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@evil_incarnate: Im getting tired now so this is going to be the last post on this forum

who would throw him into space if he would already be in space due to his size and why would he just sit there letting GL drain him

just like trion juggernaut he would be able to move planets

and being to fast for him to land a hand on isnt beating him its just running around him or running away none of the JLA could bfr him or kill him

and you are over estimating GLs ring he cant create the strongest thing he wants or like i said he would just be able to defeat anyone

Okay feel free to leave.

Also you're confused because as I've said before GL does NOT need to create a construct that would clearly be broken by the Hulk to drain him. The ring does NOT require physical contact to do so. It's like if you were in a room filled with smoke and you turned on a vacuum the vacuum would draw the smoke to it that's how the ring drains and absorbs energy.

Also some of the most powerful characters in comic book history are GL's look up Ion and Parallax.

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Should have put Doomsday with one life and no bfr for a better match.

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New 52 JL...with ease.

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@war_hulk_kills_sentry2 said:

@evil_incarnate: I dont think u are really taking in how strong hulk would be if he was in a gamma chamber for 10,000 years he got to 80ft and was extremly powerful when he took in loads of gamma for 10,000 years I think he would be able to step on the jla and squash them because he wouldnt weigh 100 tons he would way thousands because how big he would be and how much muscle he had and I think it would take a long time for GL to drain him

So some of the weaker members might possibly die.

Superman has lifted the equivalent weight of the world for five days. He's not getting squashed. Plus he has super speed.

Wonder Woman is nearly as strong as Superman and carries a lasso that would turn Hulk back into Banner. She also has super speed.

GL can avoid him and drain him.

Flash is too fast.

Cyborg can boom tube away.

Look I don't hate the Hulk, but what I do hate is when people put him in situations like this in an attempt to have him beat people that are generally out of his league. Clearly even the OP knows this because they went to such a great length to give the Hulk an upgrade in an attempt to make him win.

Honest question: how do we know that wonder woman's lasso would turn hulk into banner? has she done this with hulk-like characters in the past. Anyone have any scans of this feat? I always just thought the lasso was indestructible/inescapable and forced people to tell the truth.

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@war_hulk_kills_sentry2: I'm impressed that you've cited so many feats. This is what comicvine used to be, and what it needs to return to. COMICVINE RENAISSANCE!!!!! A lot of people forgot how to actually debate on this site. Everyone just jumps to one word declarations without giving any kind of logical argument. 'stomp', 'solos', 'thread'. Kudos to you, sir/ma'am. you make this site worthwhile.

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Come on... JLA wins. There's just too many factors you have to consider including Flash & Cyborg.

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I see Wonder Woman taking off her bracelets, Superman not holding back, Flash finally running FTL in New 52... that should be enough.

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Let's put a 100 tonner up against:

  • A man who can bench the equivalent weight of Earth
  • A speedster who could BFR him
  • An energy projector who could mess him up or BFR him
  • A 100 tonner with an insane amount of skill, given that she's a warrior born
  • A cybernetic dude who is in the same weight class as all the rest and who has access to New God technology including Boom Tubes
  • A 100 tonner who can shut Hulk's brain down.

Seems legit.

lol. THIS

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This is what hulk does

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@war_hulk_kills_sentry2 : Quoting from a

wiki. How reliable. You do realise Hulk's

powers become simple when compared to

the versatility of the League? Even in

their New 52 versions, they still have

ways to beat this Hulk quite handily.

Let's run through them again shall we?

Superman can bench the Earth for

5 days and hits hard enough that

the force can be felt in the centre

of the Earth as well as the

farthest reaches of the

Atmosphere. And he's very, very

fast too. How's he going down?

Wonder Woman's in the same

bracket as Superman physically, is

a skilled warrior, has an

unbreakable lasso and can go god


Flash can BFR Hulk to the speed


Cyborg can BFR him anywhere.

Hal could probably take him too.

So that's 5 ways from 5 members who

can beat the Hulk. Again what's your

case for him winning? It's pure

speculation to try and estimate how

powerful he'd be based on the amp the

OP has given him.

this only works in your dreams.

- hulk will use the shockwave from his blow to kill both superman and wonderwoman

- thunder clap flash out of sight

- consider cyborg and hal torn in half

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Speed Force Dump

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@wonderbrezzy: wait...you said that Hulk is nearly LIMITLESS?! Since when is he nearly limitless?

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How much trouble he is for them? None. Superman can take him down by solo, Wonder Woman can solo, Flash can solo, Green Lantern can solo. Cool fight...but 20/10 for JL.

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@drfate said:

How much trouble he is for them? None. Superman can take him down by solo, Wonder Woman can solo, Flash can solo, Green Lantern can solo. Cool fight...but 20/10 for JL.

Not sure about Superman, but Diana's God Mode can incapacitate him as easily as Zeus did. :P

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@thebestofthebest: to inform you that it's pointless, there's literally no point in bumping an already abandoned thread just to say it's spite. PM or tag a mod instead.

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So WWH x100 versus Justice League? Hulk at this level might even be able to pull a Sentry and just start ripping them in half. The only annoying thing would be Flash, but a Thunder Clap should be sufficient.

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Hulk murders unless g.l absorbs his radiation.

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Lol what is this? Hulk gets thrown into the sun then the JL go about their business. Spite thread.

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Funny that a sun dipped superman can take the avengers team but a gamma amped hulk is a b!tch to the JL........ *smh*

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Justice League

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Hulks rage has no boundaries, he can keep going on and on, Hulk for me

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WBH is an example of hulk with enough gamma power(except the rage).

The only way the team wins is if cyborg BFR, or g.l absorbs the radiation

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Superman solostomp

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Hulk takes one step and the earth is gone.

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LMAO at the OP. This is what its come to:

Hulk has been trapped in a gamma radiation chamber that constantly bombards him with enough gamma radiation to vaporize a human for 10,000 years, and he is not happy about it. He finally escapes and is dropped onto DC Earth and the (New 52) Justice League comes to stop him. Due to his constant imprisonment he is blood lusted. How much trouble is he for them?

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Realistically if a single gamma bomb can double his power (under waid anyway) then the amount of radiation he's getting here should make him above what the league can dish out.

So they BFR him by way of boom tube, space toss, speed force dump and so on...

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Anyone of them alone... except Cyborg !

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with that much Gamma ray exposure, he should pretty much just wreck the entire Earth with his pinky and BFR everyone, but since some Justice Leaguers in that team can fly about in space, I guess they win by default

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If it was a gauntlet he could maybe clear but since it is all of them vs 1 of him they would roflstomp his ass.. :D too much versatility vs just strength basically