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The following characters are transported to the Song of Ice and Fire Universe by a reality warper. they must contend with each other as well as existing players e.g. Tyrion, Varys, Little-finger, Olena Tyrell etc. The character's are placed in mediocre families but not astoundingly low. Houses such as Florent, Tarly etc. Morals on.

EDIT: All have a strong desire to ascertain the throne itself.

NBC's Dr Hannibal Lecter

Dr Gregory House


Walter White


DCI John Luther

A prince from the Summer Isles, he is well liked and respected as a warrior and politician, and loved by the smallolk with an army of fifteen thousand men. [Just to give him an edge due to the racial barrier]



Moriarty is born into one of the main houses and is a maid [To give her an advantage due the paternally dominated society]

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First Place: Hannibal

Easily more manipulative than any of the current manipulators in the series, would gain a position of confidence and play puppet strings.

Second Place: Walter White

Would probably create the greatest military force in the world due to his chemistry knowledge

Third Place: Dr. House

Would become a highly sought-after healher

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I know very few of them. But i bet that all of themwould become god-like on Game of Thrones reality. They have knowlodge beyond people on Ice and Fire imagination.

Walter would probably become a Master of War by selling godly like bombs and equipiment.

House would probably just lie around curingwaves of people.

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@frocharocha: But:

Not from major Houses

No knowledge of culture, history, people etc.

No Knowledge of Magic.

No major resources, only raw materials to which they have limited access.

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Hannibal should come out on top

then maybe Walter if he plays his cards right

House would no doubt become a battlefield doctor or just a doctor in general.

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Where is Dexter?

Walter comes out on top depending on his resources. He could create his bombs & poison not to mention how far he could go if he learned how to make meth. He would gain an army with it!

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@rogueshadow: do they have their knowledge from the modern world?

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@pr0metheus: Dexter isn't as smart as these guys in my opinion, he's pretty stupid, especially with the traces he leaves on technology. I put Luther and Moriarty in because I felt racist/sexist. But Luther is actually pretty cunning

Choosing Mary not Alice because he knew she would try and save Alice, thereby saving them both. Alice would have just let Mary die. That's pretty smart.

@betatesthighlander1: Yes/No, for smaller things like poisons but nothing that would drastically blow their cover e.g. guns, chemical warfare, bombs etc.

Also, don't forget they have no magic [Varys, Daenerys,] or knowledge of the politics/customs/history of the world.

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@betatesthighlander1: Well... yeah, lol.

But they still have their immense strategic intellect, they're still in somewhat major houses. I think thy can handle this sh*t.