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Round 1:

No prep

Morals on

Standard gear

KO elimination


Abandoned Urban area 20 feet apart

Round 2:

3 hours of prep each

Morals on


Hulk gets hercs mace, Belt of strength

Custom gear for team 2 (any gear that they can make with 3 hours of prep)

KO elimination


Abandoned Asgard 100 feet away

Who wins?


Pre 52 DC characters

Current marvel characters



Orders are orders - X-Men #20


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The only challenge i see here is Steel.

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Hulk FTW.

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Here's my problem: Steel is one of the most inconsistent characters I have ever seen. I've seen him at a level where he was fighting Superman villains... then I see him get crushed (literally) by a weaker Beast Boy-like guy. So if somebody could post his more consistent feats, that would help.

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team wins both

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Hulk should take it. Especially with the amp.

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R1. 70%hulk 30% team

R2 80%hulk 20% team

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@Bane_of_sith said:

Hulk FTW.


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I'm going with Hulk since steel is the only threat an as said steel is very inconsistent in terms of power.

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@Bane_of_sith said:

Hulk FTW.
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Steel? Booster is Hulk's biggest threat here. He was tanking hits from Doomsday.......till his power cells ran out anyways.