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They battle in a empty city block

Hulk just shot up some potent sugar

Team is disgusted and blood lusted.

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I'm guessing crack won't affect Hulk to any huge degree, unless he takes so much that he overdoses. Hulk wins, but I doubt it'd be easy.

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Hulk with some hindrance. Colossus and Thing can stall him for a bit, but eventually they fall. SS is only going to scratch him or bleed him a bit just due to powerset, but he gets one shotted. Deadpool is just useless.

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I agree with above that Hulk wins

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That reminds of that Hulk stay Angry Arc where Bruce fought that Giant Dog Human thing while he was injected with a load of Heroin....

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The crack sends him into a complete rage and he kills them all with one thunderclap.

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Hulk if the crack has the same effects on him as a regular person

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