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Marvel Team.

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Deadpool is a huge advantage towards team Marvel. Without a healing factor, he has gone toe to toe with Juggernaut, the Hulk, and Sasquatch. He's also fought the likes of Taskmaster (without a healing factor), T-ray, and a dozen or more others without his healing factor. In this fight he really is one of the top competitors. He has a massive versatility advantage with his superior arsenal, he has comparable strength, he very well may be the smartest individual here (sounds ridiculous, but Deadpool has been claimed to be a genius more than a few times), and he loves working with a team.

Then we have Daredevil, whom I'm honestly not the biggest fan of (as in, I haven't read many of his appearances, mostly just his crossovers), but @vance_astro has convinced me he's a very formidable/top tier fighter. Add to this Moon Knight, who has built a pretty solid reputation, and Elektra, and I think we have a winning team.

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Daredevil & Deadpool secure the win for Marvel IMO. Deadpool is too hard to beat and he has ridiculous stamina and healing factor. He could take tons of damage and still be pretty much at 100% when he takes on the next guy. Having Daredevil on your team makes stealth a non-factor.