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wolverine.. i dont really actually know all that much about nightwing but i would sitll have to say wolverine because of his healing factor and claws. thats if he could catch nightwing

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Why is this titled Hulk Smash? Isn't Nightwing just the old Robin? It would be a cool fight but Logan would turn him into cat food up close.

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Wolverine wins.

He's faster, stronger and has more endurance than Nightwing.

He's as good, if not a better fighter than Nightwing.

He's got the claws and the healing factor. I admit that Nightwing has some batman type gadgets but Wolverine wins.

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Does the title have anything to do with the body of the post?

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lol.. nightwing against wolverine?thats like puting the wonder twins against hulk hahahahaha.

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Satyrquaze says:

"Does the title have anything to do with the body of the post?"

Probably to attract more attention. Now all the people who really love and hate the Hulk will read it. I guess it's CV's version of "Free Beer."

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wolverine ...