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KGBeast is given a mission to kill a now depowered Hercules, he is given upgrades to his cybernetics, is also given a Hind(chopper) and finally the exact location of Hercules himself. Upon arriving at Herc's location he tries to kill him with the Hind, he didn't succeed but manage to destroy half the building and was able to trap Hercules. Meanwhile seconds before all this started Hawkman was flying close by and heard it all when it started and went to check it out, as he arrived and sees the chopper firing he rushed right into it, disabling the chopper. The hind ended crashing on the street. KGBeast manage to get out in time and escape and Hawkman proceeded to help a trapped Hercules. Failing the mission, KGBeast is then given a second chance and mission again with objective updated now kill both Herc and Hawkman, he is also given knowledge on both of them, has 18 hours prep and finally given a partner... Skurge the Executioner. Hawkman and Herc both agreed that they haven't seen the last of it, but they have no clue of what's coming. They're currently in Central Park NY, KGBeast and Skurge are closing in to their location Who wins?