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Rules! We are looking at High level Street Levelers.

  • Strength and Durability like Luke Cage Max. (as in Bullet Proof and can tank up 10 tons no problem type Durability)
  • Healing Factor Like Wolverine. (Deadpool will be accepted DP lovers)
  • Speed and Agility like Spiderman.
  • Psychics! Yes NO RULES on these guys this time. "Oh no then I will get Mind Rape every match!?" NO, YOU WILL NOT! I will be having options for gear for points that will allow a Non Psychic Team to compete against a Psychic Team. Every match you can purchase gear (kinda like perks) depending on the situation. You will see more later on this. TK is like wise no stronger than Luke Cage in strength. Defense as well. THERE WILL BE NO NERFING. No picking X-Man and Nerfing him to fit this.
  • No TP above Young Jean Grey or Yoda in power.
  • Destructive Power output no higher than Iron Man Repulsar Ray or C4 Explosion.
  • As always no Reality Warpers. Can use mild Time Slowing or Increasing powers. By this I mean Final Fantasy Characters can use Haste or Slow Materia. Rules for this however is cannot make opponets or anything Slower than Average Human Speed (Spidey hit by Slow like powers moves at Average Human Speed) or Cannot move Faster than Spidey Speed (cannot increase Speed faster than Spidey)
  • Every match will have 1 Hour Prep for Team Rosters and Stat Sheets of Enemies only!
  • Gear will be standard. You can chose new gear every match. No Instant Win Weapons or Gear either.
  • In Character
  • May pick ANY Character from ANY Source. TV, Comics, Game, whatever. As long they have Viable Feats they're in.
  • You can pick the same guy but different version. Like one guy picks Wolverine with Adamntium, another can pick Bone Claw Wolverine.

Also there will be special Gear each character can pick before every match. this can help your team compansate for someone elses and never be outclassed.

  • Carbonadium Weapon Upgrade. This applies to Projectiles (Guns and Ammo, Bows and Arrows, Batarangs, ect) as well.
  • Psy Shield. Just Like shield has Psychic Shields, your character can have one too.
  • Mjonir Armor. Characters gains Halo (First Game) Master Chief Armor with Shields.
  • Wolverine Crawler Drug. Can Teleport anywhere your character can see. Also Gain Wolverine Healing Factor.

Anyone who wants to Join will NOT PICK their teams now. It will be 4 characters on your team. However we will have a PM draft. More info later on it, but basicaly you will pick one character at a time in a number sequence.

Looking for reliable posters who will be on to hurry through the draft picks. Anyone who will not be in for the draft for more than 2 days is out. Once the battles start you have weeks to work with. However the Draft needs to be done in somewhat of a timely manner. So be on once a day to make your pick.

Trying to fill in 8 more spots. Just Reply to me if you want in or asking a question.





5) j




9) @Sovereign91001

10) @wbr17

11) @zr0c00l:

12) @YoungJustice:

13) @Strider92:

14) @Dredeuced:


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@CadenceV2: I want in, please.

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@joeagentofhand1: Got it.

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@CadenceV2: I would like entry.

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@Sovereign91001: Your in.

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i'll give a shot

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@wbr17: In.

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i want in. please and thanks

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@zr0c00l: k.

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I'll give it a shot.

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@CadenceV2: i'll give this a shot!

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@YoungJustice: @Strider92: Both in.

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2 More Spots open!

Get in here.You do Street level well lol. You too. Up your alley. You did well in our debate. Try out this one.

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Im still trying to formulate which characters I want to target since its such a wide range of selections.

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All i can say is make Back ups or accept different versions of character that you wanted to pick that got picked.

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When you say " In chracter", it's mean that team chemistry is coiunting too? If I pick Batman and Joker they'll fight each other?

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I plan to have fun with this one. I may loose the first round, and I will take it seriously, but Im going to see how much fun with certain characters I can get

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@wbr17: Yes and no. Example. If you have 2 Ego Maniacs on your team then someone can argue against you on that. However is you have Wolverine and Sabertooth will work together as if they never had a feud.

All Feuds are put to side. Personalities are still in play.

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I'll give this a shot if you still have space, though I'm pretty crap about arguing street levellers.

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ill give it a try if theres still space

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@AllStarSuperman: You missed it by minuets. I got PM from the last guy. Sry.

Slots are filled.

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@CadenceV2: look to PM. i don't want to reveal my team.