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battle of the Amazonian Queens.. 
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons of Themyscira and mother of Diana also known as  Wonder Woman vs. Ashake, Queen of the Candance Warriors of Egypt, a powerful sorceress and grandmother many times removed of Ororo Munroe also known as Storm..

who wins? 
all comments are welcome..
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Hmmm Mage might know more about this than I do...But I heard that Ashake was one of the four cornerstones that shaped the universe I may be wrong tho....

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@Roddy010: Ashake was the priestess of the Goddess Oshtur.. together with Magik, they retrieve the Sword of Bone, Oshtur's contribution to the cornerstone of Creation.. she then helped Ian McNee in vanishing the demonic God Chthon and preventing him in corrupting the very fabric of magic and controlling creation itself.. 
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@lord_oraculous016: Oh okay I knew it was something like that....Ashake seems to be very powerful....What are some other feats of hers?
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@Roddy010: well, she is a warrior, queen in fact of the Candanee which group of women very similar to the Amazons.. she once defeated a band of warriors singlehandedly.. she's also an exceptional archer and huntress and it was said that no one has ever defeated or escaped her.. 
Ashake was also a very powerful sorceress and said that she was trained by the Gods themselves.. and as a member of the bloodline of white haired - blue eyed women, she seems to have an unidentified yet powerful connection to the goddess Oshtur..
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I think I would have to give this one to Ashake being that she is a spell caster. It would depend a lot on Hippolyta's defenses.
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@lord_oraculous016: yea...all that, ashake wins this battle.
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Would say this will depend on range, settings and gear and if we go with the superhuman strength version of amazons or not.
Overall though, i think Hippolyta takes this 7/10 but it will depend on range and if Ashake has to chant or not to cast her spells.

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Ashake , of course