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Morgoth is at the peak of his power, the hulk in question is the savage, rage vs evil, fight atop a mountain, start 300ft apart, 6 days prep time.

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This is one time I can say Morgoth stomps easily!

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Hulk Smashes...

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This is a stomp in favor of Morgoth.

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Morgoth stomps

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Morgoth is a god with far superior power to those in the Marvel universe. He wins

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I wanna hear an case be made for Hulk besides Hulk smash!Its the worst argument that can be made!State it.

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Directly stated that he destroys the sun and moon. And this isn't Morgoth at his peak, this is him at the end of time.

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Morgoth ensnares him and turns him into another one of his slaves.

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Wow another hulk spite thread...let's put him against another godly character can you say FLAG!!!

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not spite, hulk can take on pretty big foes, Morgoth was brought down by Tulkas, a powerful armoured being who seems similar to thor, i thought hulk could stand a chance as morgoth is big and has a huge mace/hammer thing that takes a whle to swing, Moroth WAS beaten and succeeded by his less powerful servant sauron, so he can be killed i guess.