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The setting is going to be the same setting from the movie The Hunger Games. There will be foods and weapons around the area.

Round 1- Daytime ( In character)

Round 2- Daytime (Blood Lust)

Round 3- Night Time ( In character)

Round 4- Night Time ( Blood Lust)

Everyone has standard gear.

Black Panther



Spider Man









Captain America

Batgirl ( Cassandra Cain)


Iron Fist

Moon Knight


Who wins and why? Last man standing. People lose by KO or Death.

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i say spider man his strength and agility plus the way of the spider could pull a win out for him imo. but taskmaster and iron fist would be trouble

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What Weapons?

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@Xanni15 said:


Yes morals and no morals. Daytime and Night time have morals and no morals

@hyiena said:

What Weapons?

The equipment they usually carry. Standard Gear.

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Man this is a tough one, there could be so many interesting matchups. Spider-man is kinda the perfect package in speed/strength/smarts imo and that makes him a tough opponent for anyone here. But, then again you have three mega healers in Wolverine, Sabes, and Deadpool who will all be tough to put down in their own right. The Prep Masters (the hunger games contestants got to at least prep strategy) in this fight automatically make any of them a factor as well With great minds like Batman, Captain America, Black Panther, Deathstroke,and Bane in the mix nothing will be easy. You have the amazing martial artists such as iron fist, Cass/Cain, Taskmaster, Daredevil,and Mooknight. Nightcrawler, Mistique, Kraven, and Punisher are all wild cards as well.

Here's my humble opinion the regular humans except for Bats die first. Punisher has skills but with standard equipment he gets gutted by someone like Sabes, Cass/Cain is very dangerous but doesn't have the durability to content with the metahumans for long. Mistique will die quickly because its hard to deceive someone because everyone is out to kill everybody and she's not particularly durable, the next people to go imo would be DD, Moonknight, and Bane even on venom would most likely die next at the hands of Kraven or Wolverine. Cap has the strategy and defense to stay alive for a while but I see nightcrawler major trouble.

This is where the lines get fussy I dont see Deathstroke, Bats, or Panther being able (with standard gear) to do much to the healers although I think Kraven would fall to Panther because of the vibranium armour and this is both or their MO's really. any of DS, Bats, or panther will have trouble laying a hand on nightcrawler or spidey, killing the healers or hanging with Iron fist's chi, Taskmaster is a master of improvisation which is why hes still alive.

So our final field comes down to these Spidey, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Sabertooth, Deadpool, Iron Fist, and Taskmaster

Iron Fist is eventually killed by sabertooth, Tasky and deadpool got at it furiously tasky stabs deadpool in the chest and the deadpool shoots him in the face while hes over extended, Nightcrawler gets killed by spidey because of his spidersense, Spidey eventually falls to either wolvie or sabes (who allready cut deadpool to little pieces) becuase he cant put them down for good

Whew what a mouthful lol

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Current versions?

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Everyone at their best.

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I give Spider-Man the edge. Spider-Sense would be really helpful in this event. But Wolverine's healing factor would probably let him win in the end.

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Spider Man