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Ian Nottingham (as the Witchblade):


Midnighter and Zealot (WS versions):


  • Ian is Witchblade version
  • Midnighter is allowed doors but only for teleporting himself and Zealot. No BFR.
  • No pocket nukes
  • Standard Gear
  • No Prep
  • Random Encounter
  • Win by KO, Death or Incap


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@strider92: You might want to take away pocket nukes from Midnighter as well.

Does Ian Nottingham get Excalibur?

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@laflux: Fair point and Ian has the Witchblade.

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@laflux: Fair point and Ian has the Witchblade (activated Excalibur).

lol I didn't read the title.

Well then, I feel that even without activating Excalibur, I'd say that he could possibly take on Zealot and beat her (Maybe), but would lose to Middy (this is one on one).

However Excalibur gives him abilities which I think would overwhelm Zealot more easily, and fighting with a Bo staff is going to put Midnighter at a disadvantage- though he was able to work around this when he fought Zealot, and here he would also have her to help him in such regards.......

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Wasn't Ian extremely fast and strong prior to wielding the WB? With a weapon that automatically protects you from harm as well as energy projection and a healing factor I see Ian wining this. He could probably beat Zealot without the WB and he would also give Middy a tussle without it. With it he would most likely win this.

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I would edge it to the team, mainly because of Midnighter.

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