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Death, Incap, or KO. No BFR

Everyone is working together on their team.

Top Team starts at Top. Bottom Team starts at Bottom.

Reminder of Limits:

Strength: Savage Hulk

Physical Durability: Thing/Luke Cage

Speed: Any and all Characters with no clear cut speed (As in no official stated speed by authors note or statement) is Mach 10 Max.

Devastation with one blow: New York City Level.

Healing Factor: Near Instant, but kill able in some way.

As always no Reality Warping, Magic with no rules, No Using Time Powers to go under Peak Human Speeds or Over Mach 8. No Time Freeze or Travel. No Mind Control though messing with someones Mind is fine. No Soul Destroying although Soul Attacks are fine for Damage. No BFR of Enemy, self BFR is fine, Mirror Master for example.



  • Captain Britain
  • Apocalypse
  • Emma Frost (Phoenix Five)
  • Namor (Phoenix Five)


  • Dark Nebula
  • Southern Cross
  • Daimon Hellstrom
  • Micheal Holt ( pre nu52)
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@backflip you can go first

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OK to be fair ( since Backflip will have very little knowledge of my two Aussie comic choices). I'll start by giving a few scans to showcase them

Dark Nebula- Astronaut Colonel Mark Medula (formerly of the R.A.A.F) a member of United.Space.Industries ( the international space agency) was on a return flight from mars. When Docking with the space Station Threshold he and his crew found the stations crew all but dead. They had been attacked by a Callian Warlord by the Name Cerellus. Mark engaged the alien and before he died destroyed him. The two were then granted life anew as both souls shared the same body granting it vast powers. A powerful Psionic and possessed of a powerful energy manipulation called Dark fire ( a soul based energy blast). The two of these souls for the next 18 months fought for control over the entity until they finally came to a piece.

Vs the Hoards of hell

Vs the dimensional entity Chaos

This is Dark nebula's best feat. It is over the limits but there is also a LOT of context behind it which made it possible.

It looks like a planet busting feat The pertinent Context here is as follows.

  1. DN was locked in Psionic battle with the entire race all over the planet in Question ( well he was being assaulted by them any way)
  2. He was almost destroyed in fact it said his body had been consumed so this a pure energy version of him, which we never saw before of after.
  3. He was VERY desperate and fighting for not just his but the survival of everything he held dear even his wife and child.

All this combined make it a feat almost impossible to reproduce ( well the odds are astronomical anyway)

SC is also a TKer. Amped courtesy of a development by the CSIRO

While his TK is No where near as powerful as Dark Nebula's he has been shown to be a little more creative and subtle in it's use.

Your turn, hope that helps.

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@cadencev2 : @backflip

Brief strategy.

Dark nebula will TP link my team members. he will also TP scan the island. Holt will likewise use the T-Spheres to do a detailed scan. These things combined with Hellstrom's agility to sense Occult energies ( like those of Captain Britain and Excalibur) will mean I will always know exactly where your team is. This will grant me control of the battle field.

The T-Shpere's will also during that scan isolate the exact frequency of the phoenix force in both Emma and Namor. In exactly the same fashion employed by Southern Cross in the scans from my last post where he isolated the frequency of DN's TK and jam it ( as well as Grandstander's power staff) he will Jam their connection to the phoenix force. Of course that means he'll succumb to the feedback but as seen here it won't affect him s badly as your two team members, and that will be one of mine down to two of yours.

Courtesy of the TP link DN will use the same types of subtle tactics SC does and TK remove Excalibur from Cap Britain's grasp. He will also be prepared to receive and tap the frequency SC jam's giving him 2/5s of the Phoenix force. Once Excalibur is free from Britain's grasp I see no problems for Daimon to magically acquire it.

Suddenly two of my three remaining standing members (while SC recovers) are vastly amped (not like they need it) and it's three to two against you with one of your guy's downgraded in power.

Using the T-Sphere's holographic projections and the TP of DN plus the magic and mental manipulations of Hellstorm I can direct you where ever I want you and have you uncertain of what is even real. From here it's really just a murder stomp.

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@beatboks1: Bad@$$ using Aussie Comics. I love no mainstream fiction.

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@cadencev2: Well you don't get much more non mainstream than Cyclone comics. They were basically a bunch of creators wanting to get into comics who got together, pooled their money and published their own work in an anthology magazine. It did pretty well, enough so that they could have a few title off shoots. Unfortunately Southern Squadron and Dark nebula were the only ones that got any traction as a solo. A damn shame because I loved Jackaroo too. SS continued later in some US publishers like Marvel and DN wen total web comic.

Been wanting to use them for quite a while but only recently found half my issues in a comics clean up.

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@beatboks1: I think you win by default :/ You move on!

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