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Details: A tournament being held by

District 2: and

Spiderman:Webshooters (No spidersense)

Wolverine: Bone claws


District 3: and

Bucky:Captain America Shield, Modified Shield Pistol,l Mechanical arm, Assault Rifle with scope, Utility Belt (C4, Sleeping Gas, Binoculars)

Deadpool: Sniper Rifle, Dual Uzis, Katanas, Grenades, teleporter

Now that we know our participants lets go over the rules:

-Characters have no morals but still retain personality traits

-You may not raid comrades or fallen opponents for their gear unless other wise stated

-Do not add anything to anyone elses debate i know its tempting but dont do it

-Fights will go on as long as they have to (Always loved saying that).Anyway the fight goes until one side quits or they both agree to go to voting

-Votes do not count until i say that the battle is up for voting and do not count after i say voting is finished

-You will make your own thread to debate

-If there is anything i missed here i reserve the right to add something

-The setting will be in an old growth forest similar to what would be found in the pacific northwest (USA) and will look something like this

The forest will be closed off and will have a 5 mile diameter.

Finally this is the Hunger Games and i hope you didnt expect to be able to come into this with all those goodies and toys at your disposal. As a special treat for our viewers you will be going into this armed with only a short sword a shield and a bow with 15 flint tipped arrows.

Your gear will be given to your opponents who will not be allowed to use any of it. After you win your battle you may claim your gear and weapons and use it for the remaining rounds

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@SlimJ87D hold up. At first youre giving Bucky and dead pool all sorts of weapons at the start, which makes no sense, and then you say since it's the hunger games they start with nothing. Which is it?

#3 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

@grevous11 said:

@SlimJ87D hold up. At first youre giving Bucky and dead pool all sorts of weapons at the start, which makes no sense, and then you say since it's the hunger games they start with nothing. Which is it?

They don't get anything. Sherlock stripped us of our gear for round 1.

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I will begin this debate.

Bucky Against Wolverine:

The Scans:

Bucky takes out a group of Ninjas and Wolverine (Without Adamantium).






Bucky with prep outsmarts Wolverine (with Adamantium) and nearly beats him to death if it wasn’t for the Adamantium and healing factor. Good thing he had backup.













What the scans show:

The first set of scans show clearly that Wolverine with bone claws is not durable enough to survive a strike from Bucky's mechanical arm without getting KO. The second set of scans show Bucky's ability to prepare and adapt to his surroundings. Here he renders Wolverines senses such as smell completely useless. Wolverine was not capable of smelling or sensing where Bucky was and because of that Wolverine paid the price. He was subdued and struck in the head multiple times with Bucky's mechanical arm.

The Argument:

1. Bucky already has what it takes to KO Wolverine with bone claws: The first set of scans not only show, but prove that Bucky's Mechanical arm is capable of striking Wolverine with enough force to knock him out. In this fight, Wolverine does not have his adamantium and therefore can be one shotted by Bucky at any time in a fight just like those scans show.

2. Bucky is a brilliant tactician and with no morals, he reverts back to his Winter Soldier persona allowing him to use more lethal martial arts. His fight rating as the Winter Soldier is at a 7, so it is arguable as to who is more skilled in fighting as Bucky was trained in all modern day martial arts as well. This notion, I argue that Wolverine does not outclass Bucky with Winter Soldier skills and they are about equal and even.

3. Bucky in this round is equipped with a shield and Mechanical Arm. The arm is capable of the following:

Mechanical arm:

Capable of punching through metal, the narrator says the whole robot is made of metal:


Bucky slices AK-47 in half with arm throwing the shield:


Not impressive enough? Lets Bucky cut through Robots Leg using shield, not at the joint area either:


Rips through metal easily:


Arm can be detached and controlled. Has smart enough AI to navigate through SHIELD headquarters and free Bucky



Capable of releasing electrical shocks that KOs someone with SHIELD armor that was meant to take on super heroes during Civil war.


Rips through bottom of SHIELD car.


Arm allows Bucky to deflect bullet like projectiles:


Allows Bucky to catch arrows:


Because the arm is capable of punching through metal walls and allows Bucky to have reflexes fast enough to catch arrows and deflect bullet like projectiles, Wolverine is in trouble. But that's even if Wolverine is capable of seeing Bucky which takes me to my next point.

4. Bucky is a capable fighter and survivor. He was trained by the British SAS and other special forces units along with the KGB. These units are masters of wilderness survival. Because of this training, Bucky outsmarted Wolverine in the second set of scans. Bucky is aware and knows about Wolverines senses. He was capable of tricking Wolverine into an area and take out his senses. With Deadpool's help, Wolverine can end up getting ambushed and one shotted by Bucky due to points 1-3 above.


Wolverine does not have an answer to Bucky's shield abilities and mechanical arm. Wolverine relies on getting up close and personal while soaking up damage. Here, Wolverine cannot soak up as much damage due to his bones lacking adamantium. Although Wolverine is very skilled, he is not skilled enough to get in close with Bucky without taking serious damage due to his superhuman mechanical arm. Bucky is also capable of delivering electrical strikes that are strong enough to subdue shield agents with high tech gear meant to fight super heroes. All of Wolverine's claw strikes will be blocked by Bucky using a shield and at the right time, Bucky will throw his shield with enough force that can slice a robots leg or an assault rifle in half. This will severely injure Wolverine allowing Bucky to strike Wolverine with his Mechanical Arm over and over again possibly killing him or putting him out for good.


I've already showed clear scans of Wolverine not having the durability to survive Bucky's mechanical arm strikes. I already showed Bucky being smart enough to prep for Wolverine and get the advantage. I've showed enough evidence that Wolverine does not have an answer to Bucky's mechanical arm. In this round, Bucky outsmarts and KO or Kills Wolverine with his Mechanical Arm.


Bucky against Spider-man

The Scans:

First I would like to prove that Bucky is as skilled as Steve at throwing the shield





Times shield throw perfectly so Senator’s face does not get shot.




Throws Shield to save Natasha and de-kneecaps AIM guys with gun:



Next I would like to show scans of Captain America Steve facing off against Spider-man





There second fight






Lastly, I wanted to show a scan of Batroc tagging Spider-man


And scans of Bucky keeping up with Batroc and defeating him











What the scans show

1. The first set of scans show that Bucky is not only as skilled as Steve at shield tossing but on par with him.

2. The second set of scans show a fight between Spider-man and Steve.

3. The next scan shows Batroc the leaper being capable of surprising Spider-man and tagging him even with his spider-sense.

The argument

1. The first set of scans prove that Spider-man is just as skilled as Steve at shield tossing. In this fight, Bucky did get to start off with a sword, sword and bow and arrow.

2. The next set of scans show that Spider-man has a tough time fighting a person with a shield. He can hardly get around the person, that person being Steve. Here he receives a very painful blow from Steve because he can't see the punch coming from behind the shield:


and here


Spider-man even with his spider-sense could not keep up with the multitasking with the shield ricochetingaround and Steve punching him.

3. Lastly, I will admit that there are no fights or scans out there that directly show Spider-man and Bucky fighting against each other. Therefore, I can only show villains that they have gone up against. Here is Batroc being able to tag Spider-man. Then Bucky keeping up with Batroc and defeating him using agility and skill.


Although Spider-man might outclass Bucky in speed, strength (excluding their left arms) and agility, Bucky far outclasses Spider-man in fighting skills (Spider-man rated at a 4 vs Bucky with nor morals as the Winter Soldier rated at a 7). Spider-man lacks a spider-sense here and he doesn't have his web shooters. He is not skilled or has not shown skill with a sword, shield or bow so they are useless to him. Even with his spider-sense, I have shown that Spider-man has trouble with tagging someone skilled with a shield here


and here


In these scans we have Captain America patiently waiting for the right time to strike Spider-man and in the next scans Captain America ricochets his shield around giving Spider-man trouble and tags him. For the case with the hunger games, Spider-man does not have his spider-sense nor does he have his web shooters to stop the shield. He is in major trouble here because if Bucky was the one that performed those strikes with his mechanical arm, it would damage or severely harm Spider-man putting him down for the count. On top of that, Bucky is skilled with sharp objects and instead of punching Spider-man, he could use the long reach of the sword to stab him instead of using his mechanical arm. We all know Spider-man can be stabbed (http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/2/29885/970697-mksm1323jf0_super.jpg). Spider-man does not have the skill to avoid the shield and a strike from Bucky, specially without his spider-sense and webshooters to stop the shield and knowing where danger is coming from.

Final Verdict

I have already proven that in the case of the Hunger Games, Bucky takes Wolverine out. There is no speculation, ifs or buts. The scans clearly show that Bucky has the equipment in this round to one shot Wolverine and the skills to dull his senses and sneak up on him. Wolverine is out for the count, there is no question and let me declare it true. Finally, we have Spider-man who has trouble fighting shield wielding individuals. Without his spider-sense to help him predict the trajectory of the shield, he will be tagged with a shield that can slice an AK-47 in half or slice off a robots leg along with being impaled and stabbed by Bucky and/ or Deadpool.

No matter which order of who faces who, Bucky will be the clear winner in either one of his encounters. With Deadpool's help and mastery of the sword, it only seals the deal even further.

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Opening Arguement:

Deadpool's fighting abilities:

Beating on Taskmaster:






Keeping up with Iron Fist here (until getting KO'ed by interference):

and in mid fight with semi serious Spider-man, he shows acrobatic skill and jump kicks Spider-man. this is while spidey has spider sense and Webs. and deadpool is without using weapons.

In this tournament SPider-man is without spider sense, and in the round also without web shooters, handicapping him severly.

While Deadpool gets a sword which he is very familiar with and uses expertly, as shown in the scans above fighting Ironfist and Taskmaster.

when Spider-man lost his spider sense he had to design a bullet proof suit meanwhile. he was even hit in the head with a peice of metal thrown by Alistair Smythe.

and even with Spider strength, it's going to be tough to put down Deadpool.

#7 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks!, but i gotta do that in bit. Not home currently. I posted that, and logged out. My phone doesn't let me do anything except this text

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@grevous11: If you win your fight you claim your gear.Puts you in a much better position actually since neither of your team has very much
#9 Posted by grevous11 (360 posts) - - Show Bio

@Sherlock that's why I picked wolverine, because he has built in weapons. Although throw in adamantium and he will have a huge advantage.

#10 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

@grevous11 said:

@Sherlock that's why I picked wolverine, because he has built in weapons. Although throw in adamantium and he will have a huge advantage.

Lol, Sherlock told you you couldn't have the adamantium before we started and you still had a chance to choose another character like Batman or somebody. Having the adamantium puts him above tombstones durability.

Plus, I don't have any of my gear here. You and your team mate get everything you guys were suppose to start with, your built in weapons. I spent hours researching Bucky and making a respect thread for him to prepare for this tournament. Everything I wrote was from sweat and tears.

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@SlimJ87D: is there a time limit as to how much time our opponents get?

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I'm going to be pretty busy this week at work, specially during the hours of 6AM to 5PM PST. Just giving everyone a heads up, that's why I did most of my research and arguments on teh weekend.

@nickthedevil: I'm not sure, we need to ask Sherlock @Sherlock: since he is running this tournament.

#13 Posted by Sherlock (7185 posts) - - Show Bio
@nickthedevil: Im not sure what you mean.Time limit please elaborate
#14 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

@Sherlock said:

@nickthedevil: Im not sure what you mean.Time limit please elaborate

like, is there an amount of time given before it's considered a No-show?

#15 Posted by Sherlock (7185 posts) - - Show Bio
@nickthedevil said:

@Sherlock said:

@nickthedevil: Im not sure what you mean.Time limit please elaborate

like, is there an amount of time given before it's considered a No-show?

No i dont have a set time for that and Prime hasnt been on for a few days.You still have Grevous to make an argument for his team though
#16 Posted by Sherlock (7185 posts) - - Show Bio
Its looking like Prime and Grevous arent going to show.Since you guys worked so hard on this i would feel bad if you didnt get to debate properly so im taking the other side over.Now let me go through slims entire freaking respect thread =(
#17 Posted by m0ntyb0y (1349 posts) - - Show Bio

Great thread! This is what a proper vs. thread should be

#18 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio



i'm pretty sure they didn't show because they got dominated. Anyways, there are a few more no shows, so I don't see how this is going to work out. Either way, I think my post for Bucky was very thorough. I'm pretty busy with work this week so I sticking with my post for the votes. Nick probably has a lot more to add, but with the no shows, I think we should just get the win for dominating this debate.

#19 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

Yea, i didnt add anything else until they showed.

#20 Posted by Chaos Prime (10857 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry guys been busy with things in general..

If its ok will put up my argument for Spidey & Logan some time tomorrow night?

If not thats fine with me & the wins goes to Nick & Slim..

#21 Posted by Sherlock (7185 posts) - - Show Bio
@Chaos Prime: If you dont have time then its not a big deal.Hope everything goes well for you.
@SlimJ87D: I have a few argument i could make here actually.Its by no means an easy win for your team
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@Chaos Prime said:

Sorry guys been busy with things in general..

If its ok will put up my argument for Spidey & Logan some time tomorrow night?

If not thats fine with me & the wins goes to Nick & Slim..

Hey man, handle your stuff. We'll still be around. Write up what you can and we can take it to a vote or do a few rebuttals. Good luck with what you're busy with.

@Sherlock: I was just boasting to try and get our debate started. I'm a real polite person when it comes to debating :)

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Are you guys still in this tournament?

#24 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

We win.

#25 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

@nickthedevil: Well this weekend I'll be in Las Vegas. So I don't know when Round 2 will start but I'll be around.

#26 Edited by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

@SlimJ87D: Will you really? I've lived there since i was 10

#27 Posted by MisterWhisper (2210 posts) - - Show Bio

@SlimJ87D: @nickthedevil: Went to Vegas on my honeymoon and to see UFC 79 (my wedding present), other than the UFC event, did not get to see much.

#28 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

@MisterWhisper said:

@SlimJ87D: @nickthedevil: Went to Vegas on my honeymoon and to see UFC 79 (my wedding present), other than the UFC event, did not get to see much.

I love it there... sadly, i moved out to North Carolina a year and a half ago.

#29 Edited by MisterWhisper (2210 posts) - - Show Bio

@nickthedevil: Born and raised in Mississippi.. I am not racist, religious, or short tempered and I hate Nascar and country music... life has not been fun.

#30 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio



Of all the times I have gone to Vegas, about 10 times now, I always feel like I can never do it right. Not like how they make it out in the movies lol.

#31 Posted by MisterWhisper (2210 posts) - - Show Bio

I was there from Dec 26th to Jan 4th in late 2007-2008. It was not nearly as crowded as I though it would be.

P.S. I went there for my honeymoon and a UFC tournament, bumped into Chuck freakin Liddell in the airport.. played it cool, just walked by and nodded and said "Sup champ." Chuck pointed at me and said "hey bro." Honeymoon in Vegas with hot wife... still not as cool as the Ice Man calling me Bro.

#32 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

@MisterWhisper: Lol, nice. That's around the time of his peak too.

Man, around those dates it's crowded if you drive back. Specially the day of and after new years. I think in 2009 or 2010 my family was driving back and it took us about 12 to 14 hours to get back home... We made the stupid mistake of "Oh lets stop by the outlet and maybe traffic will die down."

Well from the exit to the parking spot took 2 hours, that's how bad it was. And to get out of the damn mall and to the freeway entrance it took another 2 hours... Worse Vegas trip I ever had.

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I totally forgot about this. Yeah idk bout prime but I still wanna continue.

#34 Posted by Sherlock (7185 posts) - - Show Bio
@grevous11: If you still want to continue then you had est get something up or ill have to call the fight
#35 Posted by grevous11 (360 posts) - - Show Bio

Let's be honest here: Bucky and deadpool have no chance of touching spidey here. Bucky falls so fast to being webbed by spidey and slashed by wolverine (an expert marial artist). Deadpool is more of a challenge, against wolverine and spidey, he's doesn't have a chance.

#36 Edited by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

@grevous11: Spider-man doesn't have any web shooters in this fight. Wolverines claws are made of bone here, Bucky's arm is harder than steel and most other metals.

#37 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

And spidey has no spider sense... If thats your debate, you already lost man.

#38 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

Also, I listed the people that have trained Bucky, besides the US special forces, the SAS and Russian special forces trained him. Their training regiment revolves around wilderness survival. Most of the survival handbooks are written by former SAS members showing that they have some of the best techniques in wilderness survival even cross training the US special forces now a days in it.

This battleground is the wilderness. This kind of training is what allowed Bucky to trick Wovlerine before and it will allow him to trick him again. Bucky is use to fighting against super powered foes, the first thing he will do is create a convincing camouflage and mask his sent and will wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Spider-man has NO wilderness training whatsoever. He is use to fighting common thugs. Look at what Kraven the hunter has done to him. He buried him ALIVE! And look at my scans of Bucky KOing Wolverine again. That's what's going to happen to Wolverine again. He is going to get stabbed and knocked out and not know what hit him by Bucky. Taht just leaves Spider-man without spider sense and without webshooters against Deadpool who has the durability and skills to go toe to toe with him. With Bucky's shield abilities, Spider-man will either be tagged or trying to dodge the shield while Deadpool or Bucky will both land deathly blows on him.

Spider-man can't avoid a ricocheting shield and two guys adept with blades without his Spider-sense and webshooters.

Wolverine is out for the count, my scans speak for themselves. Regardless of what Wolverine has done in the past, my evidence shows Bucky overcoming all that skill with his abilities and cunning nature.

#39 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

and my scan shows Deadpool can keep up with spidey while he has spider sense and webbing... and deadpool didn't use weapons

#40 Posted by MisterWhisper (2210 posts) - - Show Bio

I so wish I could jump in this argument but I will let it slide. Both of you are missing a very strategy point. I will save it for after voting and such though.

#41 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

@MisterWhisper: I've intentionally left out half of my argument. Why would I not save anything for a rebuttal? In addition, NickTheDevil didn't even post up his main argument as we are saving his massive chunk for a rebuttal as well. But please do save your words.

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When voting takes places, is it based on who we feel won the debate or which characters we actually think win?

#43 Edited by MisterWhisper (2210 posts) - - Show Bio

@BringnIt: The debate.

#44 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

@MisterWhisper said:

@BringnIt: The debate.

Yeah, but that's not going to stop people from voting for the characters. In future tournaments we should have dedicated judges.

#45 Posted by MisterWhisper (2210 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, I brought that up when we started these things. Like I said the last tournament I was in I got to the finals with Cyclops, my opponent was Batman. I posted a 3 page long argument on why Cyclops should win. My opponent simply posted and I quote "He is the GD Batman". He won.

I have absolutely zero faith in people being objective on a comic site. I think I know only 3 people who look at things completely objectively without letting popularity affect an opinion, and that is if I count myself.

#46 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

Bro, i never bring out the big guns first. I save them for rebuttals, and the next round. You gotta have somethings on the down low.

#47 Posted by SlimJ87D (10800 posts) - - Show Bio

@MisterWhisper: Oh gawd, ARE YOU SERIOUS! That sucks dude. Seriously, the voter's vote should only count if they can comment on why they think the USER should win and how they were convinced.

"Batman" should count as a vote.

#48 Posted by nickthedevil (13975 posts) - - Show Bio

Actually, in my first tourney my team really should have lost. I was going up against the secret six, and there was no way my team would have won. But my strategy was better and i won. Have faith in this comic site bro.

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@nickthedevil said:

Actually, in my first tourney my team really should have lost. I was going up against the secret six, and there was no way my team would have won. But my strategy was better and i won. Have faith in this comic site bro.

I'm just scared of people under 500 post lol. But at least we're teamed up and we can hold our partners hand when we're scared. Until the predictable hunger games ending where Sherlock makes the winning team debate against each other... HOLD ME BRO!

#50 Posted by MisterWhisper (2210 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah me and my partner have been talking about that for a week now.

Brings up a good point though, what if we decide that only one person makes it out of the round and not both.