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13 Strider92

1) Kharn The Betrayer (Power Armou, Gorechild, Plasma Pistol, Grenades)

2) Tao (WS)

3) Backlash (Half-Gen Factor)

4) Peter Stanchek (Standard Gear)

5 Joewell

1) Danny Phantom (End Series, No Human Possession, Limited Durability)

2) Adult Aang (Staff)

3) Wesley Gibson (2 Pistols, 2 Knives, Sniper Rifle, Machine Gun)

4) Percy Jackson with Riptide, Tyson's Shield, and A canister of Nectar

Battle Field

Esquire starts behind Garage Soveign behind the Oil Truck

Prep: Both Teams get 45 Minuet Prep to study the map and a basic roster on the enemy team.

In Character

Teams will work together


Death or KO


Each team can have 2 members choose the following Perks.

Super Carbonadium Weapon Upgrade. Hand Weapons are Indestructible and Slow Healing Factors. This applies to Projectiles (Guns and Ammo, Bows and Arrows, Batarangs, ect) as well.

Magic Psy Shield. Your character can have immunity to all Psychic attack and powers. Includes Illusion Casting, Status Changers (Poison, Blindness, ect), Magic attacks, and Time Manipulation as well.

Mijnor Armor. Characters gains a version of Halo (First Game) Master Chief Armor with Shields. Only the Durability Enhancement Applies.

The Venom, Banshee, and Red Eye Drug. Gain Wolverine's Healing Factor and Senses. Gain Bane's strength added onto yours. Gain Bullet Speed onto your own. The strength and Speed Benefit WILL Legally put you past the set stats! As In you will be stronger and Faster than the limits if your character is already at the limit.

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I pick the Psy Shield for Wesley and The The Venom, Banshee, and Red Eye Drug for Aang

You can go first, i won't be on until tomorrow evening

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I'll take Mijnor armor for TAO and The Venom, Banshee Red Eye drug for Peter Stanchek.

@joewell: I'm going to France on the 28th and i'm working full time at the moment i'm going try to get this done before the 28th as I highly doubt i'm going to have time to do any debating when I get there so if the 28th arrives and we haven't finished debating i'm quite happy to let the voters decide based on whats been posted. Pretty bad timing my end xD

Any ways good luck with the debate!

First of all i'd like to say I don't know a huge amount about your team the only one I know well is Wesley (the comics and the film were pretty awesome) so i'll try and debate as best I can given my limited knowledge on your team. Although my knowledge is limited I do know that Aang is most likely my biggest threat and with 45 minutes prep and a look at your teams roaster so will Tao. Tao in fact has no truly superhuman power. His ability is simply to manipulate people by speech. Someone (be damned if I can recall who) said that Tao could talk you into killing yourself with less than 14 words. Given the prep and knowledge Aang will most likely be Tao's objective due to him being very tactically minded. Now your team will also know this and when faced with Tao Aang isn't going to sit around and do nothing and under normal circumstances Aang could potentially KO Tao before he can speak however in this scenario Tao is using Mijnor armor and 1-shotting him in that is unlikely even more so given that Aang has a set of morals that would prevent him butchering Tao in cold-blood. If Tao does managed to string a sentence together (which is possible) he could trap Aang in a wordloop or make him forget he wants to beat him:

Even if Aang did go in lethal which is very unlikely given his morals Tao can work very quickly in those scenarios. Grifter came ready to kill him and yet Tao was able to talk him out of it:

Kharn is a psychopathic berserker he will most likely take the first person that comes into contact with him. Which would most likely be either Danny or Percy given how they use their abilities to tank. It is more likly to be Danny due to him being faster into the fray than Percy. Against a normal opponent damaging Danny would hard due to him being half-ghost so i'm guessing he has limited intangibility? This would be hard for a normal opponent to overcome however Kharn has an axe known as Gorechild. Goeshild is a chain-axe forged by the Primarch Angron and infused with the essence of a demon. As such Kharn can and has used Gorechild to destroy beings such has demons that do not live in the human plain of existence. In "Let The Galaxy Burn" he used Gorechild to suck the soul out of a demon:

Once more, visions of an eternity of corrupt pleasure danced in Khârn’s mind. Once more he saw himself indulging in every excess. The daemon promised him every ecstasy imaginable and it was well within its power to grant such pleasures. He knew it would be a simple thing for him to triumph on its behalf. All he had to do was step outside and announce that he had destroyed the Heart of Desire. He was Khârn. He would be believed, and after that it would be a simple matter to lure the Khorne worshipers to ecstatic service or joyful destruction. And did they not deserve it? Already he was known as the Betrayer, when all he had done was be more loyal to his god than the spineless weaklings he had slaughtered. And with that the daemon’s voice fell silent and the visions stopped, as if the thing in the throne had realized its mistake, but too late.
For Khârn was loyal to Khorne and there was only room for that one thing within his savage heart. He had betrayed and killed his comrades in the World Eaters because they had not remained true to Khorne’s ideals and would have fled from the field of battle without either conquering or being destroyed. The reminder gave him strength. He turned and looked back at the room. The reek of blood and dismembered bodies filled his nostrils like perfume. He remembered the joy of the combat. The thrill of overcoming his former comrades. He looked out on a room filled with corpses and a floor carpeted with blood. He was the only living thing here and he had made it so. He realized that, compared to this pleasure, this sense of conquest and victory, what the daemon offered was only a pale shadow. Khârn turned and brought Gorechild smashing down upon the foul throne. His axe howled thirstily as it drank deep of the ancient and corrupt soul imprisoned within.
-Let The Galaxy Burn

Daemons in 40k are made of pure psychic energy and exist in the Immaterium so as such it is nigh impossible to kill them by physical means however Gorechild manages to suck the souls out of them. So although Danny is half-ghost this will not save him from Gorechild's ability to attack and devour things that exist outside of realspace.

If this comes to a close quater confrontation which it most likely will Kharn only has to land a shot damaging enough to take out Danny's soul and it would most likely be over. You may think that Kharn lacks the speed to hit him however Kharn has incredible close quarter speed in the same book he slaughtered upward of 30 Khorne Beserkers in close combat:

Suddenly the rest of the berserkers were upon him. Khârn found himself fighting for his immortal life. These were no mere Slaanesh cultists. Newly tainted though they might be, they had once been worthy followers of Khorne, fierce, deadly and full of bloodlust. Mighty maces bludgeoned Khârn. Huge chainswords threatened to tear his rune-encrusted armor. Bolter shells tore chunks from his breastplate. Khârn fought on, undismayed, filled with the joy of battle, taking fierce pleasure every time Gorechild took another life. At last, these were worthy foes! The body count swiftly ticked to 2460 and continued to rise.
Instinctively Khârn sidestepped a blow that tore off one of the metal skulls which dangled from his belt. The Betrayer swore he would replace it with the attacker’s own skull. His return stroke made good his vow. He whirled Gorechild in a great figure-of-eight and cleared a space all around him, sending two more traitors to make their excuses to the Blood Good. Insane bloodlust surged through him, overcoming even the soporific influence of the Heart of Desire and for a moment Khârn fought with his full unfettered power. He became transformed into an unstoppable engine of destruction and nothing could stand against him.
Khârn’s heart pounded. The blood sang through his veins and the desire to kill made him howl uncontrollably. Bones crunched beneath his axe. His pistol blew away the life of its targets. He stamped on the heads of the fallen, crushing them to jelly. Khârn ignored pain, ignored any idea of self-preservation, and fought for the pure love of fighting. He killed and he killed.
All too soon it was over, and Khârn stood alone in a circle of corpses. His breathing rasped from his chest. Blood seeped through a dozen small punctures in his armor. He felt like a rib might have been broken by the last blow of that mace but he was triumphant. His counter read 2485. He sensed the presence of one more victim and turned to confront the figure on the dais.
-Let The Galaxy Burn

I'll give you some background so you can understand why this was impressive. Berserkers are ex-Space Marines that now follow the blood god Khorne. Here's the reaction speed of a normal Space Marine:

Gabriel squeezed a couple of shells out of his bolter and watched the little contrails that poured out behind them, as though in slow motion. They spun through the thick, gaseous air and then slipped through a gap in the lava flow, punching into the kaleidoscope of reflections beyond.
-Dawn of War Omnibus page .258

Gabriel is a normal Space Marine and he could followed bullets with his eyes.

He pulled the haft-trigger, and his spear’s underslung bolter cracked off a stream of rounds on full-auto. Argel Tal saw it coming. The swords of red iron smashed the first three bolts aside.
-The First Heretic page .383

Argel again is a Space Marine and he was able to swat three bullets aside with the blade of his sword.

Again another Space Marine reaction feat. Here one swats a bullet aside from almost point-blank range with his hand.

Now all of these Space Marines have upward of 150 years of combat experience each, are encased in ceramite armor that can shrug off a lot of damage and have healing factors and yet Kharn was able to butcher not just 1 but upward of 25-30 all on him at the same time. If he can outpace that many Marines all with that kind of reaction speed his own combat speed is truly terrifying. So someone who can outperform bullet timers with such ease is definitely fast enough to land a hit on Danny.

Now Danny isn't stupid and isn't going to stand there and let Kharn cut him down he is going to fight back. However he has to get past Kharn's impressive durability. Kharn wears a suit of Power Armor. This is a demonstration of its durability:

‘BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!’ bellowed Khârn the Betrayer, charging forward through the hail of bolter fire, towards the Temple of Superlative Indulgence. The bolter shells ricocheting off his breastplate did not even slow him down. The Chaos Space Marine smiled to himself. The ancient ceramite of his armor had protected him for over ten thousand years. He felt certain it would not let him down today.
-Let The Galaxy Burn

Now to people who aren't familiar with 40k this might seem strange so i'll explain. Bolters are large guns used by the imperium (more notably the Space Marines) here's an explanation of what exactly they are:

The Bolter, also called a Boltgun, and its variants are some of the most powerful hand-held ballistic anti-personnel weaponry in use by the military forces of the Imperium of man. It is a powerful assault weapon that fires explosive kinetic rounds colloquially referred to as bolts.
-Discripiton of a Bolter

And their ammunition:

Bolter ammunition (a bolt) is primarily a solid .75 calibre slug. Conventional solid slugs utilise a propellant charge contained in a casing that, when ignited, forces the bullet out of the barrel. In contrast, a bolt is self-propelled; it features its own integrated solid propellant that propels the bolt at high speeds, essentially acting like a miniature rocket. The propellant itself is shaped to control the bolt's direction and speed; however, this method of rocket propulsion would normally warp the barrel due to gas pressure. The Bolter uses an ingenious method to prevent this.
As well as the rocket propellant, a tiny amount of conventional charge is also utilised. This charge is just strong enough to force the bolt out of the barrel and ignite the bolt's propellant. The rocket-propellant is carefully fused to ignite just after leaving the barrel, alleviating any possibility of pressure build-up. The bolt then accelerates away towards the target under its own power.
The standard Bolter ammunition is designed to penetrate the target and then detonate, causing immense damage to the target and leaving little opportunity for survival.
-Description of a Bolter round

So you can see the kind of damage these things can inflict as they are basically miniature missiles and yet they hardly scratched Kharn's armor. He has the durability to take a lot of what Danny can dish out and attack back with equal ferocity and damage.

Next we have Wesley. Wesley is a hell of a good shot and has great reaction speeds (him deflecting that bullet with a knife was pretty awesome) however he does lack versatility. Both he and Backlash are similar in the fact they tend to gauge the situation and If it comes down to it an all out fight between the two would be awesome to watch. However Wesley's real skill is in shooting and not much else. Yes he is exceedingly accurate but Slayton is a very accomplished bullet-timer:

Even if it did look like Slayton might get hit he still has his gen-factor that allows for limited intangibility. I must point out that Slayton can only remain intangible for just a minute or so at a time. However this can still save him from getting hit:

My point is between his speed and misting he can most likely close the gap between him and Wesley with little to no damage taken. Even if that wasn't enough he still has his psionic whips to keep Wesley on his toes and prevent him getting easy shots:

These whips discharge psionic energy that Slayton can control the strength of either a concussive blast or a lethal blow. Getting tagged by one of these would not bode well for Wesley. When Slayton does make it into a close quarter fight it makes it even more difficult for Wesley as Slayton is considered to be the best hand to hand fighter in Wildstorm (and considering Wildstorm includes the likes of Zealot and Midnighter this is no small achievement.

He has bested Zealot in hand to hand twice without a huge amount of trouble:

To put it in perspective Zealot managed to go into and all out slug-fest with Midnighter:

And yet Slayton was able to best her in a much shorter fight and less effort. That speaks volumes for his fighting ability. Suffice to say when this does make it to a close quarter situation with Slayton's fighting skill and pisonic whips (which could be used to incapacitate Wes) Wesley will be very very hard pressed to win.

Next we have Percy and Peter. I will admit I do not know much about Percy apart from what I saw in the film. So feel free to correct me if I get something wrong. Percy's main abilities are derived from him being the son of Poseidon and as such water is his main source of energy he gets stronger, heals faster and becomes overall better upon contact with water. In this terrain I see no such advantage so Percy is going to be severely limited as to how he can perform. Peter on the other-hand does not have this handicap. Peter is a Harbinger a pisonic who manifests his abilities in impact psychokinesis, telepathy, TK and a pisonic scream. His impact pyschokinesis seems to work by automatically responding to threats. For example here the bullets get within inches of him and are instantly diverted:

He can even use his powers to pull weapons apart like he did to the gun's in this scan. If Percy s weapons aren't supernaturally durable theres a high chance Peter could disarm him.

Or here he doesn't even need to look behind him to redirect the bullet further showing his reaction speed:

Ontop of that Percy is going to have to contend with the Pisonic scream which as you can see here caused internal damage and causes people to bleed from the inside. If that wasn't enough he will also have to contend with Peter's TK:

His Tk is easily strong enough to pull an armored car driving away from him off the road. Another thing to point of is that Peter's morals do not constrain him. Percy is ontop of it all a good guy. Peter is not that way inclined he is quite happy to hurt his opponent badly if it means winning and with his anger issues ontop of that he normally does.

Even if Percy did mange to resist his pisonic noise and TK he would still have to get past his TK defenses. Peter has easily taken a huge amount of fire-damage be creating a telekinetic shield and has taken heavy fire from helicopters with ease:

These TK force-fields make it really hard to hurt him ontop of that in this scenario he has the Wolverine banshee drug meaning he's going to heal as fast as Wolverine and although Percy does to Percy needs water to keep his stamina up and he is also nowhere near as brutal as Peter. Eventually sheer brutality and better access to his abilities should allow Peter to take the win.

Out of my own admission I do not know much about Percy so feel free to correct me if I have misinterpreted his powers.

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cool tournament. What does htsl stand for?

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@SirFizzWhizz: High Tier Street Level

@Strider92: When you coming back from France?

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Where be my opponent!? Not sure i'll have a lot of time for a debate if he doesn't turn up soon O.O

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@Strider92: I'm so flipping sorry man, i'm in the prosess of moving and we had to wait to get are internet transferred. Even now my internet at my house isn't working, the only reason i'm on is because i'm at my dads, but i'm leaving soon and i wont be able to get on again. Soooo i'm really sorry and i forfeit, good luck on round 2

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@joewell: No need to apologize i've moved recently (a week ago lol) as well and I know how tedious it can be. If you still want to debate I don't mind waiting but if you really don't have time thats fine.

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Strider WINS