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Hourman has possession of the Worlogog of course. No prep.


Kubik creates a moon-sized maze construct
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Nice match.

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ummmmmm are there any problems with kubiks personality? if not i go with kubik since his power is much more varied

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The Worlogog is Cube to IG level. It's pretty versatile.

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I'm going to say Hourman because of his universe freezing feat.

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Hourman ftw

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@CitizenBane: Kubik has gesturally warped the Beyonder's universe into a palm-sized spheroid .

Plus his power was such that a war with the cosmic cube(a sliver of Kubik himself) empowered Super Adaptoid could have razed reality across infinite dimensions . The battle between Dark Owen Reece and the Beyonder which took place in later issues tells me that he wasn't really exaggerating with such a comment .

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Kubik vs Beyonder fight is here if anyone is interested :)

Fantastic Four 319

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Extant with a portion of the Worlogog created a universe/dimension as well.

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