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You and your fellow Viners are transported into the hunger games universe as a contestant. Along the way you are only allowed to choose one physical trait you already have to take with you (speed, strength, agility.)

You have the option practice for a day and have a party the next day before the actual event starts. The only advantage you over the contestants is your mind. How would you survive the hunger games?


  • Start on a launching pod, followed by a 1 minute count down.
  • Canons fire when somebody dies and the names of the fallen are displayed in the dome so you can keep track of the dead.
  • Two people are allowed to win the competition so long as each person has 1 kill under their name.
  • Dome only has Melee weapons (throwing spears included), Bows and Crossbows are hidden in the in locked chest inside random buildings, you have to figure out how to open the locked chest.
  • Food and Water scattered around buildings.
  • Start with the clothes on your back.

Setting: Ruins of a fallen district

Long Range

Close Range

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Same way I win at Puzzles and Bouncy Castle: Being the most Manipulative, Aggressive Douche I can, while making everyone love me for it. I'd be the Charlie Sheen of the Hunger Games. i might not win, but I'd gain immortality via fame.

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I camp, not gonna lie.

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Definitely not trying to kill everyone I see. So brutal. Probably find a good look out and camp like darklord said, then wait for my kill(s) or till everyone killed each other. i'LL Move to different spots every time I kill so that I don't give away my location or point of range.

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I camp, not gonna lie.

this. sit in a dark corner, and don't get spotted. Kill when necessary or when you have the absolute drop on somebody, you don't know what their capable of, so play it safe, and not Barbaric.

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Actually I'm not going to be in the lab for three days but IF I WERE this is the equipment I'd have:

-Electromesh skintight suit, converts body heat and saves it to be used when my body is cooling, also acts as melee deterrent because currently it emits a high pitched whine and high ampere current whenever I'm cold and someone touches it

-Reversibly tunable gauntlets, allow me to carry up to 10 kg of water and lift someone's hand off the table

-I could probably get my hands on some basic body armor

-Steel toed boots w/spikes with pop out wheels

Mostly irrelevant since I and everyone else will camp buut

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@thedarklordpandamonium said:

I camp, not gonna lie.

this. sit in a dark corner, and don't get spotted. Kill when necessary or when you have the absolute drop on somebody, you don't know what their capable of, so play it safe, and not Barbaric.

What they said.

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eh, id ask for 1 bump

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Get a hidden blade and go assassin's creed on everyone

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I'm pretty confident that I'd slaughter everyone and survive in the end.

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I'm pretty confident that I'd slaughter everyone and survive in the end.

Thats a pretty balls deep claim. You might wanna explain how you would do it or you risk sounding like an all talk douche, since this would never happen in real life.

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A few reasons why I would slaughter.

  1. My sister has been taking psychology for quite some time and she teaches me these things so I have a basic understanding of how people think or do in certain situations and I'm a logical thinker.
  2. I like to experiment. I used to sit on YouTube all the time learning how to create homemade weapons(Which shouldn't be a problem here since there should be a bunch of junk here). Things such as Fire Guns, Torches, smoke grenades, fire bombs, and even more. I also watches A LOT of home alone and can actually mimick what he did but ofcourse I'll do it in a "deadlier" way. Kind of liek Saw.
  3. I'm very sneakey
  4. I can actually last without food or water for a couple of days but you'll see how this comes into play later on.
  5. I practice parkour and free running so "agility" is out of the way so I'll take speed.

Now what I would do

  1. Pick a building
  2. Set up traps in area that I know people would pass frequently. In there area I'll set up traps for when they enter and also alarms(That I would have traveling through the vents) signaling me from whatever room I'm and and what their in also. So if they trip a wire in "Area C" I'll have an alarm for goes of there, when I say alarm I mean bell BTW. And if it goes off in "Area B" then I'll know their position.
  3. The death traps go first ofcourse since those are easier to make and I don't wanna die trying to make alarms.
  4. Count the floors. Buildings like these usually have about 12 floors on average. If you enter a building, within teh first 2-3 floors without any sign of danger you become somewhat less cautious. You'd think that I'd try to kill you as soon as you enter the first floor or so. That's not the case here, I'm going to let you ease in and settle down to actually suprise you. First to floors, assuming there's a group, their going to try to camp out the area and split up. Now that their split they have no communication for when someone in the group dies or even the group as a whole.
  5. When someone dies I'll know because of two reasons,. One the unknowinlg walked past my alarms. Two now that I know their past my alarms they should be moving to my death traps near so if I hear the canon I'll be about 90% sure that someones already dead.
  6. The rest will bring it self together towards the end of the round.
  7. Later on after I counted the deaths(assuming I already know how much people is in the tournament with the last 2-3 this is when I get bold. Yelling and screaming out of windows as if I'm in danger. This will make them now come after me. Now you have about 2 groups of 1-2 coming at me while their objective is to kill each other. If they meet up thats less for me to deal with because they would have already killed eachother. When the few finally get to my room I'll have a trap for when the door opens for atleast TWO rooms and the third room I'm in they'll have to deal with what I have in mind for them.
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asking for a bump

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I will hide

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well, because i have the clothes on my back, i guess its lucky that i am wearing this mark 4 iron man armor :)

jk. in all honesty, i wont win, but this is what i would do:

hopefully one of my friends will be with me, so the 2 of us will get any gear that is close to us (unless it is too dangerous), and book it to one of the buildings. we will stay there and set up traps around the building, leaving only to find food. we sleep in shifts and hid so so one can see us

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Kill 1 person then BE BATMAN

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I kill everyone

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Don't mind me, just chilling here reading how everyone is overestimating themselves.

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By turning off the DVD and putting on something better like Battle Royale

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I would begin by gather food and weapons then hide until i spot somebody, then i kill them and hide for the rest of the game

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I have the strength, so I choose speed. My best chance is to try and find a bow because I have practiced for 10 years with those and I have won medals. Probably I will set in a place where i have good view to the streets and I snipe everyone.

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Speed and Agility would allow me to haul my butt to the center, grab some food to survive off of, a melee weapon, and then I go camp in the forest, only killing people if they find me/get close.

I don't know if I'd win or not, I held a sort of LARP Hunger Games event last summer and was able to come in 2nd place ( got killed by Muttinations which were dead players who instakilled on touch and couldn't die ) and I was able to outrun the track kids when it came to getting to the Cornucopia.

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I win through psychological warfare. I will skin my victims and wear their skin. I will stalk you through the night. I will bring terror down upon you. Be scared...be very scared.

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I'd win by collecting all the food and weapons since everyone else chose to hide. :)