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1) Psylocke (Twin Pistols, Katana Shiryuki)

2) Iron Spider Man (Iron Spider Suit)

3) Mimic (Original 5 X-Men Powers)

4) Gambit (Cards, Bo Staff)


1) Maka Albarn (Soul Eater Manga)

2) Cloud Strife (Fusion Swords, Fenrir, Firaga Materia, Thundaga Materia, Restore Mataria, Haste Materia, 2 Ethers, 2 Potions)

3) Rei Ogami (Code: Breaker Manga)

4) Gromph Baenre (War of the Spider Queen) (Standard Gear)

Battle Field

Floopay starts behind Shack Zr0c00l behind the Oil Truck

Prep: Both Teams get 45 Minuet Prep to study the map and a basic roster on the enemy team.

In Character

Teams will work together


Death or KO


Each team can have 2 members choose the following Perks.

Super Carbonadium Weapon Upgrade. Hand Weapons are Indestructible and Slow Healing Factors. This applies to Projectiles (Guns and Ammo, Bows and Arrows, Batarangs, ect) as well.

Magic Psy Shield. Your character can have immunity to all Psychic attack and powers. Includes Illusion Casting, Status Changers (Poison, Blindness, ect), Magic attacks, and Time Manipulation as well.

Mijnor Armor. Characters gains a version of Halo (First Game) Master Chief Armor with Shields. Only the Durability Enhancement Applies.

The Venom, Banshee, and Red Eye Drug. Gain Wolverine's Healing Factor and Senses. Gain Bane's strength added onto yours. Gain Bullet Speed onto your own. The strength and Speed Benefit WILL Legally put you past the set stats! As In you will be stronger and Faster than the limits if your character is already at the limit.

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my first time so you may go first.

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floopay looks like he may win. Cloud strife is one of my favorite video game characters

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@CadenceV2: How much, if any, knowledge do our teams have on each other?


I'll start with a basic overview and what I'm doing with my prep.


The Venom, Banshee, and Red Eye Drug. - Maka Albarn

45 Minutes Prep

  • Gromph will erect flame barriers on my team (just as the battle starts), as well as set up a contingency spell (with the rest of his prep time). He will also give his brooch and give Ogami the command word on how to use it, as well as set up a link between our characters to communicate with each other over any distance. All of these are pretty easy for someone of his level to do, and they will literally only take about 2 minutes per task.
  • Maka will ready for her noise cancellation and will be in charge of tracking/calling my team.
  • Ogami will just get ready, and he will know how to use the brooch, which will be nice.
  • Cloud also just prepares his stuff, and gives a potion to Ogami, just in case.

Gromph Baenre:


Race: Drow, a.k.a Dark Elf

Profession: Archmage (spell caster, wizard, diviner)

Permanent Effects: See invisible, dark vision (enables full vision regardless of the lighting), detect magic

Enhanced Stats and Racial abilities

High Reflexes: As a drow, Gromph possesses above average reflexes to those of a human being.

Genius Level Intelligence: Gromph is extremely intelligent, and a well accomplished spell caster. He is the archmage of one of the greatest wizard academies of his world.

Natural Spells: Gromph can do the following because of his race: magical darkness, dancing lights, faerie fire

Specialty Equipment (Oh Boy!)

Archmage Robes: Not only do they allow him to store near limitless spell supplies, but they instantly come to him when he reaches for spells! Also provides great resistance to impact damage, as well as to the elements, and magic.

Piwafwi of Resistance: Provides extra resistance towards elements and magic, as well as a slight degree of protection against incoming damage.

Ring of Protection: Provides extra resistance toward physical damage

Ring of Regeneration: Provides extreme regeneration, perhaps even Wolverine level. Was able to reattach his leg in several minutes (not regrow mind you).

Drow House Insignia: Allows levitation at will.

Various Scrolls, Rods, and Wands: He has several wands and scrolls within his robes, all of which have a wide variety of spells attached to them. I may be using these as they appear several times within the books.

Boots of Speed: Allow Gromph to move faster than normal

Soulstealing Axe: Has the soul of a mindflayer in it. Powerful chopping item.

Staff of Power: Has the following abilities:

  • Magic Missile
  • Ray of enfeeblement
  • Continual flame
  • Levitate
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Fireball
  • Cone of Cold
  • Hold Monster
  • Wall of Force
  • Globe of Invulnerability

I do have actual feats with it. Also, it increases his resistance to magic, elements, and physical damage.

Maka Albarn

Superhuman Strength - Maka Albarn far exceeds the strength limits of a normal human being.

Superhuman Durability - Maka can take a beating like no other, and apparently many of her opponents have had no qualms putting quite the beating on such a little girl....

Superhuman Speed/Reflexes - Maka can travel, move, and react at speeds higher than those of a regular human being.

Flight - Maka can fly with the use of her weapon/partner Soul Eater because of her grigori soul.

Soul Perception - Maka can perceive the souls of others from extreme distances away.

Anti-Demon Wavelength - Maka's soul can output a wavelength to cancel mind altering affects, as well as purify tainted souls.

Soul Eater - Her weapon/partner is Soul Eater. He is a Death Scythe, and nigh indestructible.

Abilities via Soul Eater:

Soul Resonance - By resonating each other's souls together, the two can amplify all their abilities significantly. Just by being joined together, the two are many times more powerful, they can resonate further to produce a myriad of effects and outcomes.

Noise Cancelling - Soul Eater, on his own, can use this ability to strengthen his team mates, as well as cancel out the effects of mind controlling attacks.

Cloud Strife

Weapon: Fushion Sword

Vehicles: Fenrir

Superhuman Strength - Cloud can leap superhuman distances, shove people through several floors of steel and concrete with a push, can slice through meters of steel/concrete effortlessly, and he wields a weapon so heavy that two athletic human beings can barely hope to budge it with their combined efforts (wields it with one hand).

Superhuman Reflexes - Cloud has dodged lightning after it has been fired, dodged bullets when the gun is pressed against his forehead, deflected, dodged, and blocked gunfire with zero effort, and fought multiple hypersonic foes simultaneously without sustaining injury.

Superhuman Durability - Cloud has continued to fight after being stabbed through the chest multiple times, as well as the arms, legs, and hands. He has tanked shots that shatter stone pillars without any harm to his person, been thrown through steel constructs without sustaining harm, and is all but immune to the effects of heat.

Superhuman Speed - He can move at superhuman speeds, greater than those of the finest athlete.

Memory Mimicry - Cloud, on multiple occasions, has mimiced the memories of others and added them to his own. The first person for him to do this to was Zack Fair, and he was able to copy most, if not all, of Zack's training, and replicate it to a greater degree (elaborate more on that later).

Levitation - Cloud can levitate and fly under his own power, and this may explain his aerial control when leaping.

Limit Breaks - For unexplained reasons, Cloud can access several powers similar to the way Zack Fair accesses his Digital Mind Wave for a variety of effects, including:

  • Braver - A powerful leaping attack.
  • Braver v.2 - A powerful leaping attack that sends out a large cone of attacks that rip through steel like butter.
  • Cross-Slash - Stuns or paralyzes an opponent momentarily
  • Blade Beam - Sends out a powerful energy beam from his sword, capable of stopping a rolling Earth attack
  • Climmhazard - Amplifies his cutting power to an unknown degree, but allows him to cut through things that his attacks normally would have no effect on.
  • Finishing Touch - A powerful wind attack that can fling a normal sized person over a hundred meters with but a swing of his sword.
  • Omnislash - A fifteen strike combo, used when an opponent opens up a vulnerability in their defense or fighting style, mainly used as a counter-attack
  • Omnislash version 6 - A thirteen strike combo directly through a person's soul.
Talented Engineer - Cloud customized his own motorcycle to hold all parts of his Fushion Sword, and regularly maintains it.
Master Swordsman - Cloud is a master swordsman, capable of switching between one handed, two handed, and two weapon style seamlessly.

Ogami Rei

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and evil for evil" -Ogami Rei

Superhuman Strength - Ogami's physical stats are beyond that of a normal human being. After training for weeks inside an non-ventilated weighted suit, as well as undergoing several other training regiments, he has boosted his strength far beyond the limits of any normal human being.

Superhuman Durability/Endurance - Same as above, plus he can tank hits like no other.

Superhuman Speed and Reflexes - Prior to his training, he was able to pretty easily block bullets with his hand from point blank, after he was far above a normal bullet timer.

Hybrid Genetics - Ogami is a hybrid between a power user and a rare kind. Pretty much nonsense to anyone who hasn't read the manga, but this is what allows him to boost his stats to extreme levels.

Commander of the Flames of Purgatory - Ogami wields a powerful set of abilities that allow him a whole host of exotic attacks. This ranges from disintegrating fire, power cancellation, wide-ranged controlled heat, removing heat, etc.

Thanks for reading,


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@Floopay: prep is just that. Basic. Much like a Enclopedia with Basic Powers and Stats. Also you get 2 perks in this.

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@Floopay: ok so the browser on the computer where i am now is crap and apparently doesnt support the text editor so excuse the low tech.

Perks- the venom,banshee and red eye drug- mimic and psylocke

45 mins prep

Psylocke reopens gambits lower cortex allowing him access to his full powers again. (this has been done to him before)turning into his new son persona basically. though your team wont have any info on that.

mimc copies gambits regular powers along with the powers of the rest of the team. gets a few decks of cards and puts them on his person.(pockets)

spiderman preps normally.

all members familiarize themselves with the basics of your team and the layout of the battlefield through maps etc.

mimic sets up a psychic link for the team with psylocke being the back up if he falls.

all stats and info have been taken from the comic vine character section cause i cant do scans atm.


Psylocke is an extremely skilled martial artist trained to be the hands top assassin "lady mandarin"

With her telepathic powers, she can receive and broadcast thoughts to others, manipulate people's minds and possess them, create elaborate psychic illusions, increase another mutant's power to incredible levels, create psychic daggers, erase the memories of others, and blast opponents with overwhelming psychic energy.

Psylocke's telekinetic abilities, although not as strong as they once had been, are still strong enough to allow her to achieve her desired effects. She can still move large objects and beings around, create telekinetic barriers to protect her from attacks, and can still create her telekinetic katana but chooses her psychic knife over it in most situations.

As a psychic, Psylocke possess the ability to counter attack as she is able to read the thoughts of her opponents minutes before they make a move. She can also make her presence undetectable from humans and mutants, and is even able to hide herself from Wolverine's super sense and any form of telepathy or mind detection.

Psylocke can also cast illusions to distract her opponents.

She can use her telekinesis abilities to increase her speed and strength and make her fighting skills far stronger and is even shown to be able to out match people with super-strength like Sabretooth or Juggernaut.( even i think the second one is more pis but she did do it)


equipment here is twin pistols and a single katana but she can also make her trademark psychic knife or katana

Psychic Knife - This was all of her telepathic powers focused into her hand (she called this weapon "the focused totality of her telepathic might"). With the "knife", Psylocke could excite the pain receptors in her opponents and while not actually damaging tissue, the knife could cause her victims to become stunned, or even killed depending on the amount of power she used. When stabbed in the head of an enemy (or a friend), the knife allowed Psylocke to read the thoughts of her opponent and in some cases become connected to them.

The katana is that but stronger and less controlled (meaning more likely to kill or cripple mentally and physically)

Spiderman- iron spider suit

(im assuming everyone knows parkers regular spidey ablities like enhanced strength, speed, agility, spider sense etc along with his web shooters. so im gonna focus on the suit)

When Tony Stark first made the costume, it's initial function is that it gives Spider-Man short range flight through mesh webbing under his arms, resistance from small caliber bullets thanks to his heat-resistant kevlar Version 1.1microfiber, built-in fire, police and emergency scanners, visual amplifications such as infrared and ultraviolet, carbon filter in the mouth to prevent inhalation of airborne toxins, and short-range GPS microwave communication system, all of which are controlled in the computerized control system in the titanium chest piece in the costume.

Tony again updated the costume before they headed to Washington. He upgraded the fabric of the costume to be a liquid nano-fiber that can more or less disappear when not needed and can appear again when Peter wants it to by just thinking about it, he also adjusted the fabric to change colors into other past costumes that Peter wore in the past like the classic red and blue or the black costume and because of this, the fabric is able to blend into its surrounding for the purpose of camouflage.

Tony added three spider-legs or "waldoes" that can pick things up with small claws that works as pseudo fingers and they also have cameras that can be display images in the costume's eyepiece. The waldoes are all hidden in the costume's golden circle part in the back and can be deployed simply by mental command. Although Iron Man has stated that it cannot be used in battle, Spider-Man used the waldoes to break the Titanium Man's sensors in his helmet to render him blind and striking Captain America during the Civil War.


Earth-616 Mimic can copy powers, abilities, and skills of anyone within close range. Also, he often takes on the unique physical characteristics, and to some degree the appearance of those he copies. Mimic is best known for copying the abilities of the five original X-Men, and his appearance generally involves Cyclops head and facial characteristics, Angel's wings, and Beast's figure (body, hands, and feet). While copying their powers, he has access to Beast's agility and strength (and because of his altered body structure Beast's prehensile feet), Iceman's ice manipulation, Jean Grey's telekinesis and telepathy Cyclops' optic blasts, and Angel's ability to fly.

Mimic has full power level of those he mimics and he often exhibits a finer degree of control over his ability than his targets. For example, he is able to turn off certain powers such as Cyclops' optic blasts.

It is unknown exactly how many powers or abilities Mimic can manifest, or for what duration he can hold them, as such limitations have not yet been exhibited or stated explicitly. 616 Mimic does have less limitations than that of the Exiles. For instance, in the past 616 Mimic has exhibited the ability to copy more than just five powers at once, possessing at least ten powers at the same time.


(im gonna put his regular abilities here along with his full powers but again your team will have no way to know he'll have his new son powers (full) after psylockes upgrade, and also will show what powers mimic will be using of his)

Gambit has the mutant ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy by touching it. When Gambit thus charges an object and throws it at a target, the object releases this energy explosively on contact. Gambit is able to charge living beings now, shown when he charged Sebastian Shaw, Daken's arm and even a small lizard to use as a bomb. His favorite object to use are common playing cards, although other things will do in a pinch.

Gambit's ability to tap into energy also grants him superhuman agility and dexterity, as well as creating a static interference that shields his mind from detection and intrusion by even the most powerful telepaths.

Gambit also possesses a hypnotic charm that allows him to exert a subtle influence over any sentient mind. This power allows Gambit to compel others to believe what he says and agree with anything he suggests. However, powerful minds have proven immune to Gambit's charm.

Remy is an expert weapon fighter. He specializes in the Savate style of fighting with a Bo staff, while he is also trained in traditional dueling and fencing.

He can throw small objects with extraordinary accuracy. Though never confirmed, this uncanny accuracy may be a factor of his mutant powers, given that he very often throws playing cards much farther and with much greater accuracy than any human has ever been known to achieve. He is also a skilled duelist and fencer.


He has multiple decks of playing cards and a telescopic bo staff.

Full power

Gambit's powers were restored to their natural potential. He was able to use his power simply by looking at an object that he wished to charge, including living objects. Gambit could also manipulate the potency of the energy release and could even exercise a measure of control over time. With access to his full power, Gambit is able to manipulate the potency of his bio-kinetic energy to burn, cause molecular discomfort, incinerate and create timed detonations.

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@CadenceV2 said:

@Floopay: prep is just that. Basic. Much like a Enclopedia with Basic Powers and Stats. Also you get 2 perks in this.

That's what I thought, so does my prep look pretty reasonable for this situation? I'll provide more on things as the tourney goes.


(2) The Venom, Banshee, and Red Eye Drug. - Maka Albarn and Ogami Rei

45 Minutes Prep

  • Gromph will erect flame barriers on my team (just as the battle starts), as well as set up a contingency spell (with the rest of his prep time). He will also give his brooch and give Ogami the command word on how to use it, as well as set up a link between our characters to communicate with each other over any distance. All of these are pretty easy for someone of his level to do, and they will literally only take about 2 minutes per task.
  • Maka will ready for her noise cancellation and will be in charge of tracking/calling my team.
  • Ogami will just get ready, and he will know how to use the brooch, which will be nice.
  • Cloud also just prepares his stuff, nothing special about his prep here.

For this match:

Feel free to read any and all of the feats I provide you of Gromph, I posted them as proof of my claims. However, if you want, I will provide summaries of what the book pages contain. But again, if you are questioning the claim, feel free to read the scan or request the pages before or after the ones I provided.

Gromph Baenre:


Barriers and Globes:

Here is a feat of him putting a magical fire shield on a being who he had subdued to his will via magic:

Summary: Obviously he can't use the same spell to mind control your team, it only works on undead. However, the fire shield is cast on the being he took into his control, so this is just to show that he can, in fact, do it.

Gromph's shield vs slashing, piercing attacks, and lightning bolts.

Summary: Gromph's shield deflects a lightning bolt cast out by another powerful wizard. Afterwards, he conjures another fire shield, and it is able to deflect an attack from a half-dragon without harming him at all, and causing severe harm to his attacker.

Note: These magical defenses can't simply be broken by an attack. They dampen the effect of any attack against him. Even when an attack makes it through, they have been severely dampened, and the barrier still stands ready to take another round of attacks.

Ring of Regeneration

Gromph's ring saves him from death:

Summary: Gromph is stabbed through the heart, as you can see, his ring of regeneration begins knitting both parts of his leg back together in this scan, Wolverine style!

Gromph's ring saves him from death pt. 2:

Summary: More of the ring of regeneration. It not only keeps his heart going with the dagger in it, but it pushes the dagger out of his body as he heals. Sends out another wave of fire at Nimor, and by the time the lichdrow and the half-dragon have finished their assault, his wounds are fully healed. He also conjures an invisible wall of force in this scan.


Spells, Spells, Spells

Magical Fire

Summary: Gromph conjures some quick magical attacks against the lich! This time just a cone of flames that burn the flesh through the magical defenses of the lich.

Prismatic Spray

Summary: With a single Prismatic spray, Gromph produces a spell that sends out acid powerful enough to melt stone, powerful electricity, powerful fire (not in the description, but part of the spell), a killing spell, and a fear spell (mind affecting, makes someone too scared to confront anyone). He follows this with a spell meant to turn a caster's spell back on himself, something that doesn't really help him here. Then proceeds to cast a spell powerful enough to burn a hole through the lich's chest and turn the parts of his body it hit into dust, the lich moves out of the way just in time to not be disintegrated outright....

Minute Meteorites

Summary: Here, Gromph summons eight meteors and hurls them at his opponent. Each one of blinding white energy and detonates in "a stone-shattering explosion that demolished great gaping pieces of the undead sorcerer". The lich unleashes a set of saw blades capable of carving through stone and obsidian, yet Gromph's defenses were enough to make the blades glance off him, leaving deep, but non-fatal wounds. Just another showing of how powerful his defenses are.


With a wand, he can do this:

Summary: This is Gromph against a group of ogres and orcs. Ogres are at least in the 1 ton range or greater as far as max lift should be concerned, as they can bend steel bars with some effort. They ambush Gromph as a small army. With a wand he dissolves an ogre outright, and then proceeds to obliterate his assailants as they run away in fear....

Maka Albarn


Immunity to Mind Affecting Attacks, and Capable of Defending my entire team and countering any mind affecting attacks

Mind affecting attack on a city level (technically, it's not a city, it's a castle, but whatever):

These guys are about as far away from the affect as you can be, and they are still feeling it.

Maka's immune to this, because of her anti-demon wavelength:

Soul Eater is also protected by her attack:

They bank off Arachne's power to widen the affected area, he can also use her soul perception to feel others souls and affect them that way.

This will render your teams offensive mind affecting techniques useless, and make my team immune to any mind controlling attacks.

As seen here, he can detect every being in this area with Maka's Soul Perception, it's only the webs that help him widen the area of affect:

You know the dangerous part about this:

If your team attempts mental assaults against my team, it will reverberate the attack right back at the user, so lets hope they can defend against their own assaults...if they are so bold to do so.

There is a price for doing this though...

The Black Dress

Maka will HAVE to do this, otherwise my team will be susceptible to Psylocke's attacks. However, after she resonates with Soul Eater when he does something like this, she creates what is called the "Black Dress".

This thing is made of Black Blood. It is nearly indestructible

Defends her against Arachne's webbing, something that would attach itself to her and paralyze her earlier, and is stronger than steel.

This would be similar to a vibranium suit


Check. She can fly pretty fast too.


The perk I took gives her bullet timer reflexes, and Wolverine's level of regeneration.


Even Early on, Maka's attacks could rip through bullet proof opponents:

Prior to the incident of the witch "Blaire" Maka had killed 100 of these super humans, as confirmed here:

After this encounter, she has all her souls taken away from her, and her soul count gets reduced to 0.

Here, she is stated to have re-collected 100 of these souls:

After that, he becomes a Death Scythe, an indestructible weapon with extreme amounts of striking power to back itself up:

Ogami Rei

Reflexes and Defense:

His Blue Flame can melt steel just by touching it, almost instantly. Here is he blocking bullets from near point blank, and they melt before they can even touch him. At this point he can only produce flame out his left hand, and no further than that.

Tanks an attack that crushes the concrete beneath him:

While injured, tanks probably a good ton of wreckage being shot at him like a cannonball.

He gets help after that scan, because he can't take 4 of them while he is that heavily damaged.

The guy he's fighting is a magnetism controller, and he's throwing steel at Ogami at blinding speeds and attempting to crush him with it, as you can see, Ogami can tank that and then some (he is even in a severely weakened state at this point)

Several tons of wreckage (you can see cars rolled into the ball, so yes, tons)

Skipped some dialogue between that previous scan and this one


Ogami gets attacked by that Gauss Cannon again, hurling several balls of wreckage this time...however...

Dichromatic Twing Flares of the Nether World, Mammon

When wielding these, he essentially has two extremely powerful flaming swords composed of fire.

Can melt through steel pretty easily. Just by spinning his swords fast enough, he was able to cut through the balls of steel and send them flying in other directions.

Happens again here:

The Blue Flame of Satan

This comes from when he had this ring that helped him control his powers.

This isn't a scan of him, it's an explanation of the flame and it's previous controller.

This flame burns on every level. Body, mind, and soul. It can force the person he is facing to experience death if they have killed or wronged another.

Cloud Strife

Other Abilities

Memory Mimic

The Maiden who Travels the Planet

Chapter 5

"You did it, Tifa. Thank you... I'm a little jealous of you but, do take care of Cloud and the upper world."

Tifa embraced Cloud tightly as he returned to his senses. Aerith watched as both of them returned to the surface while smiling like an affectionate mother.

It was a dazzling sight for Zack.

"Man, you know Aerith. Out of all the girls I've gotten along with, you truly are the best. After that mission, we could have stayed the way we were and might have been able to continue to go out with each other after I returned home. I hate Sephiroth. And I hate Shinra who's been hiding all the stuff they've been doing."

"Someone who's gotten along with so many girls can never become a lover."

"How mean. I'm nice to everyone."

"And that's your bad point. You're not simplistic and awkward like Cloud."

"Is that what you liked, Aerith?"

"Who knows. Things might have changed after five years."


Zack put on sad face as if he was sulking but then smiled carefree. It was the unchanged smile that Aerith knew from when they were young. When she was seventeen, it was what attracted her to him.

"It's not over yet but, I'm going to sleep for a while. It seems there's nothing I can do just now. But whenever you feel lonely, call me Aerith."

"Only if I get really lonely. Goodnight, Zack."

Giving a wave, the First Rank Soldier sank into the Mako. Believing that his role was not yet over, Zack settled down to sleep to save up his energy.

Aerith wasn't going to sleep. Because she was Cetra, she didn't seem tired at all.

She was happy. She was happy that she now knew the real Cloud and was able to watch over him, even though it was just for a short while.

And so, Tifa accomplished the task. Collating her own memories with that of Cloud's, she looked for the things that only the real Cloud could know. Proofing it all, the closed door was opened. Not leaving Soldier allowed Jenova's power that was implanted in Cloud to copy the Soldier traits of his close friend, Zacks. Drawing out the deep memories that were firmly clammed up inside all of that, she reconstructed his original character instead of the fake character he created to protect himself.


Limit Breaks, Skill, and Ability

Cloud vs. Sephiroth - In the lifestream

Because they are in a metaphysical plane of existence, it's only fair to assume they are physically equals, and that this is a contest of skill over stats.

0:55-1:10 - Sephiroth rips cloud to something similar to the astral plane, known as the lifestream

2:10-2:50 - Cloud owns the crap out of Sephiroth with omni-slash. a 15 strike combo

2:55-3:00 - Sephiroth is bleeding from several locations, confirming omni-slash, and his soul explodes into pieces (though he's not dead)

3:30-4:00 - Cloud exists within the lifestream, and pulls himself out and back to reality

4:10-4:40 - Holds himself and Tifa up with one hand, no signs of strain really

Cloud vs. Sephiroth continued:

The Maiden who Travels the Planet

Chapter 7

But only Cloud knew about his retreat. Having been exposed to Jenova's cells, there were traces of Sephiroth's conscious in him - Part of his conscious resonated with it. Cloud could feel the existence of his remnant somewhere inside the Lifestream, continuing to obstruct Holy even now.

Letting only his conscious enter the Sea of Mako, Cloud went in pursuit of him. Riding through the currents, his old enemy was waiting for him. Sephiroth's soul was not yet destroyed and was still a threat to the Planet.

In the world of conscious energy, their swords clashed with each other as they confronted. Sephiroth, the strongest Soldier and the most admired person, tore his long sword across Cloud like a beam of light. But Cloud wasn't afraid. Believing that he had won, Sephiroth raised his long sword for his next strike and at that instant, Cloud struck out at him unleashing all the strength he had. His large blade slashed into Sephiroth's body during that brief opening. His attack opened up another opportunity for him as he struck out at Sephiroth again. It was an unstoppable storm of slashes - fifteen unavoidable attacks one after the other, cut through Sephiroth.

The mad apostate angel smiled boldly. But the damage he had taken was far beyond what he could endure and his spiritual body started to fall apart as he laughed. Beams of light blasted out from inside his body as if they were cutting him apart. Sephiroth was destroyed. Cloud's nightmare that had been continuing since five years ago in Nibelheim finally came to an end.

The Holy that was no longer obstructed immediately came into action.

This time, Cloud had separated from his body and was now in an absentminded state but, in the abyss of the Mako world, he saw a hand there to guide him. It was white and delicate - it reminded him of the hand that gave him a flower in Midgar. Unconsciously, he stretched out his hand...

His conscious returned to his body. Tifa’s hand grasped his as the ground below him collapsed away.


Cloud displays the following:

  • The ability to separate his own consciousness from his body, and exist in an astral state (the lifestream is like the astral plane)
  • Takes a blow from Sephiroth, and then proceeds to a 15 strike attack and rips Sephiroth's spiritual body into pieces.
  • Though guidance was needed, pulled himself back into his body.
  • Not stated, but definitely there: kept his consciousness separate from the lifestream, a collective of billions of minds and souls.

Cloud vs. Sephiroth - the first conflict

1:10-1:45 - Cloud gets the jump on a distracted Sephiroth (severely distracted, tired, etc.). More impressively is his ability to lift and wield the Buster Sword, this is prior to any of his enhancements.

2:05-2:40 - Cloud lifts and runs with the Buster Sword, even performs a leap attack of Super Human levels, prior to any enhancements. This may be because

2:40-4:20 - Cloud bleeding, stabbed, barely conscious overpowers a Sephiroth who has been bleeding out a pretty hefty wound (so reasonably lost a lot of strength). Still lifts him and throws him out the reactor though, so pretty impressive. Still manages to walk around for a bit too.

The rest of the video is just before him and Zack get carried off to be tested on,

Cloud vs. Loz and Yazoo, plus Shadow Creeps

Keep in mind: Cloud is affected by Geostigma, and nowhere near full strength for this fight.

0:20-0:40 - Cloud kills a few Shadow Creeps, as you can see, they are fast enough to keep up with the motorcycles

0:40-End - Cloud takes on Kadaj, Loz, and a ton of Shadow Creeps simultaneously. Notice his ridiculous bike skills, ability to block and dodge attacks from all enemies, and just his skill in general

1:26 - Bullet deflects off Cloud's goggles, barely scratches his forehead

Cloud vs. Loz and Yazoo round 2

Again, Cloud is affected by Geostigma here, so far from full strength

0:00-0:15 - Cloud dodges and deflects attacks from Yazoo (guy shooting gun), while dodging and blocking Loz (fist guy)

0:25-0:40 - Blade Beam

0:41-0:50 - Fights Loz and Yazoo spamming haste like no other

0:51-1:15 - Cloud deflects, dodges, and handles Loz and Yazoo simultaneously by himself

1:16-End - Kadaj fights Cloud and seems to have the upper hand.

Cloud vs. Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz

Again, Cloud is affected by Geostigma and it causes him extreme pain, so not fighting to the best of his abilities.

0:50-1:12 - Not only a good showing of reflexes and ability, but excellent motorcycle skills

1:15-1:21 - Dodging and dealing with Loz

1:35-1:40 - Good showing of his motorcycles durability, and his driving as well.

3:40-4:05 - Look at him handle these guys, pretty effortlessly to.

4:05-5:10 - Fast dodging, cuts a motorcycles in half, makes a fool out of these two, pretty handily too.

6:08-End - Cloud and Kadaj go toe to toe. Amazing showing of strength, speed, motorcycle skills, and how fast that thing can go.


Maka can track your team's movements with ease because of her soul perception. So there will be no surprises.

Once within range, Gromph will let loose a host of spells against whomever confronts him, and Cloud will open up a few materia blasts, and then run in for the attack.

Ogami will use the levitation brooch if he has to, in order to fight anyone in the air (assuming he doesn't just aerial assault people with Mammon), and will defeat any who dare confront him. With Wolverine's healing factor, he'll be night unkillable here.


  • Fire Shields - With these, my team will be able to dampen attacks from most of your attackers, and any melee attacks will be met with a blaze of fire flared not only on the melee attack, but skittering across the body of the assaulter.
  • Soul Perception - Makes ambush impossible. Not only can Maka herself detect your team, but Soul Eater can feel your team as well, without the use of eyes.
  • Striking Power - Most of my team wields either slashing, or piercing weapons, and ones capable of cutting through steel or higher with relative ease.
  • Versatility - Acid, fire, meteors, lightning, frost, rays of disintegration, paralyze, slashing, piercing, magic, mental assault, and so much more. My team covers all bases.
  • Durability - Most of my team will have amped durability from either perks, and most definitely from Gromph. Plus my entire team has a means of healing themselves if they take too much damage. Cloud has his potions, and Restore Materia, Gromph has his ring of regeneration, and Ogami/Maka have Wolverine's healing factor.

Thanks for reading,


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I have a counter above this statement, so read that as well as what I am stating here:

Restoring Gambit's Powers:

Can't be done. He had a portion of his brain stem completely removed, not even a healing factor can regenerate a part of the body that the brain doesn't even know exists. The only reason his powers were restored is because they sent him back in time to have Mister Sinister paradoxically not remove the brain stem. It's not a psychic "block" it's a physical thing, and can't be undone.

Mental Attacks by Psylocke and Mimic

Maka should nullify these, her wavelength has stopped illusions before in the past, so those won't be helpful. She's stopped mental assaults as well, so that's out of the question.

Thanks for reading,


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#12 Posted by zr0c00l (856 posts) - - Show Bio

@Floopay: for gambit, his brain stem was replaced (or not taken in the first place as you said and he did regain his powers after the sinister thing). but he lost his powers again not by having the brain stem removed this time, but by overloading his powers into new sons brain overtaxing himself and burning out. meaning the chunk of stem is still there, so in theory psylocke who has boosted powerss before should be able to do this by allowing his brain access to the stem once again. ill ask to make a ruling there.

if it comes up a no then with the prep psylocke will turn him into his death persona which hes been shown to still have and a different psychic let him use it before after originally being freed from being a horseman. the death persona can and will be backed by scans. the new son persona however is theoretical but i say well withing reason.

ill wait for a ruling before continuing as the new son powers were a big part of my plans as i didnt want to spam poison air with death though i knew going to the death persona is easier to prove he can use again.

as for maka, does her wavelength allow others to be free from tp assualt or mimd reading. and please just clarify what those webs do again and how theyd send back tp assualts.... im fuzzy on how that works. and if the webs were cut would tp then be an option on some? also if psylocke gets anyone with her psychic knofe tp defense will not work.

#13 Posted by Pokergeist (22351 posts) - - Show Bio

@zr0c00l: Im gonna say no. Bring on the death Gambit.

#14 Edited by zr0c00l (856 posts) - - Show Bio

@CadenceV2: just no? no reasoning when it seems legit, psylocke is clearly stated as being able to increase mutant abilities, so why not gambits? like floopay said they went back in time to stop his brain stem from being clipped therefore he still has the chunk that allows access to those powers. as he only overtaxed them and i assume his conscious mind, growing up without that chunk just isnt used to using it,a powerful psychic should be able to allow him access to it again. ala jean grey upping cyclops blast to a level where he hurt galactus.

if still no cool, since new son would trash everybody in the tourney, i understand the desire to keep him out.

as for death after looking further seems gambit can change back and forth on his own, and seemingly all previous horesman cqn do, like archangel, meaning psylocke should be able to use her death persona at will like angel and gambit have shown.

heres a pic of gambit go reverting into death on his own when angry.


@Floopay: tagging you so youre up to date.

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@zr0c00l said:

@CadenceV2: just no? no reasoning when it seems legit, psylocke is clearly stated as being able to increase mutant abilities, so why not gambits? like floopay said they went back in time to stop his brain stem from being clipped therefore he still has the chunk that allows access to those powers. as he only overtaxed them and i assume his conscious mind, growing up without that chunk just isnt used to using it,a powerful psychic should be able to allow him access to it again. ala jean grey upping cyclops blast to a level where he hurt galactus.

if still no cool, since new son would trash everybody in the tourney, i understand the desire to keep him out.

as for death after looking further seems gambit can change back and forth on his own, and seemingly all previous horesman cqn do, like archangel, meaning psylocke should be able to use her death persona at will like angel and gambit have shown.

heres a pic of gambit go reverting into death on his own when angry.


@Floopay: tagging you so youre up to date.

I dont like the fact New Sun Gambit can just wltz around and touch anyone for a win. Seems cheesy and OP for this tourney.

#16 Posted by zr0c00l (856 posts) - - Show Bio

@CadenceV2: ok cool no new sun, though im glad its from an op for this tourney rather than a logic stand point, since he only has to see you and not touch and charge every molecule in a persons body, though i think eniterly plausable that it could be done.

but to clarify now, gambit and psylocke should be able to revert to the death personas right?

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@zr0c00l: yeah, thats fine.

#18 Posted by Dredeuced (5858 posts) - - Show Bio

As a note, though it isn't allowed, I do applaud the cleverness of comboing Psylocke and Gambit to try to get the New Son version up. Clearly op, but clever.

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@Dredeuced said:

As a note, though it isn't allowed, I do applaud the cleverness of comboing Psylocke and Gambit to try to get the New Son version up. Clearly op, but clever.

Indeed. I thought nothing of it.

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Maka's attacks will make my team immune to any form of telepathic assault or illusions. It will not make them immune to psionic attacks that are physical, however (such as the psi-katana).

The spider webs are something Arachne created out of her own soul to transmit her wave across. While Maka and Soul were more than capable of broadcasting a signal to cancel out the insanity effects of Arachne within a certain area, however, in order to cover the full area she was affecting, they were able to bank off her own attack and broadcast the anti-demon wavelength across her own attack and back at her as a result.

Death Persona:

Nice idea. And I applaud it. However, it is a dark and separate personality from Gambit. The only time it had fully reappeared since Apocalypse created it, was in Limbo. Now I do agree Psylocke would probably be able to unlock that side of his personality, but Death is a whole different being entirely, and not Gambit himself.

I'm interested to see how well you use him in this form.

Dealing with Gambit:

Summary: This will be no problem at all. Gromph will go invisible early on in the battle anyway, and because of the anti-demon wavelength, your team shouldn't be able to locate him at all. He should have no issue teleporting this item onto Gambit (I can provide feats showing he can do this if you'd like).

Gambit's eyes are extremely sensitive to light, this thing is like staring at the sun, and it will be stuck to Gambit's face, really hampering all of his abilities. Once stuck, this thing doesn't become unstuck by non-magical means. He'll have a heck of a time trying to remove it.

Gromph can also turn Ethereal, making him immune to physical attacks (and incapable of harming with physical attacks as well)

This doesn't render him immune to energy, magical, or any other attacks, just physical. However, his other defenses remain intact, so those attacks will also be severely dampened by his magical barrier and magical equipment.

Gromph can also trap your team inside an invisible wall of force, he does this to prevent a cloud of poisonous gas from escaping, but it's nigh indestructible, and has held off entire squadrons of attackers for nearly a half hour.

I can provide feats on the true strength of one of these barriers later, but it's pretty much impenetrable. This prevents damage both ways, nothing enters or exits this barrier once it's up, and it stays up for quite awhile.

Note: He also casts a rolling wave of fire at his opponent in this scan.


Remain much the same.

Thanks for reading,


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@Floopay: @zr0c00l: Voting is Open to Thursday!

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Giving my vote to Floopay for this one.

#23 Posted by Pokergeist (22351 posts) - - Show Bio

Floopay wins by one Vote!