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Huh? Hush would get stomped out with the quickness

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No powers. Just Guns

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Fantomex also has better guns...

And his reflexes have been enhanced.  How are we supposed to know how quick he is to draw if you get rid of his mutant powers?

Just because two people look similar or have a similar name doesn't mean that if you put the word "Vs" in between them that it will make for a good battle.

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can you see the misdirection  ? lol

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Hush gets completely and utterly curbstomped until he pisses him self.

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Fantomex will handle Hush with little problem here
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LMFAO @ Hush's slim chance.

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TheDrifter said:
"No powers. Just Guns"
Ridiculous.  Fantomex is an artificially evolved mutant with integrated techno-organic components.  You cannot simply separate him from his powers and abilities.  His unique biology alone contributes directly to his powers and abilities.  Remove his technological nervous system, mutant abilities, highly evolved biology, etc and you no longer have Fantomex, you have a completely different character.
Having said that the winner is Fantomex.