jarlaxle's lead, his bat familiar should be able to scout the area relatively uninterrupted, and has enhanced senses to aid him in locating your team. Over and above this Drizzt and Entreri are also master trackers, and their senses should not be ignored either (Drizzt in particular), and they will also aid in locating your team.

The Encounter

The globes of darkness will not only aid in keeping my team hidden, but will also keep your team very much disoriented. Having to rely solely on hearing is something that'll not help them. Jarlaxle and Zaknafein are almost completely silent, and their footsteps cannot be heard. This makes assassination very likely in such a scenario.

In ranged combat, Drizzt and Jarlaxle have tools to aid them in their fight. Jarlaxle in particular has a wide assortment of ranged attacks, and he can summon the diatryma to distract your team and potentially cause them harm.

In melee combat, most of my team is described as a blur of motion, even by the most skilled of opponents and observers. Drizzt has Icingdeath to do help do some frost damage to his opponents, Entreri has his dagger to rob their life force, and cause them to falter in anguish. He can also create walls of ash with Charon's claw, and his blade creates heat high enough to allow him to slice through limbs and armor.

My team also has Faerie fire to prevent your team from hiding. They also can each create four or more globes of darkness over the course of a day, and Jarlaxle / Zaknafein can levitate at will.

Other Advantages

Jarlaxle has protective barriers that help defend against projectiles. This gives my team the advantage against ranged attacks.

At the same time, any frontal assault against Jarlaxle could be met by the Dragon Statuette, a dire mistake that would undoubtedly kill any of your team members.

At the same time, in ranged combat Jarlaxle has his daggers, and a plethora of wands. One capable of creating a wall of wind in a target location to keep projectiles at bay, a wand of fireballs, wand of lightning, and a wand of sticky goo. He also has darts, and a crossbow, both of which are laced with poisons that put a man to sleep in seconds.

Over and above this Drizzt Do'Urden carries two throwing daggers at all times (in his boots), and has a bow with several arrows. Drizzt is insanely accurate, and could hold range pretty easily.

Jarlaxle and Entreri can't be detected via infravision, and both are masters in the art of stealth, easily keeping into the shadows. Entreri's hat and sword can produce this effect.

Jarlaxle and Zaknafein's steps are completely silent thanks to their boots. And their armor also produces little to no noise. This is outlined here (they run over a bed of dry leaves without noise):

And lets not forget the Vampiric Dagger. It will cause indescribable anguish to his opponents, and simultaneously heal the wounds he has received.

Thanks for reading,


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@floopay: said it best -there hasn't been much to debate.

I think it's fairly obvious floopay takes this; juiceboks didn't really put up a fight and while his points few that they were were convincing floopay just countered them so damn much...

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@floopay: said it best -there hasn't been much to debate.

I think it's fairly obvious floopay takes this; juiceboks didn't really put up a fight and while his points few that they were were convincing floopay just countered them so damn much...

Have to say I do agree with TDLP. Floopay put in a ton of effort into stating why his team would win and made good note of their capabilities. He just did more to secure the win.

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@thedarklordpandamonium said:

@floopay: said it best -there hasn't been much to debate.

I think it's fairly obvious floopay takes this; juiceboks didn't really put up a fight and while his points few that they were were convincing floopay just countered them so damn much...

Have to say I do agree with TDLP. Floopay put in a ton of effort into stating why his team would win and made good note of their capabilities. He just did more to secure the win.

I think it's the general consensus that @floopay but it was a good debate on both sides

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@floopay: You win floop! Pick two items of gear from your opponents team.

@juiceboks: Thanks for taking part.

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@floopay: You win floop! Pick two items of gear from your opponents team.

@juiceboks: Thanks for taking part.

Who is Crow, and what sort of equipment does he have? Just asking before I make any picks.

Thanks for reading,