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I am putting some of te most iconic comic book characters up against some of the most well known killers in horror movies and creepypastas. Though Superman is a VERY iconic character, he will not be fighting in this match (asme goes for krueger). If you don't know why, well then you're a f****ng retard. That last part probably wasn't necessary, but enjoy.

Round 1. Spiderman, Batman, and Wolverine vs Slenderman, Jason Voorhees, Jeff The Killer, Michael Myers, The Rake, and Leatherface

Bats has only 6 batarangs (which he will readily use as throwing knives, due to morals being off for HIM ONLY), and his grappling hook

Wolvie has no adamantium.

starts in an urban area with no people. it is night.

Round 2. Spidey and Bats, no wolvie. Each has no gear other than costumes (this means no web shooters). They do have the help of: Tommy Jarvis, Alice Hardy, TribeTwelve, Marble Hornets, DarkHarvest00, EverymanHYBRID, MLAnderson0, and Jane The Killer. Spidey, Bats, Jane, and Tommy will be fighting, the rest can join in if they choose.

who wins?

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and um

round 1: team 2.

round 2: maybe 1.