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Setting: Enormous Abandoned City. Wolverine, Deadpool, and the Hulk start four miles away from Superman.

Wolverine: Two of His Claws Are Covered In Kryptonite.

Deadpool: Endless Amount Of Kryptonite Bullets and Typical Pistol.

Hulk: Three Kryptonite Rings.

Superman: Almost full power. Only Vulnerability is Kryptonite and The Only Thing it Does is Hurt Him Like a Knife Would a Regular Person.

Morals off (not that Deadpool, Hulk, and Wolverine needed it.) and all at full power.

Anything I was missing? Please tell me what you think and who you think would win.

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If the only thing the Krytponite can do is hurt him like a knife would, then I think Deadpool and Wolverine are pretty useless. Neither of them have the ability to touch Superman even with bullets. If Supes knows they can hurt him, he will just stay out of Wolverine's range, and dodge bullets from Deadpool. There are so many ways for him to take those two out within 2 seconds of the battle starting too.

Hulk with Kryptonite rings is also probably not going to be enough. He still has to be able to land a punch on Supes since the presence of Kryptonite isn't enough with your rules. He could get lucky, and if he does he would one shot superman with the rings. Chances are he will not get that chance. Superman will win 9.9/10.

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Just throwing this out there: it's conceivable Deadpool could outsmart Superman with a combination of his intelligence, knowledge on the character (4th wall broken) and unpredictability. Maybe he gets a few bullets off. Still, Superman's too fast and strong for any of them.

Superman 9.999999/10

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superman loses quit overrating him

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@bobtheepic: Welcome to ComicVine ^_^

Superman wins almost effortlessly. None of the characters can stop him from just sun dipping for a minute, coming back and absolutely flattening them, and that assuming kryptonite has any detrimental effects. A lot of the time, it takes a large amount of kryptonite to really effect superman in a meaningful way. The bullets and claws do nothing and Wolvie, and Deapool are useless here to begin with. For example, Superman faces Metallo and Kryptonite Man on a semi-regular basis. He has been shown to effectively power through those amounts of kryptonite (which are substantially larger than the things you've given here).

Also, what's stopping him from punching them all to the moon? Wolverine and Dealpool can't make it back, heck they can't even deal with one punch from a Blood-lusted Superman. Hulk gets thrown into deep space or the sun, and that's the end of the fight.

@calrissian89: How the heck does Superman lose? It's 2 non-factors and no restrictions on speed blitzing or BFR against the Hulk. Heck, they can't even stop him from Sun dipping.

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how does hulk lose to bfr he can adapt in space.

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@calrissian89 said:

how does hulk lose to bfr he can adapt in space.

Because he can't fly. He'd be floating like a big angry pea.

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@calrissian89: BFR is Battle Field Removal, thus he can no longer continue to fight. If he's free floating in space, superman can kick him around at his leisure. Hulk also can't return to Earth, so the fight's effectively over with superman being the last man standing.

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Considering the distance and the fact that all combatants are without morals, that plays very heavily into Kal's favour. As to how he would take them on without morals is debatable, but I don't think he'd go to the extent of incinerating them with heat vision.

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Supes loses ! There I said it ! And I meant it !!

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Remember the good old days when Kryptonite actually affected Superman?

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Superman.....but I feel like deadpool would break the 4th wall and make the writer draw a bunch of Kryptonite everywhere if this was in a comic