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  • Huya Requiem (Requim Blade
  • Alligator Nichol (Alligator)
  • Genos (One Punch Man) (Standard Battle Armor)
  • Shura (Blue Exorsist)- No Gear


  • PreTime Skip Zoro (Three Swords)
  • Penance (Robert Baldwin)
  • Shadowland Daredevil
  • Hood (Parker Robbins) (Cloak, Pistols, Boots)

Battle Field

YoungJustice starts behind Shack & Mr_Ingenuity behind the Oil Truck

Prep: Both Teams get 45 minutes Prep to study the map and a basic roster on the enemy team.

In Character

Teams will work together


Death or KO


Each team can have 2 members choose the following Perks.

Super Carbonadium Weapon Upgrade. Hand Weapons are Indestructible and Slow Healing Factors. This applies to Projectiles (Guns and Ammo, Bows and Arrows, Batarangs, ect) as well.

Magic Psy Shield. Your character can have immunity to all Psychic attack and powers. Includes Illusion Casting, Status Changers (Poison, Blindness, ect), Magic attacks, and Time Manipulation as well.

Mijnor Armor. Characters gains a version of Halo (First Game) Master Chief Armor with Shields. Only the Durability Enhancement Applies.

The Venom, Banshee, and Red Eye Drug. Gain Wolverine's Healing Factor and Senses. Gain Bane's strength added onto yours. Gain Bullet Speed onto your own. The strength and Speed Benefit WILL Legally put you past the set stats! As In you will be stronger and Faster than the limits if your character is already at the limit.

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@joewell said:


Thanks soon as I pressed create It gave me the 500 error message. ¯\(°_o)/¯

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My perks.

Zoro Super Carbonadium Weapon Upgrade.

Hood The Venom, Banshee, and Red Eye Drug.

I chose your perks & this will be official.

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Sorry about the paragraphs and no shout outs, computer broke, new when is coming in shortly. Onto the match, The Venom, Banshee and Red Eye Drug for Shura. Then the same for Huya Requiem. Would you like to start?

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I'll start but currently busy & may take 16 hrs to get a solid post

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@YoungJustice: Excuse the wait.


The Hood will take the leadership position & decide on the necessary tasks. Those being strategy, & match ups.

For strategy they give a run down of their power set so every things fluid. Strengths, weaknesses, offensives & defensive capabilities(shouldn't be to much). FTR Penance will be using his speed ball powers since he latter regains them with full control.

Match ups: Shura & Huya Requiem vs Shadowland Daredevil & The Hood. Alligator Nichol & Genos vs Zoro & Penance.

Opening Strategy

At the start of the match Hood & DD will coordinate the opponents positions for their attack pattern. DD will be a flanking right, Zoro Left, & Hood with Penance is in the air. The Hood will be is invisible air walking (simulated flight).

But first Penance will open with this:

This will knock over the structure on to your teams position causing a distraction. My team will arrive simultaneous & before the dust can settle (with the map being so small)

Obviously I don't know your team apart from Shura (of what I saw in the anime) So I'll star on Hood & Penance Feats & wait for battle analisis.

The Hood is demon empowered Kingpin that fought the new avengers. His ability are invisibility, air walking (moving weightless), phasing, hell fire amped bullets, demonic sight & demonic forms. Also he is not limited to one he regularly combines them. Keep in mind he has The Venom, Banshee, and Red Eye Drug Perk.

Brief fight against Wolverine. He clearly had the upper hand only getting tagged once.


Uses invisibility & air walking positioning in the oddest of ways, combines phasing and invisibility to get behind Wolverine & his first demonic form.

Hood vs Skrulls

Air Walking


Hood vs Damion Hellstorm.

Hell fire bullets & 2nd demonic form (the third is OP & not allowed).

Demonic Sight.

First & second demonic forms vs Dr Strange with help.


He also eats people JSYK.

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@Mr_Ingenuity: Hood ate Black Out!!!!

How old is that!? Black Out was in GR still... WTF!?

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@CadenceV2: Avenger The Initiative 26 Dark Reign

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@CadenceV2: Thanks for the bump (•‿•).

@YoungJustice: I understand your having difficulties so I'll do post of this nature until you're ready.

Feats for Penance/Speed-ball.

Taken from the wiki from the site(before you stone me I come with scans)

Robbie Baldwin's exposure to energy from a dimension of kinetic energy gave him the superhuman ability to create a kinetic field of unknown energy around himself which absorbs all kinetic energy directed against him (what he originally called the "Speedball Effect.") This absorption can vary from resisting the effects of physical objects such as bricks and rocks to resisting that of energy and fire and even explosions. Within his kinetic field it is nearly impossible for him to be hurt, and he instead bounces harmlessly from object to object, with no loss or transference of momentum.


As Penance his powers seems to have altered and is now linked to his central nervous system, thus the best way to activate said nerve system is to inflict pain, which is why he wears a suit of armor with internal spikes.
His powers no longer manifests as bubbles. They now appear to be in the form of energy blasts and lose force the longer they "let fly".
Seemingly, Robbie is getting better after talking to Doctor Samson, even showing signs of no longer needing Nerve stimulation for power..although he refused to go with Samson for more therapy. Speedball now has the powers of Penance along with Original Speedball powers, So he is able to shoot kinetic energy blasts as well having his kinetic field which allows him to bounce off objects and resist the force of objects and energies.

Penance vs Doom

Penance vs Moonstone (previously Doc Samson vs Moonstone)

Penance vs Skrulls

Penance vs Terrorist

Speedball vs Kuurth

Speedball vs Nerkkod


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Bump, and good battle so far.

Thanks for reading,


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@YoungJustice: To fully convey Zoro's feats there will be context behind them I must partly dive into

Mihawk is a bullet timer in the least. He laughs at bullet speed for the most part only deflecting bullet trajectory with the tip of his sword. Mihawk is able to swing a sword so fast the backlash cuts a ship without making contact. It isn't know whether he does it purely from strength, speed, or a combination of both. But all the while doing it out of boredom so it's safe to say he is beyond street level.

(skip some scans due to an unnecessary sub plot)


Zoro is at comfortable bullet dodging status even dodging bullets while in midair. Those feats will come later. But in a duel to the death against Mihawk those stats are simply canon fodder. But in the end Mihawk lets him live for a potential challenge.

(Once again skip some scans due to an unnecessary sub plot)

After Zoro's fight with Mihawk he fights a Fish man( a human resembling fish not the same as a merman) These guys are 10 times all human physical stats & the one Zoro is fighting can hold over 600 pounds in each hand. In addition to the stat difference Zoro is still suffering grave wounds, illness & if reopened will bleed him to death.


It's 1 vs 100. And Zoro wins flawless victory. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ



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@Mr_Ingenuity: Mr. I wins!

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Sorry to waist your time Mr.I, I hope you keep on until the end!

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@YoungJustice: Can't waist lounging time. Plus I've been meaning to upload these scan.

@CadenceV2 said:

@Mr_Ingenuity: Mr. I wins!

Great but what do I win?

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@Mr_Ingenuity: Another match lol.

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@CadenceV2: Damn! I thought Disneyland was in the work...ಠ_ರೃ

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@Mr_Ingenuity: If you survive the Arena for 3 more matches... it may just happen.

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FINALLY SOMEONES USES GENOS instead of Saitama cool battle so far