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Assuming you had a day of prep in the real world with stuff you have or can buy with money you have or can get (don't make like your rich if your not):

1. Who is the highest level comic character you could defeat in their universe (your going to cross over after your day of prep. Battle starts 10 ft away on the street)

2. Who is the lowest level character you could defeat? Same logic applies.

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No one..

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I could take on killer Kroc

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No one

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@mrtrevorguy said:

I could take on killer Kroc

How? He has superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, and senses. His tough hide could also withstand almost anything you pull at him. If Killer Kroc can hold his own against Batman and eat humans on a daily basis, I doubt anyone here could even last 10 seconds against him if he isn't toying with his food.

And to be brutally honest, I couldn't even beat Arm Fall-Off Boy.

Being a 14 year-old kid, I'm not absorbing that swing without getting knocked out.

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I'm 13! And I am pretty good at fighting for my age, I could beat...

Kid Ben ten without the omnitrix at the lowest (not including mere weakling and babies and humans) and at the highest a rookie robin (the worst one probably)

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being brutally honest i could maybe take ultimate aunt may...

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@18hunt:You can't take any Robin if your 13 and you think your a "good fighter" what martial arts do you know?

Well I'm 21 I know Mauy Thai, Krav Maga, Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, and Tae Kwan Do so I could probably take aunt may at lowest and at the highest I can probably MAYBE MAYBE can't stress that enough MAYBE a Robin

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I'm 21 and I can handle myself but I don't think I'll be beating many comic book characters, basically some of the civillians and that's pretty much it. The entire point in creating fictional heroes is to make them beyond humanly feasable limits- even if it's only due to skill or intelligence, pretty much any comic book hero/villain would annihilate any real person live or dead.

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Karate, and plain old street fighting, don't forget kick boxing skills, and I'm talking abou a rookie robin, not an about to be night wing

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I mean literally right when he becomes robin.

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@18hunt said:

I mean literally right when he becomes robin.

Nah isn't he still like 18 at least? Sorry mate but if you're 13 you aren't gonna beat him.

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Lowest: Dare Devil, how hard can it be to fight a blind guy?

Highest: Alan Scott, I just need a piece of wood right?

Happy April Fool's day everybody.

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When dick first becomes robin he is 12 and an acrobat, he is pretty small too and in denial and wacked up! Not 18! I can take him, trust me!

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I buy 2 assault rifles and I gots my lucky num chucks. hmm weakest? Catwoman I could probably shoot her to death. Strongest? Batman I get some rufees, drug him, then have him give me his fortune buy a tank an apache hellicopter and a satelite laser.

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I could beat up stan lee/kirby=toaa.. /thread