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Battle here.

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What universe Zarda/Hyperion?

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Feats for Zarda.

Easy beats Iron Man who has some insane feats.

Gave a Blood Lusted Thor a good fight.

She is pretty tough cat. She was beaten twice by Ultimate Thor. However she throttled a half power Hyperion. Her best showings was easy disposing the Wrecking Crew.

Her best showing was easy beating Ultimate Hulk.

How tough is Ultimate Hulk?


Powerful Magical Blast. You can see the damage. Means nothing to Hulk at the heart of it, that caused it!

Here Hulk in transformation survives a Mega Ton Nuke!

Here Hulk PUNCHES a Nuke Missile, not only survives it, but jumps away before SHIELD can get Cameras on it.

That is Ultimate Hulk durability. Yet....

Zarda beats him.

Zarda has the skill and powers to win. Especially if she has her Super Human cutting Axe and Shield!

In fact her stated powers states she can shrug of Nuke blast. She has strength to Ultimate Thing who is 10 times stronger than 616 Thing. Also states she can restore her health as well through Flash Vision.

3 Examples of Flash Vision restoring Zarda health.

Flash Vision Burning Hyperion himself by Red Stone.

It also puts out massive Radiation, as shown here when Hyperion Flash Vision kills all the sea life in a short space of time.

Flash Vision has been shown to harm Hyperion himself, it can harm very durable beings.

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Hyperion & Zarda.

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What universe Zarda/Hyperion?

Supreme Power is the only Universe Zarda is from.

Also feats Above for her.

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So, clear winners are they?

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Team 1 wins in my opinion.

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Ah, so we got another thread with Hyperion and The Flat Booty Chick ? Well they should be able to beat Aquaman and Mera...

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Team 1

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Team 1