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Morals off  
Location - Toontown 
1 day prep 
Who wins and why?
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Homer and Bart Stomp!!!

Shall I say the Simpsons Stomp.... Bart definitly thinks with his brain.

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LMAO. No way. @goodguy24: Peter is a beast h2h. No chance he loses to homer. I've seen him survive explosions and some more junk. Peter Solo's.

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Does Bart have his skate board? LOL

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stomp by peter

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Peter solos.

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Chris was once defeated by a lamp, so he's not really a factor in this combat. His father, however, can take an immense amount of punishment while still dishing it out. Peter takes down Simpson and son.

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Peter Griffin solos

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Peter curbstomps without Chris. He in my opinion is a h2h specialist.

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Think it will go something like this:

  1. Bell rings and match begins
  2. Bart makes an inappropriate comment
  3. Homer strangles Bart for the comment
  4. Peter beats up both while they are distracted
  5. Chris gets beat up by his own shoe
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Homer Smash! simpsons win

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With prep the Simpsons could take it. I'd still lean towards the Family Guy team though!

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Peter and Chris would win.Peter is a great fighter.

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you've all seemed to have forgotten....

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Homer can tank immense amounts of damage and was actually known, for a small time, as a good lower tier boxer for his ability to sit there and be hit for round after round until the opponent fell down from exhaustion. Bart's, well refer to the last poster.

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@OmegaDynasty said: