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Rules: 5 days prep


-middle of nowhere on an island

-big mountain 3 miles away to the north

-volcano 1/2 a mile to the west


- do anything you can to win

-fight to the death

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Depends on what versions. But I'd say Hulk would win.

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Hulk slaughters thing.

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Hulk wins easily

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I think Thing has a chance with five days prep. unless this is an intelligent version of the Hulk. Thing might be able to get some outside help, through a trinket like perhaps an Asgardian axe or something. If Thing knew he had to kill the Hulk he plan for a way to go straight for the jugular early and try to finish him. Head removal should work. If this at all becomes a fight mono y mono the longer it goes the madder Hulk gets, and yes, he would beat Ben Grimm to death.

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Bruce sends him into orbit

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Yea.. no Hulk just plays a casual game of Kick Rock with Thing.. don't see how the idea of Hulk and Thing being on the same level makes sense. #DumbestOverratedOneSidedRivarly


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hulk always has and always will be the winner in this annoying rivalry

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Hulk easy.

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To my knowledge, Thing has only won one of their fights. It was when Hulk was gray.

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With 5 days prep, depending on what resources are made available, I'd say Thing. Hulk is stronger, but Thing may be able to outwit, or utilize a device to restrain him.

Now, if Hulk has 5 of prep as Banner, and can someone utilize this as Hulk (like creating a device that once Thing is thrown on, BFR's him or something), then Hulk wins

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Most versions of The Thing are weaker than most versions of The Hulk.

Ben has also lost most of his solo fights against the Hulk

The only time I can think of where Ben had a real advantage was when he was Spikey and Hulk was Grey. So a Stronger Thing vs A Weaker Hulk.

Prep doesn't really make a difference unless Bruce Banner is the dominant personality. In which case it's a stomp for Hulk. Ben doesn't really have any Prep feats and even Professor Hulk was stronger than Normal Ben.

Added to that is that even the weaker Hulks get stronger the angrier they get...The longer the fight lasts...The Stronger Hulk will get.

Then of course theres the fact that Hulk's Healing Factor makes him nearly impossible to kill...with the Battle being "to the death"'s hard to make a case for Thing winning.

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Give adamantium brat to Thing as a help, maybe they can make this fight a little enjoyable for Hulk.

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If Thing is allowed to use Reed for prep I give the win to him.

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In before the lock. Hulk curbstomps!

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Cannon has proved who wins this fight time and time again.

Also just because a character has prep, in character, doesn't mean they'll do anything worth noting.

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@laidblack: "Also just because a character has prep, in character, doesn't mean they'll do anything worth noting." THANKYOU!!

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Because this hasn't happened in the comics.

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@dbvse7: the thing is a rival for savage hulk namor and Hercules types but when hulk gets mad he gets stronger and will quickly surpass ben

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@comic_book_fan: Yea I know thats why Thing will never win their rivarly is based on popularity not logic.. plus Hulk already surpasses Ben he doesn't need to get angry o.o