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They fight in Konoha near the statues.  
Both have their swords.
Hiei's powers can work. 
Both are serious.  
Close combat. 
Who wins?
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Hiei has much better H2H feats. Orochimaru is more of a jutsu user.

Starting off close like this will be tough.

But Orochimaru has (almost) blocked a Tailed Beast Bomb. I don't think the Hiei's dragon is really going to be difficult to overcome.

Hiei would have to win on speed (not difficult) and H2H. Which is very much his style, anyway.

Hiei should win, faily easily.

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hiei, with sword of the darkness flame or consuming the dragon of the darkness flame

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Hiei gets molested

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Hiei would win even without flame powers. B class Toguro carried what looks like to be 20 tons across an island. Hiei by the end of the series is exponentially stronger.