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i am using the iceman from age of apocalypse In the Age of Apocalypse, it was not Xavier but Magneto who founded and trained the X-Men, Bobby being among the first mutants he located. Magneto pushed the boy much harder than Xavier would have, making the youngster drop his humorous attitude and tap into his full potential. Iceman could alter his shape while in his frozen form, and merge with any body of water, moisture or ice, and re-emerge from it at some other points even miles away, within the matter of seconds. When Bobby’s ice-form was damaged or shattered, he could easily pull himself back together. On top of that, he was able to take people along by a process referred to as "moisture molecular inversion", but it was rather unpleasant for the passenger. However, as he seemed to become less human and more and more unstable, his teammates somewhat retreated from Bobby.His large and ridged form provided super strength.

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vulcan could very easily defeat him

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I think Vulcan should win here...
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Iceman in this form would actually beat Vulcan.  Vulcan is immensely powerful - but Bobby at his full potential would stomp Vulcan.

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I still don't quite understand how Vulcan's powers can be useful here. Iceman expends very little energy when in battle and Vulcan is simply a very powerful energy manipulator. Therefore, Iceman freezes his water molecules. 

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Iceman is the antithesis of Vulcan. Iceman's powers allow him to slow energy or stop it. Everything that Vulcan threw at him would be slowed or stopped. Iceman once froze an energy beam as it came out of the Stranger's eyes.

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@DedmanWalkin: Iceman can freeze any kind of energy, but can he freeze psionic, demonic or magical energy?
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We would need more information but seemingly he could do it.

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@DedmanWalkin: I agree. I suspect that Iceman could freeze psionic energy because of his immunity to TP, but probably couldn't freeze demonic or magical energy since the latter two types of energies are not really particles that are in motion. 
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Iceman takes this if we're talking morals off.