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Bugs wakes one day to find his stash of carrots frightfully low. He sets out to find more when he comes across a hulking thing wearing this amazing, gleaming gauntlet. Bugs asks, "Eh.... what's up doc, seen any carrots around here?", Thanos responds by showing Bugs an endless supply, then laughs in his face and tells Bugs that all the carrots are now his and Bugs can't have any. This makes Bugs very angry, he resolves to teach the Mad Titan some manners. Above all, he wants those carrots. FIGHTS ON!!! The MAD TITAN w/ IG Vs. The Undefeated Ultimate Troll of a Toon, Bugs Bunny. Who wins?

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Superman with sun dip

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Bugs Bunny's been banned from the Battle Forum, he's way too powerful.

Also, Bugs rewrites the scenario so that Thanos is a duck.

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Batman with prep should have the edge

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Thanos goes NBA player on Bugs's ass.


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Bugs snaps his fingers and turns Thanos into a potato chip.