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@dondave: Ignoring the major gap of strength between, Hulk and Kratos, all it would do is turn Hulk into mindless killing machine, considering that Hulk can survive without banner.

Banner is not Hulk Soul

Last time I checked Banner upgraded himself to go toe to toe with the Hulk.

What does upgrading himself have to do with being his soul?

Even if Kratos was luckly enough pull out hulk's soul, Banner himself could still beat kratos himself.

Banner and the Hulk share one soul. If Kratos rips out their soul, the Hulk won't suddenly turn in Banner, they'd die. As a matter of fact Banner was only able to go against the Hulk with months of prep and that didn't even work out correctly

Going toe to toe =/= winning

Of course I already know that Hulk won, but kratos is far from being as strong hulk.

Banner's battle with the Hulk has little to do with this fight as Banner had months to prepare to fight the Hulk, he doesn't have that here and wouldn't even get chance once his soul is removed from his body

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@cybrilious4: I'm not complaining, just pointing out that GoW is separate from the myths and that feats don't transfer.

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@deathsamurai: True but they don't even use the same tactics. Abc logic is pathetic.

Bane>> Batman>>Superman by your logic.

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I think those claws only work on Olympians am i right? Because i just played GoW 3 again and he didn't steal any souls beside Hades... Anyway, i don't know HOW on Earth is Kratos being compared to Hulk in strength... When Kratos punches 2x size meteor or make a planet go boom or lift 150 billions mountain then we're talking... Until then, he's just a very pissed demi-god who kills big trolls and shitty gods from time to time... Not to mention... All the big creatures he fought we're slow as f*ck and as everybody knows, Hulk moves super fast for someone his size... Something stated in half of Hulk issues...

Btw: Kratos is f*cking badass <3 Epic game...

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I think Hulk one hits him. .

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If Kratos would have blade of artemis he would win since that weapon is full of strength and it pretty much 1 hits all the ghouls while ripping them of in the middle

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Thunderclap ftw.

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Again I'm a God of War fan, but Kratos wouldn't stand a chance. The God's and Titans in GoW were weak and complete joke's. When compared to most comic book character's. Kratos is a jobber. There's very few comic book character's Kratos could beat.

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@i_like_swords said:

Hulk isn't stomping this fight in the slightest. The only advantages he poses over Kratos is physical strength (hell not even by that large a margin, Kratos is very strong) durability and regeneration. Kratos has speed, agility, reaction time, weaponry, and equal stamina. Kratos has plenty of answers for the Thunder Clap but Hulk has very little for Kratos' speed and weapons. And as I said, Kratos has the feats to suggest he can tangle with Hulk just fine. He's fought people a lot stronger than Hulk. He held up Kronos, the most powerful Titan's, finger as he tried to crush him in his hand. He pushed back Hercules and defeated him by out-manuvering him. He's defeated the God Poseidon in his strongest form. His best feat is likely defeating Zeus in single combat. I'm not even that much of an effort on Kratos but I've watched God of War 2 and 3 be played all the way through. I know he's capable of this.

The God's and Titan's in GoW were weak and complete joke's compared to other version's. And this is coming from a God of War fan like me.

Let's see how well Kratos would fare against DC's or Marvel's version's. He'd be destroyed in second's.

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Hulk stomps.

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God of War wins this. Hulk put up a mighty fight, but is no match for Kratos. Sorry.

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Did you even see my comment.

The God's and Titan's of GoW are joke's who'd get laughed at by their DC and Marvel's counterpart's.

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If that is Savage hulk he would win this.

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Hulk stomps.

Old comment but nope. I would give Hulk a durability advantage over Kratos but strength i dunno, he wrestled Hercules and resisted from being crushed by Atlas, Kratos is also a much better fighter than Hulk can ever dream of becoming..

If worst comes in Kratos picks up Blade of Olympus and God blasts him in the face.

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The sheer amount of misguided wank Kratos receives is disconcerting.

I would usually leap at the opportunity to debunk his fallaciously interpreted feats in every thread he's featured in; but I think at this point I think my efforts are fruitless. His fans will constantly bring up misconceived feats, as if they were more impressive than they actually are.

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Hulk easily

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Hulk stomps.