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your votes?

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Prof. X destroys Herc's mind.

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Professor X...just cause of the psychic attacks he can pull off...he can basically shut Herc's body down

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Are you serious.

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lol Herc would fight off X's telpathy the smae way hulk did byt. Beatin the sh!t out of it

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Dante V. Inferno says:

"Are you serious."

Actually no. This is a comic forum. However, since you asked, this is a tournamnent. These are how the seedings fell. It's just the first round, but if you stick around, I'm sure I'll post a battle more to your liking. :)

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Prof X for the win.

I have not seen enough examples of Herc shrugging off mental control to say he could beat Prof X's control.

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Professor X should win here. I dont think Hercules Strength and Durabilty is even a factor here if he is unable to protect his mind from Mental Attacks that Professor X can project against him. Herc has never shown the ability to endure or protect his mind from Mental or Telepathic Ability. Since this is the case for Hercules, Professor X should win this fight rather easy.

Professor X advances to the next round