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who wins this fight

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Its been done, many times now
Please use the search function before making a fight

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It's true  that it has been done, I will however answer you lol. Broly, massive stomp, it's not even a close fight.
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yes this has been done
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Broly wins. And this has been done before.
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So I think we all agree this has been done before :)
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I'll go with this has not been done before

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@Mortein said:
"I'll go with this has not been done before "

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You must be really angry with Hulk.

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Broly can fly is faster and has a good long range attack but it would only take a couple of hits from HULK to kill him 
Broly would win

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Yes, I got here before it was locked! I would like to say that if Broly uses his ki blasts, then he will destroy hulk who will eventually regenerate. If they are in a physical fight, then it could be a tie or it could go on forever until the planet cannot withstand the impact of their blows. If Bruce Banner is controlling the hulk along with his Banner Tech, then I would go for hulk.

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