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Team consists of:

Absorbing Man/Thing/Sebastian Shaw



To the death. No prep

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Absorbing Man is the only one who can contend with Hulk. But Hulk eventually beats him. Same goes for Grundy.

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thing can beat grundy but the hulk beats the team.

the next one the the hulk and grundy stomp the only problem is wendigo.

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1st team loses; only contender there is absorbing man but he'd get taken out pretty quick.

2nd team gets stomped.

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@dodi: I think those are in the same team

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I would probably go with the team on this. Current Absorbing Man is a beast and Shaw is tailor made for Grundy and Hulk. The other 4 can put down an average Grundy and then help with Hulk.

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make it juggernaut then we have a nice fight.

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i didnt want to put juggs cause the only way to beat him is bfr