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It is in the desert Sasuke hears that this guy is a powerful dude and wants to challenge him. All Ichigo and Sasuke moves and forms.

Who wins?

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Yeah Ichigo stomps the majority

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Ichigo rather easily.

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sasuke wins

just cause a character is faster and stronger does not mean they auto win

sasuke has way better techniques then ichigo

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Though, sasuke has better techniques, Ichigo has his last form which is very powerful and Badass.

even without it he could still kick sasuke's ass.

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i say Amaterasu shield and genjutsu gives ichigo hell

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Ichigo lolstomps Sasuke. Especially if he ends up mastering or being able to use some of the newer quincy techniques that seem to be coming up.

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Ichigo wins he's faster, stronger and he has better durability and better endurance while Sasuke only has better techniques.

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Sasuke have lots of defensive technique, but he lack overall stat, Ichigo stomp the majority of the time, although sasuke does have somewhat a decent chance

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Getsuga Tenshou and Sasuke is gone.