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These two villains are in a class of their own. No other Black villains have come close to the feats these two power houses have pulled off. This fight is for all the marbles. Winner is crowned the Greatest Black Super-Villain Of All-Time or G.B.S.V.O.A.T. for the tweeters. Here is the set up.

Location: United Nations HQ, New York

Plot:Despotnever died andHarveyescaped his imprisonment. The two characters conquer alternate Earths (as a team) until they reach the last Earth. The last Earth has no super heroes and more natural resources than all the multi-verses combined. Despot and Harvey decide that there can only be one ruler of this Earth and all the Earths they've all ready conquered. They square up, going all out, who wins?

* Despot and Harvey are fighting at the strength levels of their last comic appearances (Despot, "Wildstorm Rising"..., Harvey, "Superman's Reign" ).



Tangent Superman
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