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Hulk and Thor (both from 616 Universe) are going into a gauntlet. They and their opponents do not know who they are going to face beforehand. The arena is the size of a football field, with giant rocks and pillars.


1. Rhino (full power) and Solomon Grundy (full power)

2. Colossus (full power) and Killer Croc (full power)

3. Omega Red (full power) and Damage (full power)

4. Venom (full power) and Gorilla Grodd (full power)

5. Carnage (full power) and Cyborg (full power)

6. Sandman (full power) and Mongul (full power)

7. Hyperion (full power) and Majestic (full power)

8. (Hulk, Thor and all enemies are now bloodlusted) Beta Ray Bill and Martian Manhunter

9. Gladiator and Black Adam

(1 day break for Hulk and Thor in-between matches, bloodlust continues for all characters)

10. Ultimate Hulk and Ultimate Thor

11. Captain Marvel (Marvel) and Captain Marvel (DC)

12. Juggernaut and Apollo (DC)

13. Doomsday

14. Superman

15. Sentry

Rules: No speed blitzing through characters. No Odin-force. No BFRing.

How long do Hulk and Thor go?

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They stop at 7.

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I think they stop at 13. Not sure though. If everyone is bloodlusted that'll be a hell of a fight. Same with 14 and 15.

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Stop at 8.

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7 or 8.

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they stop at 8 id say but i think they could beat 9 10 12 13 14 and 15

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I say 1-6 are barely challenges

7-9 no

10-15 yes

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Hulk and thor together make good team bloodlusted btw

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Stops at 7

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Depending on what you call "Full Power" Grundy they might not get past 1.