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The Hulk is terrorizing Las Vegas, and it's up to wildstorm's version of the Midnighter to stop him. Middy possesses standard equipment but no doors.

Can he do it?

By Lee Weeks.


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prepare for the wank fest

going with Hulk here.

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Hulk stomps Midnighter.

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Without doors theres nothing Midnighter can do to Hulk.........except annoy him!

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So what if Midnighter can kick a tank shell? You could fire a Tank shell down Hulk's throat and all it would do is annoy him. Hulk is going to smash poor midnighter here.

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Hulk destroy

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Hulk takes this one

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Hulk smash puny man

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This leaves but one question open. Will there even be enough of Midnighter's broken corpse left over to even identify him when Hulk is finished?

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Hulk wipes the floor with Middy

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Phew, you guys really hate Midnighter. No one has even tried to defend him yet, haha.

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@Nefarious said:

Hulk stomps Midnighter.
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Going against the grain here. If the Hulk is at base, having just transformed, I think he has a chance. He has enough strength to K.O Jack Hawksmoor, who in a city is a 100 tonner, and Bloody Wildstorm Apollo who is by far superior to Savage Hulk. Not to mention he is considerably faster and more agile than the Hulk, who will struggle to tag him.

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@Nefarious said:

Hulk stomps Midnighter.
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i don't think mid can launch an all out frontal attack on the hulk if he does that he gets beaten to a pulp. but he has options. he can use his speed and agility in a hit and run fashion to annoy the big guy and hope he'll trip over a cliff or something but i don't think mid has what it takes to knock out the hulk

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I knew this day would come.

Hulk wins.