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Who would win in this brawl?

This is the classic verisions of them.

No BFR, even though all these two are going to do is to punch each other with haymakers and two-handed hammerfists.

Let's quickly look at some of their powers.


Hulk possesses virtually unlimited physical strength. In "calm" state he's strong enough to lift/press above 100 tons, and his strength increases the angrier he gets. Thanks to his great strength and musculature, he also possesses superhuman speed, stamina (Hulks body counteracts fatigue poisons that build up in his muscles during physical activity. In an enraged state, the Hulk is capable of exerting himself at peak physical capacity for several days before fatigue begins to affect him) and durability (resistant to high-caliber bullets, powerful energy blasts, pressures extremes, falls from orbital heights, maximized heat without blistering, maximized cold without freezing and great impacts) and these powers also increases by his rage. He also has an accelerated healing factor.


Ulik possesses enormous strength, far superior to any other known member of his race. Whereas the average male rock troll can lift/press 25 tons, Ulik possesses strength of a thousand trolls, meaning he can lift/press 25 000 tons. He is so strong a near miss from a punch is enough to numb the leg of Thor. The madder a troll gets, also the more powerful his body becomes. His great strength and advanced musculature also gives him superhuman speed, stamina (Ulik can physically exert himself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his bloodstream begins to impair him) and durability (Ulik can withstand powerful impact forces, high caliber bullets, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, falls from great heights, and powerful energy blasts without being injured). Ulik also has two weapons called pounders which he wears around his fists. While not skilled in their use, they allow Ulik to punch harder than his strength would normally allow and with them he has the power to level a planet. Ulik can also use the Pounders on the ground to set off earthquakes affecting everyone around him.

So obviously Ulik starts off far stronger than Hulk, but I doubt he's still strong enough to punch through Hulks body with only one hit. It would hurt Hulk a lot though, but that would just make him angry, so eventually Hulk can probably match Uliks brute strength. But, Ulik also grows stronger the madder he gets, so I dont know.

Anyway, who do you think would win?

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No... Hulk at base depends on the situation. He is not limited to 100 tons at base because his feats prove us otherwise.

Anyway, can you post feats of Ulik?

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Hulk should win. Ulik is as strong as Thor, but unlike Thor that's all he has. Which means it'll be a brawl. Which should conclude with Hulk eventually tearing Ulik's limbs off.

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Troll fat=5 coins.

Hulk at "Base" has shown sufficent enough strength to stop a train dead in its track without making it derail. Hulk at "Base" depends on the writer and the reason banner teansformed.. Anyways.. Hulk wins !

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Hulk would win. Off topic, but is Ulik really the strongest troll? The Mighty Thorcules arc made me question that.

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25 tons although im sure he can lift more than that, is not close to enough to take on hulk. Ulik is not as strong as Thor he would get crushed by hulk

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hulk. he gets madder and madder

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@moonman78: reread the post. 25 is the average troll. Ulik is a thousand times stronger.

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@ghostravage: Where dif you get that from? It stays clearly in the post that Hulks strength is virtually unlimited and increases by his anger.

Anyway, here are some feats of Ulik when he's bashing up Thor.

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@moonman78: No, it stays that the average rock troll can lift/press 25 tons and Ulik is 1000 times stronger, meaning that he can lift 25 000 tons.

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Hulk stomps.

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Hulk eventually wins as Ulik only has strength to go on and w all know Hulk is the strongest there is!

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@bruticus112: You said it yourself.

In "calm" state he's strong enough to lift/press above 100 tons

"calm state" somehow means base strength. Which claiming he only can lift above 100 tons at base is a fallacy. He can lift above WAY more than 100 tons... the whole 100 toner classification is broken. And shouldn't be considered to describe characters. Iron Man is a 100+ toner, yet he can't lift 1/100 of what Hulk has lift in "calm" state...

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@bruticus112: Nah, you're good. Even Marvel has messed up things with their strength classification and its better to not use it to describe the potential of characters. 100+ has a wide range of people that at base can lift 50,000 tons to people that can lift 300... And they are all inside that classification... See my point?

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@ghostravage: Yeah, thanks for the hint. I'll remember it in the future.

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Does Ulik have his Uru knuckledusters? They might give him a chance of an early knockout before Hulk levels up.

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Well since this is gonna be a straight up brawl, Ulik can take it if it's a quick fight. If it goes on longer then hulk wins.

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@ghostravage: to be fair, it does say "above" 100 tons. It doesn't say barely, or a little over. It leaves it ambiguous.

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Hulk wins but ulik is no slouch he will give him one helleva fight

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Hulk smashes

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Hulk. Fight won't be swift, but winner is obvoius. Hulk has better strength and durability feats. Ulik lost to Thor every single battle IIRC.